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There are some stories that are so good, you just have to sit back and reflect upon what you just read, and what it means to you

Bravo. Bravo.:pinkiesad2:

The real fact is that in tag world of mlp dragons only grow as they beacome more greedy they don't age unless they beacome greedy there's a episode of mlp of this theory

Ok this had to be one if the best short stories I have ever read. But down to business.

Opinion: This story was beautiful and I have to say I may have shed a manly tear or two. With great choice of words and only typo I noticed, this story has the making of something fantastic. Possibly a sequel as to complete Spike receiving his new room, and if it's anything like this story, I'll give 10/10 for sure. In conclusion I guess what I'm trying to say i'd like an encore.

Score: 9/10

Summary: a heartfelt story of growing up and how we all feel about it.

As usual please don't take anything I say personally. While my thoughts and opinions are genuine, I only aim to better your writing experience.

I get the feeling that people would be mad if Spike and Twilight's relationship was defined by Hasbro. I can see both parent/child and sibling roles being true but it's undefined status really.

4852628 Wow, that's so kind of you to say! Thank you so much for commenting. It's this sort of feedback that makes me want to keep writing.

4852631 Aw, thanks! You're making me blush!

4852683 Well it's true that they don't physically grow unless they practice greed, but they can certainly mature emotionally. That's more what I was trying to focus on in this story.

Mother Twilight :twilightsmile:

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4853169 I agree. I know I'd be a little disappointed myself. I like being able to imagine their relationship on my own.

4854491 sorry if I had coused a ruckus inbeetween you and someone eles

4854888 Huh? I don't remember any ruckus. What do you mean?

Oh, shoot, I replied to the wrong comment earlier, didn't I?

Sorry about that. There's nothing for you to apologize for!

4852747 Thank you so much for this fantastic review! I know you said not to take it personally, but I'm going to because it makes me feel so good about myself!

I'm sorry to disappoint you but I'm definitely not going to write any sort of sequel or continuation of this story. I'm happy with ending it right here as it is.

Also, do you happen to remember what the one typo you noticed was? I'd love to fix it! But it's alright if you can't remember. I'll just look through the story and find it myself.

Thanks again for taking the time to write this wonderful comment. You've made me very happy!

I shouldn't reply as that is against the rules of how I run but for this story of course I will.
I agree that a sequel wont really help much and it is your story so oh well! As for the typo I believe it was the following:

a thin scratching nose

I hope that was helpful and you can be sure I will follow your stories as you continue to write.
Thanks again for responding to my review! Normally I receive negativity (hence the warning) so this was a nice change! :pinkiehappy:

4855390 Bahaha, oh my gosh, I can't believe I typed nose! Thank you so much for pointing that out. It has now been corrected.

And thank you for replying, despite your policy against it! You've really been making my day! I don't know why you seem to get negativity from others. I found your comment pleasant, helpful, and constructive!

I'm very honored that you'd follow me. I'll try not to disappoint you with my future work.

4854940 ok then не не

Nicely done.:twilightblush:

4857648 Thank you for saying so! :twilightsmile: I'm so glad you liked it!

I am genuinely sorry that I missed this story when it came out. I must have been in 1864 that day. In any case, it was beautiful, and in the wake of Spike now having his own room in canon this work is all the more meaningful. I wish the series took Twilight's responsibility to the child in her care with as much purpose and meaning as you have communicated in this work. Best of luck with your future writing.

That was fanatic as soon Twilight got the new castle, I wondered when Spike get his own room. If they did an episode it probably play out like this. Good job ! :moustache:

While I can't really judge quatliy persay I usally go by how I enjoy a fic while readiing. On that regard, I quite enjoyed it and the motherly Twilight fics just...gah pull at my heart strings. That baby dragon needs more love in general.

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