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Rainbow Dash can outrun just about everything in Equestria--everything, it seems, except apathy. The mundanity of her job drives her further out of her mind each day. None of yesterday's comforts can soothe her. Even fighting off monsters feels routine.

When Rarity mentions plans for a tropical vacation, Dash sees green (and blue, and whatever sandy color the island is), and sparks a plan. What kind of friend wouldn't accompany Rarity to a remote tropical island for a long weekend of fun?

What kind of friend indeed.

Inspired by Antonio Carlos Jobim's "The Waters of March." Cover art by Paintrolleire.

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 12 )

Lovely romantic, that's all I have to say on this piece. Wonderful descriptions of everybody's feelings and sensations that they felt and the locations felt all too real. God, this was a good read.

"So, I love you,” Dash started. “Wait, no I don’t.”

Smooth, Crash, real smooth :facehoof:

Oh, Rainbow Dash. :rainbowwild:

Rainbow Dash always dresses in style.

This really captures the feeling of feeling so complete when you're doing mundane stuff with a good friend.

All pegasi were. And the earth ponies were rocks and the unicorns were scissors.

Alicorn is than Spock?

Intriguing, I don't think I've seen another story reference or use jet streams. It's logical, but the magical properties are really interesting.

Looking forward to the rest!

Utterly beautiful. There is a surrealness and this devastatingly relatable transience lingering throughout the verses. Each pithy line of dialogue by Rainbow Dash and Rarity, every innocuous action taken evokes so much in one – and so many other wondrous qualities of this story that I can only scramble to describe, albeit nowhere nearly as gracefully as your own prose. The inner monologue of Rainbow as well as the qualities of the jetstream are sensations that I am too familiar with and I am only glad to have discovered your catalogue.

Oh geez, Rainbow had to bring up dresses, didn’t she?:facehoof:

This was a truly wonderful read
Both Rarity and Dash are characterised beautifully. The scenes are set so well, you really have a knack for that. It felt so tangibly like being in a sundrenched paradise.

Great work! You should be really proud of this!

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