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They might as well be humans.


But your dogs!
Your dogs!
What's fun about those?
The tat on your neck and the ring through your nose
The weed, the jump through the violent pornography
Don't think you want to be just a little more like me?

Dash has a very serious question that only Lyra can answer. Fortunately, she doesn't get her first.

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Gonna ask my furry friend if any of this is legit.

i don't get it.

shit man, neither do I.

I get it. Pretty on point. Lol. My only complaint is that Secret of NIMH is a don bluth production... so, ah, continuity error?

Hahaha, this was a lot of fun.

"Lyra's not a furry." Bon Bon delivered flatly. "It's me. I'm the furry."

Dash pursed her lips, frozen mid gesticulation.

"Oh. I assumed-"

"I know exactly what you assumed."

I mean, not to typecast here, but...you just sort of assume it'd be Lyra because...well...Lyra. :rainbowlaugh:

"Its a hobby." Bon Bon argued. "Nobody is born a damn trucker, or fisher, or- or bug collector, or something. I joined because I saw these people having fun on the internet and I thought 'hey, that looks fun'."

Speaking as someone who doesn't consider himself a furry, but has nonetheless crossed paths with members of the furry community in some shape or form fairly regularly (being a brony helps--lots of overlap in the community apparently), this is really pretty much all it is. You're only a furry if you specifically want to be one. And even then, what entails as "furry" is sort of open to personal interpretation--not all furries "furry" in the same way as the other.

But obviously that's not specific enough for Rainbow.

"After this we'll loop back to Disney and do Robin Hood, then wrap with Secret of NIMH."

You know, liking either of those films isn't necessarily proof of furryism, and I've crossed paths with lots of people who like both of those films that aren't furries and who'd take great offense at the implication of otherwise. :trixieshiftright: And I can verify that as my dad loves Disney's Robin Hood, and I can guarantee you he is NOT a furry. :raritywink: I rather like it too, and as already mentioned, I do not consider myself a furry.

As for Secret of NIMH (not a Disney movie BTW), that can go get thrown out the window--the book it's based off of is so much better.

"I don't think I've shown you anything by Don Bluth yet."

Actually, you did. Secret of NIMH, remember? :ajsmug:

Anyway, this was an amusing enough read, I suppose, though I'm not totally sure on just what we're getting out of it in the end...I suppose, either way, Rainbow seems to have made a new friend, and friendship is magic, so...there's at least that. :twilightsmile:

I'm glad it's not just me.

Well, If multiple people tell me my story doesnt make sense, that ain't their fault, its mine.

I think it's more a case of it doesn't definitively answer RD's question that starts it all off, in the sense that it leaves it open as to which it really is, but doesn't explicitly say as such.

I don't necessarily see that as a bad thing though, because like I was saying before, this is a subject that isn't necessarily clear cut, so leaving it at least a little nebulous actually feels kinda fitting.

And even then, it was still a humorous read either way, so it's got that going for it. :twilightsmile:

I like the understated, subtle ending. :moustache:


Well, If multiple people tell me my story doesnt make sense, that ain't their fault, its mine.

No, it's obviously their fault. They read the wrong kind of story. They should have known better. :rainbowwild:




He used to work at Disney, If I remember that documentary right.

And Walt Disney used to work at Warner Bros, but we don't call any of the animation he later came to produce as Warner Bros films, now do we? :trixieshiftleft:

"But- But that's cheap!"

No the fuck it's not!
Good suits are thousands.

"Another one bites the dust." She'll realize eventually.

"Killer Queen, Daisen no Bakuden, Bites Za Dusto"

Yeah, whilst I'm not a member of the community I'm sympathetic to it. Considering how the internet and general media turrned it into an acceptable target. They devolved the idea (which like all hobbies has millions of permutations) into "Your a sex obsessed loser in an animal suit". Which is fucking sad.

It's the same in any fandom, furries just get singled out because the fursuits are a bit more bizarre then usual cosplay and it's easier to accuse the hobbyists of bestiality.

Have you ever heard about the legend of rainforrest, young pandawan.

Silly rabbit, you must of misread my post.

I make it abundantly that hobbies have millions of permutations, both extreme and mundane. So some on the extreme end fucked up? Who cares? There's Nazi bronies, murderous Soccer hooligans and predatory actors. Doesn't mean we tarnish everyone with the same brush.

if he died after a few films that didn't match the success of the other company, I have no doubt that we would have people confusing his work with Warner Bros. Especially years after it was news.

Still doesn't mean it's accurate to call his films Disney films, considering Disney otherwise had nothing to do with their production.

hmaf43 #22 · Saturday · · 4 ·

But have bronies fucked up real life event enough to get shadow ban from hotels first try?

That's the first impression they showed to the world. Too many 'bad people' and not enough 'good guys' in their community for them to stay civilized.

Bronies can do if(somewhat?) Comiccon can do it. Anime weebs can do it. Even the tumblr crowds can do it. So why can't the furries?

"Heeeeeey! Bon-Bon, Bon-Bon! Bonathan, Bonnibel, Bonnie! Won't you show me how to live... "

You had me at the reference to a Vylet Pony song. And as someone who was a furry (or at least close with people who were), I can say that this is pretty accurate for a lot of people.

Dash got fur-pilled.

I thought they were cats at first, just going off the ears and tails.

MLP:FiM design criticism after my own heart.

The way it seems to me, you don't want this, so just say no and save yourself a crisis.

Wise advice. Enjoy the art, skip trying to join the community. Either join it or don't.

One of the reasons I got involved in the pony fandom and not the furry community was that there were a number of early bronies who doubled down and embraced the reputation of being horse molesters. The furries who are concerned with their fandom's reputation seem like a no fun zone to me.

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