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"To become who you are meant to be. You must first accept your flaws, then make them into your strengths; only then, can you fully be who you are meant to be"

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That was a nice, emotional piece. It was simple and straightforward, but I could still feel the sorrow as I read it. Excellent work.

Also, my condolences to you and everyone affected by the passing of your close friend.

Glad you enjoyed it.

man, this was beautiful man. really was. i could feel that you put a lot of heart and soul into this. thank you for sharing this with us and i'm sorry that you lost someone so close.

It was a very touching story, thank you for sharing it. I don't usually get emotional but I'll be honest, it made me cry. I also lost someone dear to me recently and this story reminded me of him. Thank you once more and never forget that your friend will always be alive as long as they are in your heart.

Glad you guys enjoyed it. Thankyou.

Wow... Beautiful. :fluttercry: My condolences to you. May your friend R.I.P.

Excellent work. This story is a good example of how writing can help you sort out your head and overcome your pain.
I know what it's like to lose a friend, believe me. This gets an upvote.

Very sweet! Thanks for writing and sharing this little gem.

A little rough around the edges, but it was earnest and sincere all the same. Not much in the way of plot, but then not everything needs one. Heaven knows I've used writing to find catharsis before, and it's often much easier to just bleed words, not worrying about whether or not it fits the true conventions of what makes a story a story.

Thank you for sharing this with us, Crome.

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