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Rarity and Rainbow Dash have polarising personalities. Rarity and Rainbow Dash are dating. Rarity and Rainbow Dash clash when it comes to date ideas.

Rarity and Rainbow Dash compromise.

Sort of.

A short little Raridash fic based on a headcanon my girlfriend shared with me some time ago!

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HELLO THERE THIS IS REALLY GREAT?? Like, the beginning was absolutely hilarious once I realised what was going on and aaahhh I just love how you write both of them and them together like how they interact and stuff and oh my god I love how the whole thing is about compromise because I see that as such a strong and integral part of any sort of Raridash—working through their differences and being able to find ways that they're both happy.

Basically 10/10 I love this.

So I was a bit confused in the beginning about what was going on--somehow I had the impression that they were in a restaurant that was split down the middle to be both a fast food place and a find-dining french restaurant? But I was clued in soon enough.

The rest of this was great thought like, I liked your characterizations really well, especially rainbow's, and just the whole thing was really nice. Their diagloug seemed to flow really well.

So yeah basically this is really good and I liked it a lot.

Thank you for yet another great, and hilarious, story! You have top quality writing once again and you created a very believable take on the characters' personalities. (and no typos as far as I saw)

Oh, wow, thank you so much! I definitely agree that a lot of Raridash is compromise - and I also think a lot of silly mishaps and such like this in their trying to find a middle ground. It was really fun to write them together!

Thanks a bunch! I was hoping for a bit of a surprise effect with the beginning but perhaps I could've been clearer with what was going on? Regardless, I'm glad you liked Rainbow's characterisation so much because I was worried the most about her.

Ahh and thank you for always leaving such nice, thoughtful comments! They're always delightful to read. I'm very glad you enjoyed!

I'm picking up hints that this is set in your sonapie universe, but I'm not sure if it's during Pinkie and Sonata's first or second relationship.

Anyway nice job capturing the characters.

How did I miss this? Geat characterisation, funny, nice pacing, and it's in your sonapie Universe--I think--so it basically ticks everything I look for in a fic. Bloody good stuff.
Not even that big a fan of Raridash--which is probably the reason I missed it now that I stop and think about it--but still really enjoyed it :pinkiehappy:

This's good. Very good. Das is good, yah.:pinkiecrazy:

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