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Bread and Toast

Two writers. One story. Multiple fucks given.

About Us

We are Gregory and Lindsey, or 'Bread and Toast', if you would. We are a team of two former high-school magazine editors that murdered our staff to publish items exactly how we wanted it to be, one re-draft at a time. Think of us as the Stanley Kubrick and Gordon Ramsay of the entire press.

Although doing editing work, proof-reading, pre-reading and approving submissions for our school magazine is mostly what we do, we also collaborated together and even wrote short stories that made the people kneel down and pleaded to us for more.

Even though we have very different tastes and big differences from each other's personal preferences, and sometimes even disagreeing to even the smallest of matters, we have several other things we love in common. Like video games, books, etc. and most of all; My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Together, we will bring decent-quality content to this site to read for your entertainment and more for the future. So sit back on your chair, have a can or bottle of *insert your favourite beverage* and wait patiently for us to write and publish stuff.

-Gregory & Lindsey