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The iGentleman's club is a group of people who like a wide range of stories and sometimes engage others in gif duels.
But this is all in the name of our honour.

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Sounds a lot like the TWE.

282609 I approve count me in.

Now that I have your attention, (and yes I know how pathetic all this adverting is, but it's that or be a successful author and I can't be bothered) Tis Time to shamelessly advertise:

My new group, The League of FlashMobing (and trolling), which is basically a ripoff of 'The league of trolling' but actually gets schitt done, is a group dedicated primaraly to raiding poor stories and peoples user pages. If you hate someone, bitch bout it on my group forums and then a veritable horde of trolls will descend upon them and start doing something pointless like discussing Nyan cat or whatever you want as long as it's unrelated to the target.

"The League of FlashMobing (and trolling) is a group dedicated to trolling other users by forming an online flashmob and discussing something pointless and/or unrelated in the comments such as 80's spider-man, while Simultaneously disliking poor stories en-mass.

Targets will be posted on the message board, if you'd like to discuss targets do it on the fourm and if I or another mod finds the target acceptable we'll post it on the message board for all to see." -group description.

If we get 7 people or more we shall commence raiding. Suggest a target.

Edit, Forgot to post the link:

281546 WTF
the second IMAGE

281411 I DO. you know how? With a giant fish and a can of fap :rainbowkiss:.

Good day.:moustache:

281411 btw can we raid a page? I really feel like raiding someponys page.

281411 This seems quite appropriate.

We have converged on this group from the different corners of the Earth. Each of us are highly trained in the art of trolling and this is what it all comes down to... ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY TROLL INTO MORDOR!!!!

This is a group, quite different.
Good day.:moustache:


  • Viewing 19 - 38 of 38