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Twilight leaves Spike alone with the owl for a bit, and things get freaky.

Based on a true story.

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I haven't even thought about actually reading this but


(Or you know youtube links could stop working)

Based on a true story.

man I thought you promised not to tell anyone even obliquely about the trip to Philly, Sunder, and the owl.

harsh bro

i immediately thought of this.

Not even going to ask.

~Skeeter The Lurker

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Light 'em up...


Oh Regidar what will we do without you!:rainbowlaugh:

Don't drop the soap.

.......yep, still not sick of these stories.

I think Macklemore said it best: What, what, what, what... (x7)

I do hope the 'jailed for 20 years part' wasn't also based on the truth. :twilightoops:

Spike shed a single tear

I love you in the most heterosexual way possible.

And after serving their time, Twilight and Spike started their own gangster rap label and during one of owlicious's concerts he was shot seventeen times in a drive by. The suspects got away...

Man, this is why Regi is my favorite writer,

Well, since dragons and alicorns live so damn long twenty years are not very much. Right? :rainbowderp:



On fiareee

I've missed these kinds of stories. Good to be back.

Spike cried, digging in his pockets, which he had Rarity install at his hips so that he could carry things better.


“Five years? Minor felons like murderers and rapists get that! You two are going away for a good twenty years, with the likes of all the other horrible criminals: Tax evaders and music pirates!”

I cracked up.

Damn, man! Stop creating new stories so fast! I cannot keep up with comments!

The struggle is real mah homie, the struggle is real...

Quick question, bro can you hook me up wit Dat good shit. I mean Flutterniggas a good dealer and all, I don't like the looks that bunny gives me...

Im scared... Halp

3318334>>3318509>>3318631 muh niggas

3321242 sometimes you gotta deal with shit if you want the good stuff

Dude, maybe we should find somebody who can fix it.
You know anybody?

3318297 oh I guess you are also muh nigga then

My eyes burn. I cried laughing.

O.K. This is fucking funny.

3318297 really? it worked fine for me.

EDIT: put square brackets around the link.


What is this sh:derpyderp1:t I'm reading?
And why do I keep laughing on this sh:derpyderp1:t?
And why I can't stop f:derpyderp1:cking laughing?

“Dat bitch is always hogging the good shit that she gets from Flutternigga.”
“I prefer to use her dealing name,”

My laptop screen used the Force to propel me off my chair, on to the floor and rolled me over and over while I keep on laughing.
Literal ROFL, yo!

Loved it! Dat owl! :twilightangry2: :twilightsmile: :rainbowlaugh:

Yo bitch, review time motha-bucka!
Finally, we have a fic where Owlicious and Spike are in the same room and not actually gay. Instead, the owl is a gangster wannabe and Spike is a freak of nature. Laughed a lot while reading and couldn't help but think that if Lauren Faust was still at the helm, this would have happened eventually.
Favorite Line:

“Its me, Owl-fucking-owiscious,” Owlowiscious said, biting off the head of a mouse held in his talon nonchalantly like the mother fucking gangster he is. “And I axed you a question: Is da purple bitch gone?”

Final Verdict: They should use this as their anti-drug episode!

Review. I scratch your back, and you scratch mine. Meaning would you please review mine once you have the chance.

Work Name: Light-em-up
Grammar Score: 8 Some minor derps here and there.
Pros: Awesome concept
awesome characterization
Cons: Some Derps in phrasing
double line breaks in some places would've been nice
that's all i can think of. This was actually really hard to find cons with (thats why the ones I listed are so weak)
Notes: Great job! The gangster owlowiscious alter ego was actually believable. I would like to see more! I think it would be helpful, however, if you back through it and fixed some phrasing. I could only see one glaring phrasing problem, the rest were minor.

i read owl's line's with a deep, soothing voice......:facehoof:

i like how this story takes a crack at the bullshit we face today...... when murderers get less time than a harmless dude smokin a plant. funny as hell.:rainbowlaugh:

3754293 it's sad because it's true

...You are a strange individual. But I like it.

4065638 based on a true stroy

Ah, how I missed reading your stories. Time for more, I think.

You know, I was wondering how Fluttershy made enough money to live. I mean, she takes care of tons of random wild animals and doesn't seem to have a job. This is my new headcanon.
Also, this Owlowiscious is strangely believable.

4314900 All gangstas need a civilian front
Owlicious and fluttersky alike

It just wasn't my cup of tea. :applejackunsure:

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