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Tears in the Snow - Wintergreen Diaries

Twilight sees a vision after casting a spell to see the future and ends up saving a mysterious colt.

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Bake Sale

Chapter 18: Bake Sale

"Applebloom, you did a great job making this stall!" Scootaloo exclaimed as she admired the simple structure, with Sweetie Belle nodding excitedly in agreement. Applebloom blushed a bit as she began setting out the various apple treats her sister had generously helped her bake the night before. She hadn't really made it per se, but the beaten up structure looked better than it had the day it was crafted due largely to Applebloom's touch. A new coat of paint, some glitter, and a new sign rendered it the perfect fundraising tool, and it wasn't long before hungry ponies were buying the famous Apple family cooking.

Too many ponies, in fact. Or rather, too little product, their supply nearly exhausted after the noon rush. They had made good headway on their collection to take a trip to Cloudsdale, but they were still a fair ways off and they only had a few treats left.

"Applebloom, can't you just whip up some more treats somehow? Your sister made it look really easy." Sweetie Belle asked.

"Oh no, you wouldn't want t' eat anythin' I bake," she responded, shaking her head vigorously as she remembered Pinkie's cupcake lessons. "That's it! We should ask Mr. and Mrs. Cake to donate some treats t' our cause!" Applebloom declared excitedly. "Scootaloo, get over to Sugarcube Corner and ask 'em fer some snacks t' sell!" Scootaloo offered a quick salute before jumping on her scooter and taking off like a rocket. As she rode she saw a strange pony tear passed her, coated in a thick white goop that was getting quite dirty with all the dust he was kicking up.

"Huh, must be related to Mr. Jelly," she muttered, shaking her head as she rode. Arriving at Sugarcube Corner she threw open the door and walked inside. "Mr. Cake? Mrs. Cake? Are you home?" she called out. Hearing no response she walked over to the counter and was about to ring the bell when a very hyper Pinkie Pie popped her head up over the register, grinning ear to ear.

"Hey there, Scootaloo! Whatcha need?"

"The Cutie Mark Crusaders are holding a bake sale to try and raise money to visit Cloudsdale for a day, but we ran out of things to sell. We were hoping that you could donate some treats," Scootaloo responded enthusiastically, eyes shining.

"That's perfect, I have just the thing! Wait here a sec," she said, dashing into the kitchen and swiftly returning with several boxes of cupcakes. "Me and Cerulean made these earlier when I was teaching him how to bake. Strange that he didn't take any with him when he left, I wonder why? I mean, what kind of pony turns down free cupcakes?" she pondered aloud, her face the very model of seriousness.

"Wow, thanks Pinkie Pie! This is perfect!" Scootaloo exclaimed, beaming at the delicious confections. She returned to her friends with her head held high, cupcakes in tow. As soon as they put them on display ponies started lining up, Sugarcube Corner's famous treats being known to encourage hunger in even the fullest of stomachs. With that final push they sold all but the last box, which they were preparing to divide amongst themselves when they heard a piercing shriek.

They turned to see Bon Bon, one of their first customers for the cupcakes, frantically running in tight circles before colliding with the immobile structure that was her house, falling in a heap. Lyra turned to help her but lost her balance and fell face down on the ground. She then began to scoop large amounts of grit into her mouth, herself under the impression that she was enjoying her favorite frozen yogurt. One by one they noticed all the ponies that they had sold cupcakes to cast asside their rationality and begin displaying the bizarrest of behaviors.

"Uh... Somethin's wrong. Why's everypony goin' loopy?" Applebloom asked, a rising fear churning her stomach.

"Could it have been the cupcakes? The only ones acting strange are the ones who ate them." Sweetie Belle offered as she observed the chaos.

"What about Mr. Jelly? He's not acting any different." Applebloom and Sweetie Belle both stared at Scootaloo. "Oh... Right," she said grinning nervously.

"C'mon, we better git t' Sugarcube Corner and figure out what's goin' on!" Applebloom shouted, beckoning the other two towards the scooter. They arrived to find Pinkie frantically trying to entertain Carrot Cake and Pound Cake, to no avail. The two foals immediately grinned as the three fillies entered, tripping and falling in a heap in their haste to make it to Pinkie. Stoked that she had succeeded in making the foals laugh, she then noticed the twitching pile of limbs and was about to join the ponypile when Applebloom broke free. "Pinkie Pie! Did you put anythin' special in those cupcakes o' yers?"

"Nopey dopey!"

"Are you sure?" Scootaloo questioned, fixing her with a serious look. Pinkie Pie shook her head vigorously, hurt that her honesty had been called into question.

"What about the frosting?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Well... I did add a teensy weensy bit of something extra to the frosting. Why, did you try the cupcakes? They're super good, right?" Pinkie Pie responded, too proud of her confectionary prowess to notice the horrified looks on the foal's faces.

"Pinkie, they're makin' everypony go crazy! What 'n tarnation did ya put in the frosting?" Applebloom pressed, her sense of dread growing worse. Pinkie cantered up to her room and returned with a jar full of a strange substance that seemed to constantly be shifting between light and dark shades of gray.

"De-colored... Rainbow?" Sweetie Belle read aloud, turning as Scootaloo gasped and covered her mouth.

"Pinkie, do you have any idea what that can do to a pony?" Scootaloo yelled, causing Pinkie to stare at her with an utter lack of comprehension.

"I use about a cup every morning in my cotton candy, so I assume it makes ponies happy? It's super sweet." To prove her point, she dipped a hoof in and licked it clean, smacking her lips happily.

"Somehow, I'm not surprised," Scootaloo muttered under her breath, turning to face the other two more sane ponies in attendance. "My mother warned me about this stuff, said she'd tan my flank real good if I ever got near it."

"Isn't there somethin' we can do to fix it?" Applebloom's hopes fell as Scootaloo shook her head.

"I've heard it will just wear off in time, but we..." she stopped as she heard an explosion outside, and all three gathered around the window to see a building go up in flames. "We don't have any time!" she squeaked.

"Twilight! I bet she'll know how to fix this!" Sweetie Belle exclaimed, her friends nodding their agreement before jetting out the door. Pinkie sat staring at the flames, wondering whether or not she should grab some marshmallows. As they arrived at the library they noticed a couple of things simultaneously. First, there was a steady stream of water coming from under the front door, which was unfortunately locked. Second, Twilight's voice sounded very different from normal, and most of what they could make out sounded like utter nonsense. Lastly, when she wasn't speaking, she was giggling, which for some reason greatly disturbed the trio. Running around to the side of the building they found an open window to the kitchen, and with some effort made it inside relatively painlessly.

"Ugh, gross!" Scootaloo exclaimed, being the first to make it into the main room.

"What is..." Sweetie Belle started before stopping dead in her tracks beside Scootaloo. Applebloom soon found herself similarly petrified as they beheld a thoroughly disgruntled Twilight who was quite happily lip-locked with a blue bound tome with white trim, convinced it was Cerulean giving her a lesson on the finer points of tongue dexterity. When she did pull away she began whispering mushy pet names to the book, gently stroking it with great affection. "How is this possible? They didn't eat the cupcakes!" Sweetie Belle yelled in frustration, stomping her hooves.

"Look, Sweetie Belle!" Applebloom pointed towards Twilight's chest where a good amount of dirty icing still remained, though some had washed away as she rolled in the water that had thoroughly drenched the floor. "It was the frostin' that did it, not the cupcakes, remember?"

"Now what are we gonna do?" Scootaloo groaned, sitting down with a splash. "And what's with all this water?" Applebloom raced upstairs and saw the door to the bathroom cracked open.

"It's comin' from the shower, Twilight musta been tryin' to get clean when she lost 'er marbles. I'll turn it off." As she entered she beheld Cerulean, somehow having made it back into the shower, busily grooming his tail with great fascination, and her cheeks soon matched the ribbon atop her head. She closed her eyes and dashed towards the lever in the center, pawing around a bit before making the connection and shutting off the flow. She cracked an eye open just long enough to get her bearings then bolted out the door, trying to get the image out of her head.

"Why are you blushing, Applebloom?" Scootaloo asked, cocking her head to the side.

"N-no reason!" Applebloom yelled, shivering. "Anyhow, w-what are we gonna do? Twilight can't help us, an' I'm plumb outta ideas."

"Wait, Pinkie Pie said that de-colored rainbow tastes sweet, right? So..." Sweetie Belle said, perking up.

"Yeah, but how does that help?" Scootaloo interjected.

"So maybe if we feed the ponies something that's the opposite of sweet, it'll shock them back to normal!"

"Sweetie Belle, that's genius!" Scootaloo beamed. "C'mon, time to get some lemons!" They let themselves out the front door and made for town. The pony at the fruit stand was too busy swimming in his personal bath of chocolate fondue to notice the three fillies relieving him of a large basket of lemons. They cautiously approached Lyra, who had ceased eating dirt and was now gnawing hungrily on the side of Bon Bon's house. Applebloom peeled a lemon and jammed it into Lyra's mouth before darting back to her friends. They watched as she chewed thoughtfully on the lemon, seeds and all, before swallowing and licking her lips a few times. She then returned to her newfound chew toy. "Any other ideas?"

"...Somethin' spicy?" Applebloom offered. Sweetie Belle gave her a quick nod, and after a short search she returned with a bottle of Fillydelphia Inferno Sauce. With the help of her friends, they managed to hold Lyra down long enough to feed her the whole bottle. They took a step back as her face flushed red and beads of sweat appeared on her brow. She let out a massive howl before smashing face into Bon Bon's house, falling next to the still unconscious pony and leaving a round hole where her horn had made impact. "Uh... I guess it worked?" Applebloom said hesitantly.

"Well, if we want to give everypony a concussion, sure!" Scootaloo retorted, growing increasingly annoyed with the whole mess. This had "massive lecture" written all over it, and Scootaloo wanted no part in that. She snapped her head up as a rainbow streaked across the sky, coordinating with the few lucid pegasi around to move a large cloud over the merrily blazing building. "That's it! Rainbow Dash can probably help! Come on!" Scootaloo called over her shoulder as she hopped on her scooter, pushing her wings extra hard just in case Rainbow Dash happened to look her way. They arrived just in time to see the cloud yield a massive downpour of rain, putting out the flames before they could spread any further. "Hey, Rainbow Dash! We need your help!"

"Yeah, you and every other pony! What the hay is going on around here?" she asked. As they started to explain, her jaw dropped at the mention of de-colored rainbow. "Seriously? Even a tiny drop of that stuff can make you trip for nearly half an hour, how much did these ponies take? And how did you get your hands on the stuff?"

"Pinkie Pie put it in the frosting that she used on the cupcakes she gave us, an' then we sold 'em to everypony," Applebloom said miserably, her eyes downcast. The three friends stared in disbelief as Rainbow Dash burst out laughing, lowering herself slowly to the ground.

"Of course it would be Pinkie, that makes perfect sense. And I bet she seemed fine, right?" They nodded in unison as Rainbow Dash struggled to regulate her breathing. "Ok girls, I'll help ya out. Wait right here." Scootaloo watched in admiration as Rainbow Dash streaked out of sight, heading towards Sugarcube Corner. The other two miserably took note of ponies eating rocks, chasing their own shadows, and staggering around in a wobbly state of bliss. Rainbow Dash returned quickly, proudly holding up a jar that shimmered a myriad of colors in the sunlight.

"Is that..."

"Yes, Sweetie Belle. Pure extract of rainbow. Seems Pinkie puts it on her chips, says it tastes spicy," Rainbow Dash replied happily. "All you have to do is give a few drops of this to everypony that ate the cupcakes, and they should return to normal after a few minutes. Now is there anything else?"

"Well, Twilight and Cerulean got the worst of it, maybe you could fly some over to 'em?" Applebloom offered. The sides of Rainbow's mouth curled into a devious grin as she thought about someone as studious as Twilight under the effects of the potent substance, commonly used exclusively by teenage delinquents.

"Sure thing, I'll get right on it," she said before filling a smaller jar with some of the rainbow and disappearing into the horizon. The Cutie Mark Crusaders got right to work, and after about two hours managed to give the rainbow extract to most everypony that had eaten the cupcakes, though a few had run out of town and would have to let their bodies deal with it the normal way. The little fillies found great amusement in the way a pony's face would light all the different colors of the rainbow before their minds were forcibly pulled back to reality, most of them galloping for the nearest source of water to try and ease the conflagration on their tongues. Lyra, however, immediately made for the clinic upon waking, her stomach failing to digest rainbows, lemons, inferno sauce and copious quantities of dirt at the same time.

Rainbow Dash entered Twilight's house to find her still very much enamored with her blue book, clutching it to her chest and sighing contentedly. Rainbow Dash ladled a spoonful of the extract into her mouth and sat back to enjoy the show.

"Ahhh, it burns, it burns!" Twilight cried as she regained her senses, clawing at her tongue in an attempt to unsuccessfully ease the pain. Seeing the moisture on the ground she began desperately sucking on the floor boards, ignoring the grit and relishing every drop of the water that slowly restored balance to her singed taste buds. Having drank her fill she became aware of Rainbow Dash's earsplitting shrieks of jubilation, tears streaming from her eyes. Rainbow, however, didn't notice until too late that Twilight had found the jar on floor and, realizing what must have happened, proceeded to dump a generous amount into Rainbow's open mouth. Her tears no longer due to mirth, Rainbow bolted outside and crammed the hose into her mouth.

Twilight allowed herself a slight grin as Rainbow returned, dripping wet and all signs of happiness drained from her features. The sight reminded her of Cerulean when she had sprayed him, prompting her to grab the jar and race upstairs to the bathroom. Cerulean lay motionless on the floor, his eyes wide and mouth cracked open, letting out a small stream of drool which had formed a small pool beside him. Twilight found this to be both hilarious and slightly pathetic, and with care she spooned a small amount of rainbow into his mouth. He lay inert a few moments before hopping to his feet and frantically scanning the room for a valid source of hydration. Rainbow Dash entered in time to see Cerulean frantically sucking on the shower nozzle, and her cheery countenance returned once more, sharing in Twilight's good natured giggles as Cerulean drank his weight in water.

Princess Celestia was enjoying an evening cup of tea when a message from Twilight appeared in front of her. Her excitement quickly turned to confusion as she read the cryptic message.

"Dear Princess Celestia,


Your Faithful Student,

Twilight Sparkle"

As Celestia was contemplating what the message could be trying to imply, another message in the form of a white box appeared before her. The front read "To Princess Celestia from Cerulean Snowgleam." Inside were a dozen cupcakes, evenly coated with a delicious smelling white frosting. She looked at the letter, and then at the cupcakes. She laughed softly to herself, wondering what would cause Twilight to be so worried about the innocent looking treats.

"Luna? Cerulean sent us some snacks, would you like some?" she asked, levitating the box over to her sister.

"Why certainly, they look most delicious," Luna replied happily, demolishing half the box before sending it back to Celestia. Seeing no immediate effect on Luna, Celestia finished the box and resumed sipping her tea, enjoying the peaceful evening to it's fullest.

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