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Pinkie Pie Swear - Adjusted Update Schedule · 4:35am Feb 19th, 2015

So here we are coming up on the last few chapters of Pinkie Pie Swear. Chapter 9 will be up in about half an hour (midnight in my time zone), which means there are a mere four chapters to go. Whew.

This post is mostly a heads up that the last four chapters will all be posted over the span of the coming week. Chapters 10, 11, and 12 are closely interwoven and best read in (relatively) quick succession of one another for the optimal effect, and I feel that spacing them out between 2-3 day time spans (as would be the case with the Monday/Thursday updates) really weakens this effect. To counter this, I'm shortening the time between updates; chapter 10 will go up on Sunday (Feb. 22), 11 on Tuesday, 12 on Thursday, and 13 on Saturday.

While chapter 13 is actually not as big a deal as far as timing goes, it would just be silly to leave it hanging until the Monday after, so it gets to go up a day after its predecessor, too.

Even though I've been keeping up with updates for over a month now and have seen this fic do much better than I had ever dreamed it would (I certainly did not expect it to hit the feature box on multiple occasions!), I'm still fairly nervicited (ahem) regarding the last chapters. I have a lot of sappy things to say, but I think they're best saved for a post-story blog post!

I would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who's been keeping up with or even shown slight interest in this story, though; it honestly means a lot to me. I can't always reply to everything, but I appreciate every like, comment, bookmark, and follow I get. A lot. :heart:

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Comments ( 6 )

Just wondering, are you gonna write another story on here?

2810341 Second on that, add hope.

I'm really hoping to! Whatever I post next will most likely be a collection of one-shots and/or drabbles because I don't have anything bigger anywhere near done, but that is better than nothing, right? Ahahaha.

2811754 Buuuut not having one near done implies another bigger one is coming at some point, yeees?

I dooooo have some ideas floating around in my head . . .

2811914 Yes! Unfloat them!

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