• Published 2nd Feb 2014
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How to be a Parent - Mattricole

Now that Diamond Tiara and Apple Bloom are married, the two must work together to raise their daughter Scootaloo.

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Cadance loved tiaras; neigh, she was obsessed with them! Gold, silver, ruby, or emerald, it didn’t matter! They were all equally beautiful in her mind. She owned hundreds, possibly thousands, of tiaras, all made of various materials. She even had a tiara made of sticks (given to her by the Queen of Squirrels).

But there was one tiara that she loved above all else. One tiara that she could only gaze at, but never touch. One tiara that she couldn’t bare to be without. One tiara that brought tears to her eyes in longing.

It was her sister, Diamond Tiara.

Long ago, Cadance had been separated from her parents. How, she did not know. She was only a pegasus pony back then, before the many trials that had transformed her into an alicorn princess. But that was another story for another time.

Not long after being adopted by Celestia, she had learned of her family. How her parents were heartbroken from her disappearance, but eventually tried to move on with their lives. How they had another child, her sister, Diamond Tiara. She had missed everything.

She never saw her sister’s first steps, or her first tiara, and she had never even gotten the chance to go to Diamond Tiara’s Cute-Cenera.

Cadance wanted so badly to be with her parents after so many years, but she could never come up with the courage to face them. How could she just reappear into their lives after so long? Would they even want to see her again? They had tried so hard to move on with their lives, and for them to find that she had been alive this whole time? How would they react? Would they be happy? Or would they regret that they gave up on finding her?

As years passed with Cadance silently watching over her sister, she had, at first, been disappointed in her.

How could she be so mean? she would often ask herself. Was she just mean? Or was it simply because she was a child and didn’t know better?

But then Diamond Tiara did something no filly her age had ever done before.

She adopted somepony…who was the same age as her.

At first Cadance didn’t know what to think. How could the Equestrian government possibly do nothing about this strange predicament?! It then got even stranger when her baby sister got married. To Apple Bloom no less (not that she hated Apple Bloom; she just wasn’t good enough for Cadance’s baby sister).

But as she watched the two raise Scootaloo, smiling and laughing everyday contently, she could no longer be disappointed with her baby sister. Diamond Tiara was doing her best to make Scootaloo and Apple Bloom as happy as possible, and she was doing a fantastic job. She was part of one big, happy family. The longing in Cadance’s heart only grew, The longing in Cadance’s heart had grown, until one day, as she had silently smiled while watching Diamond Tiara attempt to bring Scootaloo indoors to do her homework, only one thought filled her mind.

I want to be a part of that, Cadance thought, staring intently as Diamond Tiara finally dragged Scootaloo inside the house.

“Now, Scootaloo, you are not leaving your room until you finish your homework!” Diamond Tiara yelled, glaring at Scootaloo who refused to pick up her pencil.

“But, Mom, I don’t want to do my-”

“I don’t care!” Diamond Tiara interrupted. “Scootaloo, you have to do your homework! If you don’t then--” She was interrupted by the sound of her doorbell. “Oh, you have got to be kidding me,” Diamond Tiara muttered.

“Ooh, we have company!” Scootaloo said as she rushed past her mom and quickly ran downstairs. Diamond Tiara sighed once again as she headed after her daughter.

“She’s never going to get her homework done,” Diamond Tiara mumbled as she finally made it to the door, seeing her daughter gush over their guest. Which reminds me, I need to go over Silver Spoon’s place so I can get her to do my homework.

“Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh! Princess Cadance?!”

“Princess Cadance?!” Diamond Tiara repeated, looking at her guest.

“Hello, Scootaloo. Hello, Diamond Tiara,” Princess Cadance greeted with a smile. “I hope I’m not intruding, but--”

“Intruding?! Ha! Of course not!” Diamond Tiara gushed as she pulled the princess inside the house. “Please, have a seat!” Diamond Tiara said as she pushed Cadance onto the living room sofa.

“Th-thanks,” Cadance mumbled as she watched Diamond Tiara rush into the kitchen. She reappeared by her side moments later with a tray of drinks on top of her head.

“Would you like something to drink? Sparkling water? Hot coco? Or maybe some strawberry milk?” Diamond Tiara asked.

“Uh...strawberry milk sounds nice,” Cadance giggled as she levitated the beverage over towards herself and took a sip.

“Great! Would you like anything else?” Diamond Tiara asked.

“N--no, I’m fine, thank you--”

“Oh no!” Diamond Tiara gasped. “I forgot to get you something to eat! Scootaloo!”

“Yes, Mommy?”

“Oh no, I’m alri--”

“Prepare some cheese and crackers!” Diamond Tiara demanded as she laid the tray with its remaining drinks on top of Scootaloo’s head.

“...Um, cheddar, if that’s alright?” Cadance asked smiling, earning a nod from Diamond Tiara.

“Of course,” Diamond Tiara said. She then turned to Scootaloo and pointed to the kitchen. “Crackers and cheddar cheese, on the double!”

“Yes, Mommy!” Scootaloo saluted and quickly ran towards the kitchen, causing the tray on her head to fall off and spill all over the floor. “Um...I’ll clean that later,” Scootaloo mumbled as she rushed into the kitchen.

“Of course,” Diamond Tiara sighed. She then turned towards Princess Cadance with an apologetic smile. “I do hope you can forgive my daughter. She’s a bit clumsy,” Diamond Tiara chuckled.

“Oh, it’s alright. I don’t mind,” Cadance replied. Alright, Cadance, keep calm. This is your sister. What do you say to your sister in this kind of situation?

“So, Princess, may I ask why you’re--”

“I love you!” Cadance shouted, and then quickly slapped her hooves over her mouth. That...came out wrong!

“W-what?” Diamond Tiara muttered, staring wide eyed at Cadance, her jaw hanging from her mouth.

“I-I didn’t mean love love! I-I meant more of a platonic love! L-like family!” Cadance blurted out. Pausing for a second, Cadance took deep breaths to steady her heart, and looked Diamond Tiara straight in the eye. “Listen, Diamond Tiara-”

“Listen, Princess. I understand, really,” Diamond Tiara said smiling.

“You do?” Cadance asked, confusion sprawled over her face.

“Princess, you said it yourself! You love me like family,” Diamond Tiara muttered. She laid her hoof over Cadance’s, smiling up at her. “When I look at you I feel this connection, as if we really were family! You feel it too, right?” Diamond Tiara asked. A single tear welled up in Cadance’s eye as she smiled back at her sister.

“Yes, Diamond Tiara. I feel it too,” Cadance whispered as she gazed lovingly at her sister. “And please, call me ‘Cadance. We’re family after all!”

The two hardly knew each other, and yet they felt an unbreakable bond between themselves-- a bond that existed despite being separated for so long.

The bond of sisterhood.

“I’m glad we had this time to talk, Diamond Tiara,” Cadance said as the two of them waited at the train station. For the whole week Cadance stayed in Ponyville, she had spent time with Diamond Tiara and her family.

“I’m glad too, Cadance. I just wish we had more time together,” Diamond Tiara mumbled. It was at that moment she heard the Crystal Empire’s train whistle blowing, signaling its arrival.

“That’s my train. It looks like this is goodbye,” Cadance said as she looked at her sister. “It was great meeting you, Diamond Tiara.”

“And it was great meeting you, Cadance,” Diamond Tiara replied. “By the way, I have a present for you!” Diamond Tiara said as she hoofed over a a golden-colored document.

“Wh--what is this?” Cadance asked. When she finally saw the print she gasped in shock, continuously re-reading the document.

“I wanted to make it official, so I made some calls to Princess Sparkle, who then allowed me to speak with Celestia, aaaand let’s just say it wasn’t cheap,” Diamond Tiara giggled.

“I-I can’t believe what I’m reading,” Cadance mumbled as the piece of paper fell from her grasp.

“Well, believe it, Cadance. We’re officially family now!” Diamond Tiara said as she stood on her haunches and gave Cadance a peck on the cheek.

Auntie Celestia...what have you done? Cadance asked herself as she picked up the document and re-read it, just to make sure it was correct. The more she read it, the more her heart sank. She had wanted to reunite with her baby sister so that they could become the family they were meant to be...

But not like this.

“Have a safe trip, Cadance,” Diamond Tiara said as she turned around and walked away. “Oh, and be sure to introduce me to your husband when I finally visit,” Diamond Tiara said as she turned back to Cadance, a playful smirk sprawled upon her face, “After all, I’m just dying to meet my son-in-law!”

Author's Note:

Editing by Mudpony

Pre-reading by Yukito