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just another brony with random story ideas.


This story is a sequel to Discovering Friendship

Sometimes there are just too many things someone wants in a story. To make it flow properly it has to follow a set idea and have consistency. These ideas very much lack that. Some are funny, some hit you in the feels, none of them line up with the story - at least not close enough to be a part of the main story.

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More Feels! And innuendo!

So... was Twi talking about the 'totally smashed' part of Pinkie's antics, or the "slumped over the counter" part?

And skulls of what? Tiny beasts? I swear, one of the first things I thought of after reading that was the soul-stealing servant of Aku from Samurai Jack that could summon up any creature/person he had defeated before.


I don't suppose Scoots is going to grow up to be a shapeshifting master of darkness soul-stealing/summoning servant of Celestia, will she? Cuz I'd totally be on board with that.

AJ coulda taken 'em. And blood and ground meat make for good fertilizer, right? Sure they do. Might make vampire apples then, tho. Dunno what those would taste like. :pinkiesick:

Definitely adds a lot of meaning (for me at least) to know with certainty that when you are talking to gravestones, the people buried there can hear it, even if they can't respond.

Discord daddy moments... uhh... I dunno. How would that section feel? Seems like it would be a rather bitter talk.

Maybe I should stop commenting on EVERYTHING you put out. Feels like I'm stalking you... :facehoof:

6120502 I appreciate my stalkers, just as long as they don't steal my soap or toothbrush. And theres actually a lot more to the Discord dad thing than you might think.

i kind of assumed Octavia would be up on the stage helping out the Crusaders too.

6120469 I wasn't expecting that at first. I thought Flutters would take care of it herself. Poor Rarity, hahhaha.

That was a great explanation about the thing that was mentioned during the thing about the thing.

I am mentally and physically exhausted and dealing with a lot in life - this made me smile, thank you! :pinkiehappy:

I can't wait to see your version of a stong Spike

The way he puts his hands in his pockets reminds me a lot of sans from undertale

Sans was actually a big inspiration for the Spike of this world.

Oh so I guess he really is tough then

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