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anyone who has read my fics ever: yes, you love Sonapie, we know, you love Sonapie so much, they’re the light of your life, you love them so much, you just love Sonapie, we KNOW,

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Rarity and Rainbow Dash have polarising personalities. Rarity and Rainbow Dash are dating. Rarity and Rainbow Dash clash when it comes to date ideas.

Rarity and Rainbow Dash compromise.

Sort of.

A short little Raridash fic based on a headcanon my girlfriend shared with me some time ago!

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A collection of Sonapie one-shots and drabbles of varying lengths, prompts/inspiration, and continuities.

Most read fine as standalone pieces, though some may have varying degrees of reference to Pinkie Pie Swear. While not necessary to read to enjoy the works in this collection (unless marked with [PPS], in which case, it takes place during the events of the aforementioned fic), it may make the experience a little more meaningful.

Unless otherwise noted, pieces are set within the Equestria Girls universe. New "chapters" will be added intermittently. Adorable cover art is by Cynthia!

Update 5/27/19: On indefinite hiatus.

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When Sonata Dusk walks into Sugarcube Corner during Pinkie Pie's shift on a Friday afternoon, it seems like a normal, routine event like with any other customer.

When Sonata comes back the next week - and the next - and Pinkie eventually asks her out - it's more fun than the colour pink or warm caramel-fudge swirl.

Neither has any idea what they've gotten themselves into.

This is a minorly-altered canon (but probably not entirely alternate universe) fic in which Pinkie and Sonata meet two weeks after the Fall Formal and five months before the Battle of the Bands. Some artistic liberties with the Rainbow Rocks movie have been taken, but with caution to keep close to the original plot, and so this story is rife with movie SPOILERS for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

A special shout out to my dear girlfriend Cynthia for not only providing some BEAUTIFUL cover art for this fic, but also for reading along and providing moral support as I wrote, and to Monochromatic for helping me through the process of publishing to FiMFic for the first time!

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