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The will to fly is not found in the wings, but in the heart.


Fluttershy’s parents are concerned. Her brother is hysterical. Her neighbors are downright confused.

Fluttershy is insistent. She needs to find her own way into the air. The wings on her back aren't enough to make her fly. She needs something more. She needs to find her real pegasus wings.

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Congrats! You get a like.

It is a cool concept, there.

This was super cute! And normally I only read stories on my ships, but this one caught my eye and the description even more so. I love how you did her voice as a goal. Way too cute for words. ♡♡♡ Have a like and fave.

It's not about hard work, or some mystery of wing mechanics, it's about spirit. No time for thinking, just doing!

It's far too early in the morning to make me tear up. Great story, I love it! Keep up the good work, it's really inspiring!

My favorite part is when she draws all the critters in the box so she won't be lonely.

Good job author !

I can imagine Fluttershy placing herself in a box then apologising.

At the end, this was going through my mind:

Scootaloo isn't the only filly who has struggled with flight.


I love watching ponies grow up like this. It doesn't hurt that filly Fluttershy is just the cutest little thing.

I love it when authors internalize (well) the thoughts of their characters, which in this case was done very well. I can totally envision Fluttershy doing something like this, her canon personality intact. Good story!

This actually reminded me of how kids' minds work - including my own way back when:

Kids think in romantic terms, symbolic terms, poetic terms. They understand that they don't know what it is, so they give it a form all it's own - dreams for the future are filled with Hope and Meaning; unknown names for emotions become shapes, colors, light and darkness.

Kids don't get nearly the credit due to them.

Great work! I think you really captured what a young Fluttershy would be like. I featured this on episode 260 of my podcast, Pony 411.

Aww, don't fret love! One day you'll encounter a soul who yearns to caress the heavens but who fate has cruelly deemed unworthy of such a thing and must remain earthbound.

And so, Fluttershy flew for the first time.
Badly. :pinkiecrazy:

More seriously, this is a sweet little story and you channel Fluttershy very well.


Well, I'm a Chinese brony who have the habit of translating some pony stuff when I get free time.

And, I've been trying to translate this one into Chinese since some time ago - two months ago, to be accurate, (but because of all kinds of reasons I had to postpone the translating, it actually didn't take me that long) - and now I'm almost finished.

So I'd like to inquire: may I post it on FimTale when I'm done? I promise (Pinkie promise) I'll credit you and keep all the relevant information. Just want to share such a cute and heartwarming story, no commercial intention.

So, may I have your permision, please? (Double please, please? :fluttershysad:)

10183696 Thanks for reading! I"m really flattered you wanted to translate this. Go ahead and post it to fimtale, and please shoot me a link when it's up so I can promote it!

Finally done! Here's the link: https://fimtale.com/t/12893
I probably should have told you earlier, even before I started translating, though.:derpytongue2:
Hope you like it! :twilightsmile:

The memories of yesterday are no longer tinged with sadness. I think back to them as I eat breakfast. Failure is oddly motivating. It creates an anger that makes you want to never go through another failure ever again.

Failure, the greatest teacher of all :twilightsmile:

Short, cute, and sweet! I loved it!

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