• Published 6th Apr 2014
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15 Years - Mattricole

After fifteen years have passed since their meeting, just what are the lives of the former Cutie Mark Crusaders like?

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Sweetie Belle

Even from backstage Sweetie Belle could hear it. The roar of the fans as they chanted her name, begging her to grace them with her presence. Begging for her to entertain them. Begging for her to give them a show they will never forget. And as the true professional she was, she was going to give them their bits worth.

“You’re on in five, Miss Belle,” her assistant said as she applied Sweetie Belle’s eyeliner.

“Got it,” Sweetie Belle replied. She adorned her faux leather outfit (though her fans thought it real) and laced up her boots.

“One minute.”

Sweetie began her trek towards the stadium, the roar of the crowd getting louder with each step. They wanted her. They needed her. She reached the curtains. When she went through, there was no turning back.

“And you’re on in three, two, one.”

The lights went out. The crowd was so silent you could hear a pin drop. And that’s when it happened. The sound of a funeral bell tolling, immediately followed by the cheering of the crowd. She slowly walked out, imaginary flames bursting all around her as she slowly walked towards her stage.

Wrestle-Mane-ia has finally begun.

Have you ever experienced such a terrifying presence, mares and gentlecolts? The Phenom, Death Belle, is here to defend her undefeated streak at Wrestle-Mane-ia!

What is that she’s wearing?! It looks like leather!

Oh, it is! That leather is made from the skin of her fallen foes! Will her opponent be her next victim?!

Death Belle may be undefeated at Wrestle-Mane-ia, J.R., but her opponent is no slouch. For she is facing-

“Do you smeeeeeell?!

What Trixie!

Is Cooking!”

Oh my Celestia! She’s here! The pony’s champ is making her way into the ring to face Death Belle, J.R.!

Yes, King, I see her! And she looks in excellent shape! These two are some of the greatest wrestlers of all time, and Trixie’s just a part timer!

That’s right, J.R.! Trixie’s a fantastic stage mare, and she has a magic show this Sunday at 9:00 PM, mares and gentlecolts! And it’s happening right here in Manehatten! Be sure to get your tickets now at ticket Marester or WWW.EquestrianWrestlingFederation.com!

Alright, everypony! The two mares are in the ring, ready to face! This is gonna be one heck of a slobber knocker!

“All right, remember the plan,” Trixie muttered as she glared into the eyes of Death Belle. “I slap you in the face, you get angry and try a clothesline, I duck and go for the pony’s punch barrage.”

“Got it,” Death Belle replied with a snarl. At that moment the bell rang for them to begin, quickly followed by a slap from Trixie.


Trixie just slapped Death Belle like a child!

IS SHE INSANE! Oh my Celestia, Death Belle’s going for a clothesline! Aw, but Trixie dodges expertly! Death Belle seems to have her hooves full with this one!

Aw! It’s the Pony’s Punch Barrage! One! Two! Three punches! And trixie raises her hoof, gathering the power of the millions, and millions of Trixie’s fans, and unleashes it upon Death Belle!

Death Belle’s down! Death Belle’s down! King, I don’t think she’s-OH MY CELESTIA! She just sat up as if it was nothing! Death Belle is slowly getting up, glaring at a shocked Trixie!

And can you blame her for being shocked?! Death Belle just got up from the Pony’s Punch Barrage, as if it was nothing!

Trixie’s gonna have to dig down deep, King. She’s gotta find every ounce of strength festering in her heart to defeat The Phenom, and end the streak once and for all! And now the two are circling around each other!

That’s because, J.R., they know their opponent is tough. They gotta be careful, one wrong move, and it’s over.

“Swe-I mean, Death Belle, are we suppose to grapple or exchange punches?” Trixie asked, earning a shrug from Death Belle.

“Can’t remember, I was kinda zoning out during practice.”

“Ugh, great,” Trixie cursed as she still circled around her opponent. She glanced at the crowd, who were beginning to grow bored. “They’ll enjoy punches better, so let’s do that. You’ll knock me down, pick me up and throw me out of the ring. After that, do that thing you do.”

“Got it,” Death Belle said as she raised her hoof and went to “hit” Trixie.

And now the two are clobbering each other, King! Oh my Celestia, look at the power behind those punches!

It’s incredible! Death Belle punches, Trixie punches, Death Belle punches, over and over again! Who will gain the advantage?!

I don’t know, King, but-OH MY CELESTIA! Death Belle has the advantage. Trixie is staggering, trying to defend herself and-SHE’S THROWN OUT OF THE RING! LISTEN TO THE CROWD! THEY ARE ECSTATIC!

This is bad, J.R., Trixie might actually lo-why is Death Belle running?

Holy sh-Death Belle just jumped out of the ring and landed on Trixie! Both mares are down! And the referee is counting! Will this end in a count out?!

Oh, Celestia, I think Death Belle broke her neck!

“Owch, that hurts,” Death Belle mumbled as she rubbed her sore neck.

“You alright?” Trixie asked, earning a nod from Death Belle. “Good, cause I’m going to throw you into the steps,” Trixie said as she got up and grabbed Death Belle.

“Gee, thanks for the concern,” Death Belle muttered as Trixie threw her, causing her to run right into the steps as planned! “AAARGH! AAAAARGH!” she screamed in pain (though she was over playing it for the fans). Above her she heard the fans screaming for her to get up.

“Get up, Death Belle! You can’t lose! You gotta keep the streak!”

“You can do it! Beat that showmare within an inch of her life!”

“Yeah! Go Trixie! Beat the streak!”

Four years she’s been a wrestler, and even today it surprises her how many ponies think this was all real. She slowly got up, only to be grabbed by Trixie.

“Ha! Trixie is going to show you who’s top dog!” Trixie proclaimed, and walked her towards ring side. “Brace yourself,” Trixie muttered, earning a nod. Death Belle brought her hooves over her face as Trixie slammed her against the ring repeatedly. “Alright, I’m gonna walk to to the announcers table, and try to slam your face into the table. You reverse and chokeslam me through it, got it?”

“G-got it.”

From there, everything went smoothly. For the next thirty minutes the two fought. Before long Death Belle finally pulled through, giving Trixie a tombstone piledriver and, not only retaining her championship belt, but also keeping her streak alive. She was now 7-0.

“Great job, you two! The fans loved the match!” Their boss said, hoofing over their checks. “Gotta say, Sweetie, everypony loves Death Belle. Has got to be the greatest gimmick ever!”

“Thanks!” Sweetie Belle said with a blush. She looked at her check and smiled. Two million bits. She only wrestled for the company for seven years and she’s already making two million bits per match.

“And Trixie! By Celestia I have no idea how you do it, but the fans adore you!”

“But of course! Everypony loves The Great and Powerful Trixie!” Trixie bragged. She looked at her check and frowned. “Though, Trixie isn’t particularly happy with this check.”

“Oh?” The stallion sighed. “Let me guess, not enough?” he asked, earning a smirk. “Alright, next time you decide to wrestle for us I’ll be sure to pay more.” he grumbled. Ugh, why do the fans have to love somepony so expensive? he asked himself for what felt like the millionth time.

“Good,” Trixie said as she put her check safely into her cape. “Oh, and Sweetie Belle? Next time Trixie and ‘Death Belle’ have a pay-per-view match, Trixie is winning, got it?”

“Uh huh, sure,” Sweetie Belle waved her off, still giggling over her pay check.

“Ugh, it’s just a measly two million. Not even that much!” Trixie muttered, earning a shocked look from her employer. “Now, Trixie must grace her fans with her presence, so ta ta!” Trixie said as she lifted her fore hooves and slammed them down, causing smoke to appear, vanishing only seconds later, with Trixie nowhere to be seen.

“She’s gotten really good at that,” Sweetie’s boss muttered. “Oh well, see ya next week in Las Pegasus, Sweetie Belle!”

“Yeah, see ya,” Sweetie Belle muttered as she caressed her check lovingly. Her boss sighed, rubbing his temples in order to soothe his headache.

“I’m going to have to call your sister to pick you up again, aren’t I?” he asked. After a few seconds of no answer he picked up his phone and dialed a number. “Ah, yes, Rarity? Yes, it’s Sweetie Belle. Yes, she’s done it again. Completely unresponsive. Oh, you wanted to talk to me? Something about Rainbow Dash? Alright, we’ll talk when you get here, good bye.”

Author's Note:

So nervous about this chapter...hope it's enjoyable.