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"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." - 1 Corinthians 13:13



This story is a sequel to Cutie Mark Catastrophes

Laughter, left without the will to force a smile... and Generosity, driven to complacency by the burden of holding out hope...

There are times when a pony is presented with a choice of great consequence, and not every pony has the strength to weather the storms of life standing tall. Rarity will be forced to come face to face with just how far she's fallen from who she once aspired to be, or lose the friendship of the only pony she's ever known to bring smiles in even the darkest of days.

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Knowing the brilliance of your past stories i hope this one will be just as good!

Forgot the formatting, Ceru. Need to tab/indent each paragraph. X3

Also, OOPSIE DAISY! Huzzah! :moustache:

Holy shit, going for feels right off the bat, huh? I can honestly say I was not expecting Pinkie to do that, and I don;t understand why Mrs Cake said that.

From what I can tell, it wasn't just Rarity that caused the issue, Pinkie's been getting steadily worse since Applebloom caught her napping in the barn.

Yep, this is going to be a roller coaster of emotions. I wonder how this Vanilla Chai is going to play into things.

Now then... Pinkie's reaction to Rarity. Could it be that Pinkie thought she was helping Rarity, but she didn't seem to get any success, and thus didn't know what to do? Why, specifically, did she have that reaction to her? Only time will tell.

.... What... Oh my.. I have a feeling that my feels are goin to be absolutely everywhere in this fic, I have waited so long to see this... I am going to love this... Thank you wintergreen/ceru, you inspire me to continue writing.

Oh boy... This is a crazy cliffhanger... Jeez, I love your writing, ceru, I truly hope you get better, I love your work, and you inspire me to write, thank you.

Feature Box in less than 3 hours.

I say this as gently and respectfully as possible, but I have no idea what your story is about by looking at your description. While I appreciate trying to make one's story sound epic and interesting with the use of flowery words, once you pass a certain threshold it becomes cryptic.

In Hollywood, you're given only three strong sentences before most companies decide if they want to make your movie or not. Try to reword your story description to be a bit more literal so people will know what they're getting into. It will bring more eyes to all your hard work, I promise.

~Aegis Shield

4581049 As correct as you may be, sir, try to keep in mind this is the SEVENTH story in a series. It isn't MEANT to be a description that attracts 'new' readers so much as tease the old readers as to what is going to happen in the new installment.

Oh hell yeah. Rarity's story, at long last? Feels like I've been waiting forever for the one. :raritystarry:

Or it could be Pinkie's fic, that would work too. Either way I'm happy to see this posted.

He's back!!!
So happy you're up and writing again. :twilightsmile:

Nope. Story that sets up shit for the last two stories, as far as Pinkie and Rarity are concerned.

4583567: Ah...well, anyway, it's about time we find out what happens to Rarity and Pinkie Pie. Are they gonna find love like the rest (which both obviously yearn desperately for), or will their greatest strengths become their greatest weaknesses, and damn them to a life of loneliness?

4583361 4583567
THIS is story seven, not six. You're forgetting the Pregnancy fic, and the CMC fic. (Just saying 'This' doesn't help people if they can't see that it's a link, or if they get it in an e-mail.)


Holy crap I had a heart attack when I saw this. I had been waiting so long and so see this glorious thing made me cry a bit :fluttercry: :twilightoops:
Infinite smiles and hugs for you :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: ....etc. I'ma read it later. Doing my own writing.

Edit: Oh the feels. I love it so far. Keep amazing me plz.

Yay finally some love for rarity and pinkie

I sometimes wonder how the less-intelligent beings function. I guess they all flock to poorly written stories about totally-original, broody twats. I expected better, fimfic. I really did.

4589234 I'm terribly sorry, however you statement has unfortunately left me quite confused, could you please explain what it means to me differently. Again sorry for the inconvenience.

4589250 I'm saying that you guys have no standards and flock to terribad stories about super-whiny OCs 'winning' the hearts of the main six within 3k words by being broody twats. I also insulted you guys' intelligence.

4589258 You are having two main problems with your statement though. One is a matter of opinion, and two is just because someone has a different opinion, doesn't make them stupid in any way shape or form. if you don't like a story, then just leave while those who like can enjoy it.

Story #7 in my series, taking place in the spring following Cutie Mark Catastrophes. Perhaps more than any of my prior stories, foreknowledge of the previous entries is crucial to make sense of the situations and characters.

If your story is a sequel, rather than writing a useless blurb about it, why not make use of the "Prequel Story ID" tag in story edit—and insert the numeric identification; ie, this one is 99907]—to redirect users to the previous story. It literally inserts into the description an unobtrusive "This story is a sequel to", followed by a link.

That way, it also has the added bonus of adding a box titled 'Sequels' beneath your author ID on the story page that will direct users to the next story in the line if they are starting from the ground up.

This is especially important if you write a series of interlocked tales as it eliminates any confusion that may arise. It may seem like a lot of effort on your part when users 'should' be able to find the prequels on your own, if that is indeed your mindset, but it shows that you actually care about new readers when you take the time to properly direct them toward the prerequisite materials.

4589268 The problem with your statement, however, is that it is based off of your opinion. This shit is the Twilight of MLP. You have super whiny, dumb-bitch OC (Bella), shipped with interesting (much more interesting than Bella, at least) non-OC Main Six (Edward). And this is just to have the romance. In the first story, Twilight falls in love with the loser in the second chapter. That's akin to the 5 minutes of screen time that it takes Bella to get her pussy wet for Edward.

This is terrible writing, not to even mention the super Gary Stu OC than has his cockles in a twist, because he's super angsty with his totally legit, super special talent. You guys are literally no better than the Twilight moms/girlfags.

4589279 I have one question. If you don't like it, why are you here?

4589288 I have one question: Why does it matter to you?

I came to voice my displeasure about faggots being faggots, just as you came to splurge about how much of a fangirl you are for faggots being faggots.

And then...the wait for the next chapter~ :pinkiecrazy:

Anyway, typos were kind of present in the first two chapters, but eh, they're really not that noticable, and are pretty much tolerable.
The story so far is good, but good grief, the cliffhanger! :twilightangry2:

but eh, i'll be waiting for the next chappy patiently~ :pinkiehappy:

Been waiting for this one. Got worried when you went on hiatus for a while but good to see your back.

So yeah... I just read every story in this series in one week, and now I must wait for updates like everyone else. Now what am I going to do with my life?

4582148 no your point doesn't stand at all. This is the 7th story. He even said you have to have knowledge of the other 6. The description is probably meant to not give anything away. Again it is the 7th in a fan fiction series. Though just as good it doesn't need to follow the rules of published books, because it isn't a published book for the mass populace to make money. Also books and movies are like comparing tacos to pizza.

4612168 Actually yes it does.

A story description that doesn't say what the story is about fails in its function as a story description, whether it's a stand-alone one-shot or the seventh story in a series.

Laughter, left without the will to force a smile... and Generosity, driven to complacency by the burden of holding out hope...
There are times when a pony is presented with a choice of great consequence, and not every pony has the strength to weather the storms of life standing tall. Rarity will be forced to come face to face with just how far she's fallen from who she once aspired to be, or lose the friendship of the only pony she's ever known to bring smiles in even the darkest of days.

I feel like I need a translator. :facehoof: So, let's infer shall we?

Pinkie is sad. Rarity is "driven to complacency" because she's holding out for something. Choices have consequences. Not everyone can stand up for what's right if they're standing alone. Rarity has to face the choices she's made, or Pinkie won't be friends with her anymore.

That doesn't tell me a darn thing about what this story is ACTUALLY ABOUT. I don't care if its story 50 of a series, I'm not going to read something if I have no idea what the story is about, much less go through six others just to come back to this point.

My statement stands. :ajbemused:

Aeigus I have seen the inside of bookcovets that tell more about the story than that. Still the description actually says a lot about what the story if you are able to think it through. It really pretty much sums it up in a rather tasteful way I think.

An overly enthusiastic pony that is male? He likes to smell ponies, Pinkie likes to taste them. Good match, wouldn't you say?

Also, I was worried slightly where that bit with Blinkie and Inkie was going... but then:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Merry Mint I think is better.

Merry Mint, definitely. And here I was hoping for a RarityxPinkie ship...maybe? :fluttershysad:please?

Glee. I just caught up with this series and it updated.

I have a happy. :pinkiesmile:

I am more partial to Merrimint, I like the names made up of more than one word like Applejack and Fluttershy (though that might just be my German heritage kicking in again, hehe). Anyway, keep up the good work.

I am already in love with Minty.
As for the names, i dont think i can be of much help. Merry Mint looks a little more aesthetically pleasing, but Merrimint makes me think of 'merriment', which he seems to spread already.

Merry Mint, definitely. An odd duck, to be sure, but not in a bad way.

Orphanage dude + Rarity, Merry + Pinkie, who's with me?

I am scared at realizing that i act a lot like minty so far... Some people just smell amazing and its not my fault people have this "personal space" thing that I still don't really get. :derpytongue2:

I am hesitant to ship Minty and Pinkie... because it almost seems too obvious. However, the premise of the story seems to be about Pinkie's feelings for Rarity, so I'm not sure...

TBH given the picture I expected this to be a Rarity romance but looking back this is a transitional story isn't it?

I'd say Merrimint, if only because it would then be closer to the word Merriment, while also not having that slight pause a space would give.

but with hooves clasped together and their heads resting lightly together,

I'd suggest removing the first "together" in this, because having it twice in a sentence is annoying to read, mostly because of its repetition.

Other than that, great chapter!

My vote is for Merry Mint. Interesting twist on this story. I can't wait for future chapters to show us what is really going on with Pinkie. I'm glad you are writing again. I can't wait for the next chapters.

I could see Pinkie and Merry being a couple but I actually ship Rarity and Merry more because...you know...they actually COMMUNICATED and MET!!! Pinkie, though I don't really approve, should be with a mare because she had her heart SET on a MARE! Anyway...this be your fanfic so I will look out for updates to see how this unfolds!!!:pinkiehappy:

And Rarity couldn't have just said 'shut up' for one single moment, taken this entire thing one step at a time, and not have to deal with a bitch, a depressed bitch, and a girl that doesn't know any better, and gotten some god damn explanations? This isn't sad this is just Pinkie being a bitch to a friend that want's to help, and watch as she completely forgets that her friends care about her, but have lives. Not really sure if this is what your meaning, and I'm sorry for getting it wrong, but frankly...this is just a bitch fest for the Pie family.

Rarity grinned as she sat up and stared at her gut, no longer distended and fortunately no visibly greater in girth after her meal.


...holy fuck. I wonder if even Dash could answer those questions, because from the sounds of it, Pinkie doesn't think they'll be able to.

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