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anyone who has read my fics ever: yes, you love Sonapie, we know, you love Sonapie so much, they’re the light of your life, you love them so much, you just love Sonapie, we KNOW,


Of Pinkie Promises and Eighth-Notes · 5:23am Feb 28th, 2015

Wow, the final chapter.

Before rambling on, I’d like to thank everyone who’s liked/fav’d the story, left comments, and even just read it. Sonapie is a pairing that I’m almost convinced didn’t exist outside of my post-Rainbow Rocks reveries and giddy back-and-forth tweeting with a good friend (the fic’s cover artist!), so to have seen this fic be enjoyed and even featured multiple times left me more than a little flabbergasted.

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Pinkie Pie Swear - Adjusted Update Schedule · 4:35am Feb 19th, 2015

So here we are coming up on the last few chapters of Pinkie Pie Swear. Chapter 9 will be up in about half an hour (midnight in my time zone), which means there are a mere four chapters to go. Whew.

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