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Fact number 1: Canterlot High is hardly a bed of roses. Fact number 2: if girls are roses, don't forget that every rose has its thorns - sharp and even harmful. These are things that everyone should know, and yet it still appears not to be that clear for many. Seeking for the truth behind the facts? Follow Rainbow Dash and her friends as they have to overcome the hardships of what it means to become an adult.

Inspired by manga "Gals!"
Tagged "sex" for innuendoes and serious-related topics

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Nice! I thought this chapter was solid. Keep up the good work.

7810622 It's an old manga where a band of friends roamed their favorite district of Shibuya, living by the code of the gyarus. Not anything revolutionary, but friendship was an important theme in the manga, and it often treated with very serious society issues in a rather light way...

Thanks everyone :heart: I'll keep on doing my best :twilightsmile:

Gals, one of the most underrated mangas I have read, which I will be sincere, I enjoyed a lot. Keep the great work buddy.

I literally realised what Fluttershy did at the end of the first scene, perfect timing! :rainbowlaugh:

Do the Dazzlings appear in this story?

I was kinda hoping it would be discord somehow. Ah well, still a good chapter!0

7838790 Can still be Discord if you want to, no problem :raritywink:

7838732 I didn't plan it but like your idea, so I change the physical description of the three girls with Sunset Shimmer to match with the Dazzlings :twilightsmile:

I like Sunset's character in this story, she has some actual depth unlike some other versions I've seen xD

7856867 You don't know how I'm glad I can always count on you. Thanks, thanks, thanks :heart::heart::heart:

I've never read other fictions with Sunset Shimmer yet, so (like I basically do with all the other characters), this is my personal perception of her :twilightsmile:

7857168 Haha, it's nothing ^_^ Your stories are great so, I naturally love them!

Some other stories have her as a 2D character with just 'pure evil' status xD

I think I may know who the stalker admirer is, but I can't be sure…

That scene with Dash though…:fluttershysad:

Nice chapter, wonder what that kid's name is though.......

“Fine. Because I think I have an idea…”

I mean…she does know that these things never turn out well, right? :rainbowlaugh:

You had one job Shining! One job! :rainbowlaugh:

I'm having real trouble reading this story, not due to it being bed because it seems to be well written. My problem however is that it reads like something that was translated into English and so the sentence structures & some wording are out of place. I am able to follow the story but I've had to give it a break. Hopefully I can pick it back up later as I would love to finish reading it.
This is not a bad story, the obscure wording just rubs me the wrong way.

7930177 In fact, I really am writing it in French first, then translate it later in English. I wouldn't say no to an editor, but I would need someone able to keep up the pace... There's a lot to translate every week, and I don't want to slow down the publication (or it would take forever to be completed). I'm more than willing take any help I could get :twilightsmile:

Quite the backstory and very unique! I genuinely, really like the idea of it!

It's up to you, I can read any length but I guess splitting it into parts keeps the readers at the edges of their seats :)

I'm just utterly shocked at Twilight O.O

HopefHopefully Sunset can get them to apologise...Rainbow and Applejack are going to be hard, especially Rainbow :twilightoops:

Aaah!! This chapter killed me! Can I say how much I love your writing style? The emotions are conveyed perfectly and it just makes me feel so bad for Rainbow and want to slap her father upside the head! Like, really hard!

Sometimes, when she became more melancholic, she thought about him, and wondered who he had become, why did he never try to get in touch with her, as if everything they had shared during almost five years no longer were important.

I wonder…:trixieshiftright:

“I don’t work here. I’m only doing a favor for a campus’ mate.”

More like he's doing a favour for Soarin xD

“You know… Please don’t be offended… I think you’re really sexy.”

Not what I expected, lol! :rainbowlaugh:

That was cute! Very cuttteeeee! :raritystarry:

He had made up his mind… He hated him and was convinced he would never be good enough for the young woman.

Yeah…about that xD

Pinkie Pie had probably drunk more than one bottle of beer since she was up on a table, dancing as if a demon had taken over her body. Big Macintosh passed them by at full throttle, holding by his shoulders a restless and vociferating Zephyr Breeze, on the verge of throwing up. As for Rarity and Applejack, they were running out of breath by screaming after the three Crusaders, that Rainbow Dash hadn’t noticed until now. She had no idea of how and when they’d arrived…


R.I.P Me
Died from Soarindash-ness
"She was sort of loved."

School rumors are harsh…but this? Well, that's another type of ouch.

I think I can guess who those three girls are but…still not sure ;P

Poor pinkie :pinkiesick:

So much fucking drama is not good for pinkie:flutterrage:

I feel bad for the rest of the students…they messed with Pinkie, and that's a bad idea when you've got friends like hers.

I hadn't expected Lightning Dust at all actually…so, great reveal xD

I loved the ending a lot :rainbowkiss:

I'm a big fan of soarindash and i mean big fan :heart::heart::heart::heart:

I have a bad feeling about Trixie :/
Although…she's Trixie...how bad can she be? xD

“You think I’m too much of an individualist, don’t you? I understand, don’t worry. Don’t bother, it’s okay.”
“Well, I don’t… I was about to ask for your number, in fact.”


I find your portrayal of Flashlight very cute! :heart:

Is this part done or there's a "Tricks Up In her Sleeves" Part four?

Just curious...

NO:ajsleepy: Flash doesn't diverse Twilight she diverse Timber :twilightsmile:

8197448 This part's done! :twilightsmile:

But as always, there's hints of continuation in the next chapters (and there'll be in the next volume as well)

8197959 You're complicating things for me here :rainbowlaugh:

8198478 Well... Who knows? :derpytongue2:

Poor Rainbow she will Zephyr Breeze for two weeks:facehoof::ajsleepy:


I can practically see the storm brewing in the distance…oh no xD

Hahahaha! I can totally picture Zephyr sucking at surfing!

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