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During Twilight Sparkle's first sleepover after the friendship games, she asks a question that opens an old wound.

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... I have a feeling I need to bap you just from the description.

The summary is as far as you should read.

*Snickers* Naughty Sweetie Dash shipper!

You stopped, so I had to do it myself.

“Sorry, sorry!” Fluttershy sat cross-legged behind Applejack, working on her hair. Except, she was trying to get a piece of gum out of her hair. Pinkie had stashed some emergency gum around the room, and somehow, a piece got embedded in Applejack’s hair.

Peanut butter is the answer.

“Woo-wee! Taking a soccer ball to the face [ i]and meetin’ Dash’s parents in one day,” Applejack joked as she dodged a pillow.

Got you a little formatting issue here.

Okay so I read the whole thing. It's a perfectly serviceable Sunny D.

Why should we not read past the description? :P

Because I have self-esteem issues and I want you to praise me.

I’m surprised nobody left. I would’ve dipped as soon as soon as the story was done, probably even before that. I guess the rainbooms are better people than me.

Well in that case I feel that you should know that you are a knave.

There's a certain weight in being the first one to say "fuck off" like that, that a lot of people aren't comfortable doing. Leaving would have been reasonable for Dash or Sunset, but for the rest it would have been a dick move because the two most affected were sticking it out.

That was definitely an interesting take. Well done. Had to grit my teeth and breath for a moment when the false accusation part came up. But, still, good stuff.

That’s a good point, but sitting there and going to sleep after hearing that story just seems odd.

Glad I’m not the only one.

That's quite a wound to recover from. I like the way it played out, though. Nice work!

Shocked, Rainbow fully turned to address Sunset. She smirked. “At this point, I don’t think even magic could get me to hate you.”

You'd be surprised, Rainbow.

Cute. All I have to say is cute. Not many writers attempt to write a backstory about something we know so very little about, but this was good. I like the idea that, since being gay isn't an uncommon thing in a land where 90% of the population is female, Sunset never had to think twice about dating another girl in the human world. That does bring up the question though... when did Sunset and Flash date? It was revealed by one of the girls that Flash and Sunset were an item and Sunset was using him to gain popularity. However, from this rather good fic, it can be assumed that Sunset had all the popularity she needed. Outing a "queer" and all that, since apparently that's "what heroes do" in schools.

Thank you. The entire idea came from the cover image, which is the look Rainbow gives Sunset when she plays her riff after the battle of the bands.

... And my need to ship Sunny D

Sunset nodded. “Sure, Rainbow.” She was more than happy to skip the particulars of their relationship. “So we dated, and two weeks from the Fall Formal, I—” Sunset took a steadying breath, already feeling the tears well up. Just thinking about it turned her stomach. “I outted Rainbow as a lesbian and told everyone she tried to molest me.”

Official charges were never pressed, but the entire school turned on Rainbow. Most of her friends abandoned her, and she took most of her lunches in Ms. Cheerilee’s classroom. While the school never kicked her off any teams, her fellow teammates made it clear she was no longer welcome. Canterlot High lost every major sporting event that year.

“And as a show of solidarity, they elected me Fall Formal Princess.” She stared into her cooling mug. “I won because everyone voted for me out of pity.” Looking up, she wiped the tears from her eyes and sniffed.

I know Sunset wanted to turn her life around...

But damn, I would've left the room if I heard that, because I don't think I would've held myself back after hearing that.

Comment posted by darkman deleted Aug 5th, 2022

Remaking a comment.

Ok, while the story is good and well written.
It's also bad, as well....

Even in Equestria girls universe, you can't expect me to believe Sunset did this and everything is fine now at the end.
I call Bull on that, one such accusations are serious and you write what happpened.
But how things are now, yeah no.

That was truly messed up, and you down played it a lot.
AppleJack getting mad is expected, but should ended with her decking Sunset, and you can't say that not something she could or should done
she had destroyed Rainbow's rep, and he damage will never go away it for good.

Two the ending with Rainbow giving Sunset a another chance for them .... there no way that good idea, it cringes and looks really bad.
Everyone assume Rainbow black mailing Sunset or forcing her and using her as it sounded like the truth was never revealed.
Even it was they assume Sunset forcing Rainbow for some awful scheme or torment.

This was fucked up and amazing. Good job.

THANK YOU!!! I’m glad I’m not the only one. I was really worried.

Glad as well.
The story idea is very interesting but the whole bit if just off.
I'm being nice as well, there so many things I want to say about this fic, but be too harsh.
I heard and read stories where someone was accused of something that bad and it is BAD.

Because the reaction is it GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY, lynch mob forms and chase and break the victim blamed.
Sort what happened to Rainbow she lost a year in sports...more?
Again was never cleared if she was allowed back into sports or not, nor is it clear how things have changed, still the same or worst or what?

Yes I'm sorry but this story is.... Dumb, Sunset's actions are so down played and such a unrealistic ending.
In fact it WORST, Rainbow at the end was played off as one of those people....

You know abuse victim making excuses and defends thier abuser, and goes back to that person over and over and over.
Yeah I went there, Rainbow is...delusional and seriously needs help if she trying again with Sunset after what she done.

I could understand not wanting to be harsh.

It was also never revealed if rarity did anything about the rumors. She knew rainbow and sunset dated but when? Did she hear about the rumors? Did she try and get answers? Also, no one really seemed to question how sunset felt after she did it. I would’ve love it if applejack had asked a few questions. “You mean to tell me that after falsely accusing someone of molesting ya, ya still thought you deserved to be a princess? It didn’t click in ya head that ya were a terrible person?”

Honestly, nearly every fanfic does that. I think it’s because sunset is a fan favorite.

I can understand why you think that. She seemed more mad at applejack than anything. I would’ve loved it if applejack had snapped back.

“Sorry again, AJ!” Pinkie Pie yelled from next to the microwave. She was busy making a batch of apology cupcakes. Since Sunset didn’t have an actual kitchen, Pinkie brought out her emergency easy bake oven

Arent those things banned? (At least in the usa)

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