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Fifteen years has passed since The Cutie Mark Crusaders first met. What are their lives, and the lives of their friends and family, like now?

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I'm going to promote this in my blog to make you featured bitch!:heart::rainbowdetermined2:

I may be a bitch, but at least I'm your bitch!

...Is that a good comeback :rainbowhuh:?

Hell yeah! Daddy gotta make you happy....with a blog that is.

I love everything about it. Please, continue.

Wow, this was sad, relatable, and hilarious, all at the same time! Good work, please continue!

Well. This story happened.


Any "where are they now?" story that begins with the protagonist being assigned to clean up a spill in a supermarket does not bode well. I'm not saying that that's a bellwether of bad writing, only of depressing writing. Especially when the protagonist is Scootaloo.

In this case, I'm not wrong. The contrast between the show and this story is sharp indeed. While it's encouraging to see Scootaloo move forward with her life, there's a lot here that just sprung on the reader with little to no explanation, seemingly just to emphasize the atmosphere of helpless stagnation and futile sub-mediocrity. Most glaring is Rainbow Dash, the pony whose purpose in life is to go fast, letting herself become morbidly obese, followed by the supermarket, which just feels out of place in Ponyville.

Still, the ending seems to promise some degree of hope. You've got me on the fence. I'll reserve judgement until after the next chapter.

This is great! I like that things aren't just working out like most fics. A more realistic future.


Honestly, I can see Ponyville getting a supermarket in 15 years. Of course this supermarket isn't as big as the ones you're probably used to. It has a grocery section and a small toy store. Wasn't sure if I should have mentioned that in story, since it's not really important.

I completely understand your apprehension for this story so far. It does come off as depressing even though I wanted it to come off as comedic. Hopefully you'll enjoy chapter 2, and if not, well apologies in advance.

When i read that Rainbow got fat, i was immediately reminded of what Rarity looked like in the Pony.Mov series, just with a Rainbow Dash Skin!

poors scoots :fluttercry: I hope she gets a better job.

I assume Sweetie Belle was actually successful in life?
Anyway, I'm interested.

4194263 healthhabits.files.wordpress.com/2008/07/couch_potato.jpg
Yeah, I was sorta hoping for a bigger chapter with more pitiable-loo. Last part of the chapter started to get less depressing too quickly. But, Matt is just starting off with Scoot's chapter. They all (some?) each get a chapter. Scootaloo is fun when you can laugh with her misery. Sounds like it made you just miserable without the laugh. Maybe I just thought it too natural.

Still, I have to say, life at least where I grew up and expectations and stuff can take a dramatic change in 15 years. By the time I was 15 you couldn't even recognize the places I once grew up in. And life took such a dramatic turn for me at least by the 17th year.

15 years in Ponyville? Heh, look at how one house in a forest of pony devouring monsters turned into one of the most giant Apple Farms in Equestria and boomed into a huge town in just the first 10-20 years! :3

And yeah, I agree there could of been a nice scene here and there, but, TV seldom explains everything in the first episode. Rainbow Dash spiraling into a depression when something didn't go her way? Could happen. Certainly happens to many people. But we'll see more of her deal later on.

Personally the first half was deliciously depressing, I think deep down we all think Scootaloo is going to end up with broken dreams, despite what we want for her. Though latest episode showed her hovering with little to no problems for a good 10 seconds so there might be hope for her.

I was hoping to see more pitiable Scoots for at least another chapter. I can certainly relate to hating something so much, so very much, but feeling obligated to continue working on it in fear you'll disappoint or let others down or even worst, lose whatever you do have left that makes you get out of bed every morning and not end in some sky diving head long into the streets below from some building or something.

Thankfully, Scoots was released from her torment before such things got to that level. :pinkiehappy:

I'm curious about Apple Bloom, though. Also, Rarity. Gotta love how kinky that mare is sometimes. lol Stallions must be mad with envy to see her end up with...

Scootaloo is the tragic character in MLP. It's how I view her. She's most adorable when she looks sad.
Makes the good stuff have more of an impact when and if they occur.

Not to say I LIKE seeing her suffer, no. I don't. But it feels like a part of her character to go through hardships. It's the cards she was dealt. And it's up to her to find a way to make a win out of it.

Who knows, Diamond may end up in a similar situation maybe? :raritywink:

Bart to the Future (Also, Great and Powerful Gabbo. lol)

I loved how Scoots described her situation leading up to Rainbow Dash. That was deliciously depressing. In a funny way.

4194211 Let us know what you think when you sort out your thoughts/emotions. :pinkiehappy:

4196049 I'm hoping we see at least a glimpse at her and Silver's future. Let's hope!

LOL I love this story, I was thinking "Let me guess, she's going to be a famous racer on her Scooter or something" but Noooope :eeyup:
I'm glad you decided to make her a low life minimum wage fat slob. Awesome :P

I'm having a hard tome picturing Rainbow Dash being a fat slob of a pony.

But, the premise itself isn't that bad of an idea. It gave me a nice punch in the face from reality.

hmmm,ill keep an eye on this :twilightblush:

So many moments in this were cringeworthy (in a super, super good way). I'm really excited to see where this goes; it's got a great balance of cynicism and humor.

Such a weird story in my opinion. Most go with the happy upsides and this was totally unexpected. It is an interesting read and also makes others think about their own actions.
I'm ready for more though :derpytongue2:

Huh, I think Aula is right

:unsuresweetie:Now we see Sweetie Belle's career as a successful singer right?
:twistnerd:Yeah, didn't think so.

Wait.... so what's this OTP, I mean pairs ship name?

Woah, Apple Bloom chased Scootaloo for a few HOURS?! That's more commitment than in her relationship with D.T.!

your future seems kinda... bleak?

Well... didn't see that coming

So I'm assuming Sweetie is the Undertaker and Trixie is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson? Sweet.

Gotta admit, I don't know how to feel about this. At least Trixie is getting paid moderately well? :trixieshiftright:
So of the Cutie mark crusaders, seems like Sweetie is doing the best, monetarily and career-wise. Scoot's is a jobless bum, and Applebloom works as a bartender that gets beat down by Diamond fairly often. Though at least DT and her seem to be dating, and DT is pretty well off. Yeah, Scoot's is the most screwed of the three atm.

Can't wait for more

Huh. Well, at least she seems happy. I just hope the choreographers go easy on her neck for a bit...

I wanted to object to the URL, but going from arcade cabinets to Internet in fifteen years is reasonable.

In any case, I've revised my earlier hesitance. You're taking everyone involved in interesting directions. It just turned out better for some than others, just like in real life. I look forward to more.

well... Sweetie Belle as the undertaker.... :pinkiehappy::derpyderp2::heart:

Interesting...future these young ponies have.

Me reading the intro:

"Yep, she's a singer."

Wrestle-Mane-ia has finally begun.

"Wait, what?! :rainbowhuh:"

There is an error in this chapter. A real big one.

Am I old?[/i[ Scootaloo asked herself.

Then it made the rest of the story into italic. Please fix!

Great chapter, and to your question? Yeah, but let's still have a Sweetie Belle and Applebloom chapter every so often.

Do we want to see Scootaloo succeed at life?

Am I old?[/i[

Little messup thur. 'side from that, this was basically my nightmare my whole school life.:twilightoops:


Of course I learn about it after I wake up :facehoof:

I apologize for the mistake, I'll try not to do it again :twilightsheepish:

I think Scoots as the central protagonist would be a good idea, yeah.

:scootangel:yes lets see her suckseed lol no but for real i would like to see her scceed

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