The League of FlashMobing (and trolling) is a group dedicated to trolling other users by forming an online flashmob and discussing something pointless and/or unrelated in the comments such as 80's spider-man, while Simultaneously disliking poor stories en-mass.

Targets will be posted on the message board, if you'd like to discuss targets do it on the fourm and if I or another mod finds the target acceptable we'll post it on the message board for all to see.


1. There shall be no threats of violence whatsoever when raiding. Insults of any kind are fine.

2. You do not have to respect the moderators or contributors of this group. But all threats of rape and violence will be tolerated and/or ignored.

3. You will never be banned. No matter what.

4. Feel free to spout nonsense while raiding, by which I mean advertise your religion and preach to the target why Jesus or Allah is superior to his/her religious belief. full stop.

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>the original TWE

This group is dead because the admin was banned, everyone leave.

We have had some success, the first target was actually BEALETED in a lulzy fit of butthurt rage.

Onward :moustache:

Any suggestions, we may begin raiding. Also I'd start stocking up on reaction images...

282608 Ok lets go this.

We need more members, Ideally if everyone from the 'league of trolling' could join that'd be great. If we can get 7 people or more then we'll be able to begin raiding and whatnot.

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