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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.


Getting sick is no fun, and Pinkie Pie learns this the hard way when she comes down with a bad case of hay fever. It's nothing but bed rest and medicine for her.

Realizing they'll need somepony else to help foalsit their children, The Cakes prepare to turn to Pinkie's friends but to their surprise it's Rarity who volunteers.

Before long, Pound and Pumpkin Cake take a shine to their new foalsitter, much to Pinkie's dismay. It seems to her that she's being replaced.

It's up to Mr. and Mrs. Cake to help Pinkie realize just how much she means to them, and how nopony could ever take her place, no matter what.

(Proofread by Smity1038 on DeviantArt.)

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Awwww. Just that phrase alone sums up this story.

When Pinkie falls ill, Rarity takes her place as a foalsitter for The Cake Twins, and they take a real shine her to. This makes Pinkie feel like she's been replaced, and it's up Mr. and Mrs. Cake to show her that's not true.

This sounds like it could be the synopsis for an actual MLP episode. I am intrigued...

Oh my gosh, that was an adorable story. This was like an episode.

7509263 Yeah, that was sort of my intent here. It would certainly save money in the voice acting budget, since Tabitha St. Germain would voice three characters (Rarity, Mrs. Cake, and Pound Cake), and Andrea Libman would voice two characters (Pinkie Pie and Pumpkin Cake), with only Brian Drummond being needed to voice Mr. Cake.

7509360 Wow, you read the credits at the end of each episode enough times to memorize the voice actors? Stop impressing me dude.

And no - this is NOT sarcasm however it might sound.

7509385 I wasn't trying to impress you, though I'm glad you think that highly of me.

7509395 Considering how many people on this site write clopfics, you can rest assured that it's a big deal that I think highly of you.

Seriously. What more can people do with clopfics that hasn't been done already?

Anyway, this isn't about me ranting, it's about your story. You have a good idea, a nice concept, and a pleasant manner. I would put a video up here of me dancing to Ken Ashcorp 20% Cooler as I do for other people I like, but it's midnight and I need sleep right now. So I'll do it tomorrow.

Keep that clever mind of yours well rested, dude. I think it has many more good stories to develop.

7509401 Well, thank you, and be sure to check out some of my other works if you haven't already.

7509470 Sleep first. Then the dance video, then your comment on aforementioned dance video about how much I made you laugh with my awful dancing skills, and THEN i'll get to reading those other stories...

...right after breakfast.

Sorry I'm late. Here's the Dance of Friendship I promised you. May you and your viewers enjoy both a very good story and a video of a really stupid white British person wearing goggles on his head.

Rarity foalsitting? :raritystarry:

Poor Pinky. It’s easy to doubt even the most solid things when you’re sick.

You know, I remember reading this before, but I don't know how or why I didn't mark this as one of my favorites. Time to fix that :pinkiehappy:

This tale really emphasizes Pinkie's fragile mental state. I love her to death, but she's definitely bi-polar.

Featured tale in March for Pinkie Pie Stories

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