Of Rocks and Sand

by Cromegas_Flare

First published

Rarity remembers some of the most charished memories of her first friend.

Rarity gives a speech about the first friend she made. Making a point to remember and cherish the best of ponies.

Of Rocks and Sand

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“Dumb Rock”

“Those were the words I had so graciously spoke, when my disappointment mixed with my rage. The one part of my life, where, though excited, could not have come at a worse time.

I look back to that day, remembering every thought that passed through my head, whether the thoughts were happy, sad or otherwise, my Hopes were dashed as soon as my horn touched the rock.

I’ll be honest, I don’t regret any thought or action during the time, simply because I was able to find the gems inside of myself, much like how Rainbow Dash had helped me, however it be unwittingly, find the gems inside the geode.

The rock was not the first time, I had interest in geology though, true, I had never feigned the slightest of interest to gems before. But that never stopped me from spending time with my friend Pinkie Pie beforehand.

We were young, full of hope, and as all young fillies, ambitious in life. It’s funny to me, because I remember Pinkie Pie in a different light than what other colts and fillies seem to remember.

She was different before she got her cutie mark, she was more serious and melancholy about her life. But since my dad, was in fact, personal friends with her dad, I had the pleasure of visiting the rock farm; with that, I was able to spend some time with Pinkie Pie and become friends with her. To this day though, she had never let me live down my fear of getting my hooves dirty, but she loved my interest in the different rocks they pulled out.

But the greatest treasure I found there were not the rocks, but the friend I had found. Pinkie Pie was and is the first friend I had ever had in my life. Though we were so different, I felt I could be myself around her. To be free of any mask I felt needed to be worn in public as I walked around.

I look back to that time, and I remember watching Pinkie Pie, though different, she still was the Pinkie Pie I knew today. No, her mane was not all… poofy. But she was still random, and her Pinkie Sense had saved me from needing a bath on more than one occasion.

I remember those time with her, while we were young. I can still laugh on the memories our conversations, rolled over to making mud pies, to Pinkie Pies strong dislike to oatmeal. I guess that is what I get for offering to mix oatmeal into the lump of wet earth, but even though she had never let me live it down, I would not trade that for the world.

There was one other thing about Pinkie Pie that we should remember. Something that we should remember and never forget. She forgave people easily. Her soul was like sand on the calm beach.

You could go up to her and make any manner of art, you could do anything to impress her. And her personality would forge into whatever you needed. Pinkie Pie was the most adaptable mare I ever knew.

She didn’t hold grudges, but she never forgot. Unlike most though, she would remember things for your benefit, taking joy as she watched you, or any of you, grow into more than what you were. That was her motivation for throwing you parties. Simply, her own unique way of celebrating each success you had.

If one ever put a negative impression on her, then did all they could in their power to change that? A tide would roll in, and wash away any impression you had. Outwardly showing her forgiveness, and happiness to you.

That is what I loved about Pinkie Pie the most. That is why that geode, the one I found and earned my cutie mark from, reminded me of her. Pinkie Pie was like that at a young age, only looking for the best in anypony.

Pinkie Pie, my first friend, taught me how to look past ones rough shell, and see the beauty inside each person.

Pinkie Pie had taught me to not break a person, for that would damage any hope of growth. But to put pressure, and heat in their lives, so they can grow to the greatest they can be. To be fabulous.

It is that search for finding the best in Everypony, that trait, which I will miss most in her. I feel that for me to best remember her, I must also to my part and let that memory live on.

She taught me to look for the best in every pony, and I will never forget that. So my promise to you, for Pinkie Pie. Is that I will always find the good in ponies around me. Even when I am in my most irritable mood, I will always strive to be the better pony she knew me to be.”

Rarity let out her tears, as she walked down the stage. Heading to all her friends sitting on the front row.

After her speech, only silence remained, other than the occasional sob as a few ponies let out their personal mourning of their party pony.

Rarity walked over to her friends and sat next to Fluttershy, who looked on to the casket in front of her, tears welling down her eyes. Out of everyone, it was Fluttershy who seemed to be handling the loss better than most, but that never stopped a single tear from escaping in memory of her friend. A friend that should never be forgotten but always remembered.

“Thank you Rarity,” a voice said, drawing Rarity’s attention to the stage she had just been at. Mayor Mare stood there, ready to move on with the funeral. “Your words, I’m sure, have inspired us all, to remember Pinkie Pie, not only in our memories, but also in our actions.”

Mayor Mare took a moment of silence after saying those words. After all, nopony present were in any form of hurry. They were here, just for Pinkie Pie, and were willing to give any amount of time to honor her life.

“Now, it’s time to move on to the burial. So if the six assigned pallbearers could approach the casket. We will proceed to carry Pinkie Pie to her final resting place. Everypony, please follow behind the pallbearers as they leave the building.”

Rarity let out a small rough sigh, as she got up from her seat. A sigh, made to help her hold in her sobs. She wanted to let out her cries of pain and loss, but she knew she could do that afterwards, with the rest of her friends.

Walking over to her handle, she wrapped her hoof around the brass, ready to lift as other people got to their positions.

Rarity looked across from her, to the other side of the casket. She watched as Spike to his place by her, grabbing his brass, ready to go. Behind him, stood Fluttershy, and behind her, stood Twilight. Rarity look behind her as the other pallbearers took their spots. Rainbow Dash, stood across from Fluttershy, as Applejack stood behind her.

Rarity smiled. Pinkie always knew that her friends would carry her, even in the most rough of times.

All six of the pallbearers, the greatest of friends then lifted up their mutual friend.

Pinkie Pie could never be more correct with her knowledge.