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When you get back, I'd like your help with more French talk.

2165071 KO dude, I got a new chapter that you'll it interesting like seeing a certain slow-motion moment you wanted.

Here the link: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/285909/10/equestria-girls-bizarre-adventure/encounter-with-a-blue-blood

2165065 That's good. And it looks like a very good idea to insert some french words like "gentille". (Yes, there is two "L" to make the right sound.)

If you need french words and don't trust any automatic translator, ai am eer for iou ! 8D

2165064 “Ai am Prench,” Silver boasted in a thicker accent. “Ite is vhat ve do.”
“No,” she ordered. “Leave ite on.”
“Don’t vorry,” Silver said as she nuzzled groin and took in his scent. “Ai’ll be gentile,” she assured, only to add in a whisper, “at first.”

How's this?

"Well, of course my dear Typist Gray, it would be a pleasure to teach you how much prench accent is the sexiest ever ! ♥ "

Whitch gives :

"Ouell, off kourse maille deer Typiste Graille, itt would bee a pleezure tou teetch you aww mutch pranch aksent iz ze sexieste eveur ! ♥"

For you see, the secret is that a basical french will mix up some pronunciations, as follow :

"Th" become "Z"
"I" become "Ai"
"ea" become "ee"
"W" vecome "Ou"

And globally, we hate solo consonants, especially "t". We pronunce it full mouth, and that gives "ite", or "itt".

But please, have a free sample :

Study well, young padawan. Make me proud. 8D

If you have any other question, I'm just here for you !

  • Viewing 19 - 23 of 23
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