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Main Course is a successful chef and restaurant owner. Or he was, anyway, until a fire tore up his life's work and left him adrift. When he visits his sister in the rural backwater town of Ponyville, he discovers an abandoned building that's perfect for a quick fix-up so he can flip it for a profit. But the building comes with an unforeseen tenant, and when he lets her stick around he discovers that maybe, just maybe, there's something out there more important than wealth and fame.

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-Says he's taking a break from ponies
-Writes 7,000 pony words in one day.


Just a heads up, this ones going to be a twisty, rambly ride.


The first chapter already shows that.


~Skeeter The Lurker

It's Scootasomething. You just won't know for sure it it's Scootabuse or Scootalove until the end.


Hmm, I hate that trope, the abandoned orphan thingy, but on the other hand... you're you. I'll hit this on the RiL, come back once I have a bit more info. No offense, brother, I just hate reading into a story, then bam, it ends up turning on a concept that I hate. :twilightsheepish:

Well, I can promise you that Scoot's parents aren't dead. Is 'Scootarunaway' a thing?


Honestly, at this point, ScootaNo-Parents-Because-Alcohol/Abuse/Death/Comfy Chair is a thing. Still....

ah, fuck it, I'll read it tomorrow. Damn you and your... youness.

At the rate this story has been building in my head... If you wait a week there might well be four more chapters by next weekend.

sounds like fun!
Just so long as there's no inverting loops, or I'm getting off the train.

And incoming cannibalism...

Probably not, but, eh.

Main Course got some social skillz...

~Skeeter The Lurker

Nice concept. Seems like it will be an interesting read as it goes on.

Well, you have made my read later list longer. But you reminded me of this song:

Welcome back! We missed you.

I don't think I could ever run a restaurant. It's backbreaking work for an 80% chance of a slow death.

Weeeee Scoota-tragic-childhood!

This is going to be wonderful. Or possibly terrible. But considering your previous works, I'm betting on wonderful.

This has certainly wet my palate. Quite an exquisitely crafted dish so far, I eagerly await the next Course.

This is really good. I'm ready for the next chapter.


After two chapters, It's more like "Where's Scootaloo?"

At this point I'm wondering if it's going to go along the lines of that Catherine Zeta Jones / Abigail Breslin movie that I can't remember the name of, considering the emphasis on Mr. Top Chef there.

Technically, she popped up in chapter two... if not by name. But she'll have a more significant appearance before the end of the next chapter


Yeah, I missed that on the first readthrough. She's a sneaky one. :scootangel:

Scoot pic, somepony looking out second floor window. What more needs be said?

3268165 It's a thing but it pretty much guarantees Scootabuse. I also am "Read Later"ing this... on the grounds that your previous comment about maybe Scootabuse makes me leery.:moustache: Of course I only started this to see who his sister was so that is still an improvement.


You know I might actually read that "Comfy Chair" fic. :rainbowlaugh:

I also had the "oh not more Scootorphan" reaction, but then I saw it was Eakin. Based on his past record I figure this deserves a chance.

Oh boy, Scootasomething! That's my favorite! :rainbowkiss:


This is a wonderfully well written fic. The concept sounds great, and I can't wait for more. Silver Scroll and Main Course sound just like siblings, with the bickering and the way they go at each other in an adorable way. Makes me wish I had a relationship like that with my sisters.

Main Course gulped. “The Grassy Knoll, Mayor Mare.”

You can hear the sound of Silver Scroll's facehoof without the author even needing to say it. :facehoof:

You hooked my interest with this story.

Argh, another Eakin fic ( :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: ) but Romance and SoL tags ( :applejackunsure::applejackunsure::applejackunsure: ) ..hmmm..I'll bite, only cause its best CMC in the picture :twilightsheepish:

"I was dirty, run down, and clearly in poor repair." Sounds like a terrible affliction to have as an author :P

Other than the odd typo, it's well written and caught my interest. I'll have to wait and see where it goes before choosing whether to up-vote it though.

A fun read, a few grammatical errors along the way, but largely forgiveable. I do believe I have a new story to my watch list.:twilightsmile:

Uh oh, you got another reader hooked on the terribly promising start to this tale. The characters, their wonderful faults and quirks. Silver Script sounds like a exemplary Ponivillian to me with her Everything Must Be Pink addiction (Twilight did say, "All the ponies in this town are crazy!"). You better not buck it up and let it languish in incomplete story Hell.

And where's Pinkie Pie? She should be accosting welcoming him to Ponyville now that he's staying. :pinkiehappy:

I bet she's just waiting for him outside Town Hall like some pony stalker.

Oh, there are plans for Pinkie. Every restaurant needs a waitstaff, after all...

Mayor Mare bordered on.... EVIL! EVIIIIIILLLLL!:pinkiecrazy:


Isn't the point of waitstaff to bring customers in, not scare them off? Heh, besides. The Cakes already have Pinkie Pie working for them as baker, salespony, and foalsitter. She's also their best customer, with all the party food she dishes out...

then derpy comes to get the mail and delivers it :derpytongue2:

Just wanted to point out, before reading this, that after I made it past the first sentence of the description I thought this might be a story about the poor cabbage cart pony. Now, on to reading!

Well done so far! Looks to have some really good personalities one can get attached to, and I love the dialog!

Could use a proofreader (grammer/ect) But small mistakes aside, VERY interesting! I shall be watching this.....:pinkiehappy:

Yeah, I'm churning this thing out so fast I don't have time to wait for prereaders. I wanna get to the really good stuff!

3268153 good thing im a sucker for Scootasomething

If I view a chapter more than once, will it give the author of this story more views on their view count? If so, then I do believe I might have increased this person's view count by at least a couple of ten points...

Out of curiosity, I noticed that the story has a romance tag, and that Scootaloo is featured in this story of yours. Now, I'm wondering if the romance will occur between Main Course (oh god what a name!) and Scootaloo, or some other pony character you've yet to include? I am assuming that, if it is with Scootaloo, then she is a little older than she is in the show, right? Or mayhaps you mean 'romance' as in the family term?

I shall await your answer. Then i'll decide to favour this or not. Though i'll most likely favour it either way.

The romance is Main Course and someone else. Scootaloo is her in-show self, and I don't do foalcon.

Man, I am just blazing through this one.

The narrative contains just enough information at just the right pace.
It's so beautifully effective.

I think you said she hit the "doorfram."
might wanna check on that.

awwww, I just wanna hug Scoots!

Weird. It was right in the Gdoc. Fixed.

Oh no no no, I wasn't accusing you of doing anything of the sort (I don't know what foalcon is, but i'm assuming it's not a good thing). I merely did not understand how this story was going to develop. I am genuinely interested, and I've faith that you will make this a good read. Now that I know what the whole romance and stuff is now, I've a pretty good idea of how this story might develop, though you may surprise me with a twist or such. Who knows what you'll write? The suspension is killing me!

I'll sit quietly now. Thanks for replying.

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