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"To become who you are meant to be. You must first accept your flaws, then make them into your strengths; only then, can you fully be who you are meant to be"


I was not always like this: Bleak, gray, sad, and miserable. There once was a time where I was happy, where all my dreams came true, but now... I'm alone with only me to entertain. My hooves are now gone.

(Note: Things are meant to look rough and crazy in this story.)

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This story, although intended to appear as if the main character is mad and rather unstable by talking to just a mere reflection of himself, is rather amazing, even if it is just over a thousand words.
There are a few flaws, though. Spelling is a tad off, along with the grammar, but other than that, it's pretty good. Kinda glad I stumbled upon this myself so I could just check out something from my usual reading list.
I enjoyed it very much, but you may want to go back and check the way you spelled *follow and check the differentiation between your (possession) and you're (conjunction between you + are) :twilightsheepish:


OK thanks, ya those words do seem to get a way from me.

Wow, so I inspired something. Thats a new one for me.

Thank you for sending me this, and letting me know I helped inspire you. I never would have known otherwise.

As for the story itself, it sure was interesting. A strange back and forth with the same character, but it is a different facet of their mind and personality. It is like a look at the descent into madness the characters go through together, and what they have become from this interaction. And the ending of knowing it fades away with medication, making them forget. That got to me.

Not sure if this is intentional, or just my mind relating it to something, but it reminds me of Smeagol and Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

Overall, a very thought provoking story. There are spelling and grammer issues throughout, but they can be fixed up. The core of the story does still come across, and the message is rather strong. Well done.

3294067 I agree with you completely!!!
3290699 This. Is. Awesome!! I love it!! :pinkiehappy: :yay: Thanks so much for sending me this!! I can't wait for more!!

Very gripping story. It shows us that the world is very different to all. The character see's and hears what isn't real, yet very real to him. What is real and what isn't? I would like to read more stories like this.:moustache:

pinkie pie? apple jack?

That is the mystery of it all, is it not?

3385642 very true but still, answer my message(private)

Very well done, I must say. True, true, there were a few things a good editor would have caught on a good day, but nothing overtly wrong. Only major gripes are a few spelling mistakes and maybe one or two little things with the grammar mechanics, and that's assuming I didn't just misread that bit. Anyways, interesting story, You get eight out of ten crazy Pinkies:
:pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :eeyup: :eeyup:

3753851 Thank you for the interesting read just before bed. I'll sleep like a foal tonight.

It is what I do best right?:pinkiecrazy:

3753855 Aye. Anyways, off to writing stuff, cause I've got a fick ton on my plate right now.

Yeah, this reminds me of a few people in this fandom who have admitted to having, how shall I put this, a few bolts popped loose from their brain-pan.
It's an interesting read. Kudos for pointing out that the character's mental issues will never truly go away. (Ask any recovered alcoholic, the urge to drink is never far off.) I liked it, so it gets an upvote.

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