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This story is a sequel to How to be a Mother

Now happily married to Apple Bloom, Diamond Tiara must now work with her husband to raise Scootaloo into a proper mare. Sadly, she tends to spoil her daughter with lavish gifts (most of which resemble Rainbow Dash in some way) and delicious candies.

Set in the Mother-verse.

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If the scene from the store is anything to go by, this won't end well.

:rainbowlaugh: this was so funny and Awesome

Sooo happy there's a sequel! I loved the first one sooooooo much!!!:twilightsmile: Thanks for the sequel!

Why is Scoots a spoiled brat all of a sudden?

This is great so far. I can't imagine how the pet plan is gonna pan out. Most likely with a lot of fail. :facehoof: :twilightsheepish:


A. Because D.T. spoiled her rotten. Like mother, like daughter.

B. Cause Mattricole normally goes for extremes for comical value.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to sue you now, mainly because I'm a very poor person and I can't afford my hospital bills that I have to pay for due to having a heart attack and having to receive treatment because I was laughing too hard at your story. So, how are we going to settle this? :ajsmug:

Yes okay wait what?
Apple Bloom is a dude and Diamond Tiara adopted Scootaloo? Can somebody please explain the premise of this story?

Now that Diamond Tiara and Apple Bloom are married

The FUCK is this shit?! Wait, it's fucking POPULAR?!

Alright, you've got my attention. What is this crap and why am I reading it?

After reading: Not bad. The ending was a bit abrupt though. Shame, you had some nice pacing going there. I didn't laugh, but I suppose that's not too surprising. My humor circuits are all criss-crossed.

Apple Bloom is a filly. She's just regarded as the "father". And yes, Diamond Tiara adopted Scootaloo. That's the premise. Read the story this is a sequel to, as that's where everything is set up ;)

I would like to know where to start with your stories cause this one interests me(if only for the premise) but I want to read the first story before moving on.

3893021 You'll need to start at How to be a Mother, which is linked in the description.

So... I probably won't read this due to my plate being stacked a mile high at current. Though, I need to ask: Based purely on the description, was it heroin, acid, or LSD?:pinkiecrazy:

Hmm... A pet for Scootaloo...
Diamond would probably want a chihuahua or some other tiny ugly dog. Either that or whichever pet is the most expensive.
Bloom would prefer a large dog; a breed that it known for loyalty and intelligence at least on par with Winona.
Scootaloo would want a tortoise, but given the chance would ask for a turtle because she'll forget that Tank is not a turtle.

So the best option? An eagle!

So after reading all of this I can honestly say this.


Seriously, why am I interested in this. I dont ship DiamondBloom... uh, AppleTiara... uh, DiamondApple? Whatever! I dont ship it but this interests me. Why?

Having parents only a few months older than her has sent her mad.

I was honestly half-expecting them to capture Sweetie Belle, put a collar on her, and make HER Scootaloo's new pet. But, this hilarity works just as well! :rainbowlaugh:

And then Scootaloo named her new pet, "Rainbow Dash 2".

3910568 Just have her put the cat ears on and go 'Nya' cutely.

Rocks are always the best pet :pinkiehappy:

“I-I can’t believe that worked,” she muttered, her smile disappearing from her face. “Do you think we should get her checked?”

This story is so crazy that it has contaminated Scootaloo :pinkiecrazy:

3910883 Rarity would beg to differ. If a rock can't work out as a boyfriend, I doubt they work well as pets or friends, either. :raritycry:

3910861 You may have just given me diabetes thinking of such a cute image. :heart:

Bets on the next chapter detailing them dealing with the death of Scootaloo's pet?

Scoots just didn't want to hurt their feelings by making them think they're bad parents. She's so sweet :scootangel:

3910568 I think Silver Spoon would have objected to that, given how that one runaway chapter went. :raritywink:

Wait a sec, is this a pun of some sort?
"Rainbow Dash Rock"?
Will she want more Rainbow Dash Rocks?:applejackconfused:
I think I like where this is going.:trixieshiftleft:


Because that's the magical power of this series. A part of you is confused, but another part loves it. It's magical!


Yay! Just started this newest part of the story. And it's just as amusing as the previous one.

I remember when I had a pet rock. Then I lost it, it'll be amusing to see how well Scoots takes care of her pet Rock.

Diamond Tiara...just adopted her older sister? What the buck?

yay a new chapter and i love it :pinkiehappy:

how do you even come up with stuff like this? tell me your secrets.

Hahahahaha. Fantastic. I have nothing else I can say.


A lot of cola and cookies.

Congratulations... you've just made the family tree about twelve times more complicated one fell swoop. :rainbowlaugh:

diamond tiara, you sneaky filly you!

Wait..... What just happened?

PHHHFFF hahahahahahh!

:trixieshiftleft:Son of a bitch...
:rainbowhuh:So Diamond Tiara adopted her big sister, who is married to Shining Armor, who is brother to PRINCESS TWILIGHT SPARKLE™, who has two parents and son/brother/friend Spike. :twilightoops: Dude, she practically doubled her family tree and included half the royals, not including Cadence's adoptive niece-hood with Celestia and Luna.:trollestia:

:eeyup:I think that makes Big Mac a count by relation. :twilightangry2:Someone get me a tree on this, NOW.

Meanwhile, back in Canterlot, Princess Celestia is in traction. Due to the stitch in her side.

Nah, Big Mac isn't a count. Marrying a member of nobility rarely gives you the official rank, for the obvious reasons (to discourage one's spouse from getting rid of you, to keep one's power to oneself, and to limit the quantity of nobility). And if someone gets promoted, that doesn't automatically promote others.

If you look at SA, for example, who married a princess, his most likely position is that of Prince Consort, with no right to inherit or rule. He wouldn't be an actual prince, though said position might (or might not) allow him to use the title of Prince.

But, yes, DT is now a quasi-sister to Luna and Celestia. Now Matt just needs a way for her to finagle up marriage papers to Sombra, so she can also be Princess Mother of the Crystal Empire. Well, that or she just needs to get papers that give her that title regardless ;)

I'm sure it's hard keeping up the silly in this fic, but I think this chapter has crossed a line. I think it would have been silly enough to have the original situation of them being sisters, perhaps then focusing on the fillies figuring out they're related to all the other princesses as well. There are so many ways you could play that up, although I suppose there are a few more now.

Well. This happened. First the twist that Diamond Tiara and Cadance are sisters (which personally I don't mind and I would love to be true, but still). And then Scootaloo calling Diamond Tiara 'mommy' and it still feeling so hilarious and funny. Then Diamond Tiara apparently adopting Cadance. Wow. Can this get any wackier or crazier? :rainbowlaugh:


You know, that was actually one of my concerns about this chapter. I was afraid I made it too silly, but most ppl don't seem to mind... I'm pretty shocked about that.

3961019 i think i may need to try that...i have a few ideas, but know focus to organize and write them..:derpytongue2:

3961590 SA is offical prce of the crystal empire just as cadance is princess of the crystal empire...lauren faust it ufficial on the mlp wiki.:twilightsheepish:

Wait, WHAT? Oh that is hilarious. I can't wait to see that chapter. Great job.

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