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A true romantic down to the core. I love to write about girls and mares falling and living in love. She/It please and thank you.


They’d planned it out together. The perfect senior skip day. The amusement park, the rides, the shows, the bonding, and the massive afterparty at Pinkie Pie’s house. With dancing, games, friends from all over CHS, and lots and lots of alcohol. 

Only sometimes drinking makes you do stupid things. Like one of your best friends. Now Sunset and Rainbow have to piece that night back together, figure out their feelings, and clean up after a hoard of drunken teens. All while dealing with the hangover.

A huge huge thanks to my partner EquineWhoDoesStuff who both edited for this fic and graciously did this cover art for me after I tried and got aggro about hands. Go read their stuff! Sparkle and Sun are both amazing, lovely fics that do a great job exploring trans identity.

The narcotics tag is only for alcohol and the sex tag is only for mentions of past intimacy. No actual smut in this one. Hope you all enjoy!

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Hmm, yeah, this was a well done and pretty realistic take on a "morning after". I think you got all the characters personalities down, and the conversations felt fluid. Or, well, as fluid as you could reasonably expect hungover teenagers' conversations to be.

I'm curious to see what the next chapter will bring. Will we be staying with Dash's PoV, or moving over to Sunset? And just when will they have their talk? Hopefully they don't procrastinate on it.

Enjoying this so far. Can't wait to see where you go with it!

Finally, a new SunDash story.

Comment posted by Stahlseele deleted May 17th

I like how HorseTwi is very much "Oh you dont need me silly!" And then as soon as the truth hits she's "Be there in ten"

Whelp, at least she's talking about it. Even asking for advice. Hopefully Twilight will be able to calm Sunset down and get her to stop panicking. Also, oof, Lyra and BonBon nearly ate it... Yeah, this is why you never drive angry.

Well, at least Flutters helped RD talk it out. Now maybe she and Sunset have a chance of talking it out, and maybe not being face to face will help? A coin toss really, some people prefer the distance a phone call gives, others have trouble connecting when they can't see the other person's face...

As long as the ka-chonking of the washer isn't due to Dash's phone. And did Sunset remember hers?

Anyways, awkward conversation incoming. :rainbowderp:

It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize you were talking about RD leaving her phone in the sheet and is now washing it :rainbowlaugh: for some reason I kept picturing it vibrating while she sat/leaned on the machine.

Which (spoilers) I guess gives it away that I didn't think of that when writing this chapter, since it took me a hot minute to even conceptualize it when it was spelled out for me.

Does the person who did that cover art have a deviant art by chance?

Yeah, sometimes you just need to sit down with a friend to vent... And to get some frank advice. Here's hoping RD and SS can have a good talk to work through all this.

I wonder how peeved Sunset may have been over the little book horse nabbing herself a marefriend before she could do so if she had thought about it . .

Meant to respond to this sooner! They do not have an active deviantart. They DO however have a website where you can view a lot more of their work. You can also contact them there if you like! Or you could look at the other cool covers they've done through their own fimfiction account (All of their covers are drawn by them! Because they're super talented and amazing and wonderful!)

Smooth Rainbow, really smooth. Lol, she almost had a bad end to that particular route, but she pulled through in the end and got her real feelings out there.

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