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Pffft! Now, this is a funny little gem. I'm glad to have read this, and it almost makes me wish I took French in Highschool. Almost

That was pretty funny, though I find it odd u chose to call them the pony versions of the languages. If its in the EQG universe then surely it would just be the normal version

et dans la suite, ils le font :trollestia:

Ich mag Deutsch aber ich spreche bisschen.

Tres bon!


Very enjoyable first effort here. It could have been longer, but then it might flirt with an M rating.

My favorite part was the beginning, when you described Rainbow's stealthy entrance to the library. Lots of descriptive language used well.

I also took German in high school and college (as I went to HS during the Dark Ages, when online classes were but a fantasy and my tiny school offered that or Spanish, as most kids took). Was it intentional to make that Rarity's heritage, considering her VA's name is St. Germain?

Cette fiction m'a donné des orgasmes ! 👌

Cleverly done, indeed.

I like it.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Я не знаю французов, но я говорю немного по-русски.

So, everyone is parling prançaise...

Oui non grazie baguette Paris

Si ça peux vous rassurer, cette langue est aussi difficile à apprendre pour les anglais qu'elle ne l'est pour les français.
Bonne chance pour comprendre :)

( And yes, every word can have a sexual meaning in French. Every. Single. One. )

Author's Note:

I'm twelve inside.

Written for a fellow twelve year old.

That makes me twelve, too.

Pourquoi l'appelle-t-on prançais et pas simplement français ? Le mot français est absolutement canon ; j'ai écrit un article entier dans EQD sur cela.


Huh. I just took Spanish because of its local and global presence.

In any case, wonderful bit of bilingual humor and fun character interactions. Though one point off for not punning "English" along with the other languages. (I use Wranglish.) Still, thank you for this.

The last line earned a twelve year old giggle. Some goofy, funny shit.

Sollst du Deutsch mit Rarity lernen, Rainbow Dash.

Sorry to respond in my native peasant tongue, but Je ne parle pas français. Merci Dieu pour Google Traduction :twilightblush:
Anyway, if I understand correctly, the line was just meant to be a throwaway gag and not meant to mean that a country called "France" exists in Equestria. You probably already knew that, but it would be kind of silly to talk for more than 1 line about a real country in technicolor talking horse land (well, technically a parallel version of technicolor talking horse land with technicolor talking hairless apes).

I barely know any French, but in case you wanted a more accurate translation, maybe: "l'Abandon!"
Not meant to be a correction, I get the joke, just fun fact

She recounted the events leading to her having to visit the library, starting from birth, to deciding to take Prench. Like many, she chose her foreign language elective on the merit that it sounded cool. Like some, she had resorted to cheating, using an online translators for homework assignments. And like few, she learned the hard way that Prench wasn’t the most forgiving language.

*glances at French quiz I have tomorrow that I should study for instead of reading this*:twilightsheepish:

Also, "an online translators" should be either "an online translator" or "online translators", depending on if you were going for the singular or the plural.

Naughty naughty

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