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It's Twilight and Spike's first night in their new castle, and after yet another near-apocolypse, they just want to get a good night's sleep. Unfortunately, it seems that no good deed goes unpunished, as sleep proves very elusive in these unfamiliar surroundings.

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Nice little story. I like it.:twilightsmile:


I have been trying to write this kind of story. I could never get effectively past 400 words in three rewrites. And now you beat me to it. Do not get me wrong, I am happpy for you (I dont even know you). But I am just frustrated that I could not write it in time

Manly tears

You can't go home again, so make a new one and carry on. It's all you can do... :pinkiesad2:

There was a mistakenly broken italics tag where Spike says "everyone" if you'd like to fix it. A wonderful little vignette, though! Thank you for sharing it with us.:twilightsmile:

A nice litlte story, i love spike ever so much and motherly Twilight. As for the castle being cold, yeah a place may mostly of cystal isn't the bet conductor of heat. hehe but i'm sure during the day it will be really hot, eveyr seen a maginfy glass on summer day *sizziling sounds

:moustache:Spike got up and Said " I have an idea , I've got fire !" He spit out a flame like no other and the room became nice and toasty warm.

"Thanks spike why didn't think of that?":twilightblush:

'CRACK' the roof of the crystal castle split. .

"Thermal dynamics of crystal damn. . .":twilightoops:

“Every morning I woke up, had a good time with my friends, made some great memories…and a few not-so-great ones, I’ll admit…and then one night I realized none of those questions bothered me anymore.”

Why would she need to provide him with this information? He was there for it. I can sort of understand why he still wouldn't be fully aware of her emotional state at the time—as the mane six are Twilight's friends...not his...which you made clear—but they've both been through the same scenario when they moved from Canterlot. Spike grew up with her in Canterlot, not in Golden Oak Library.

A very honest and true story, I loved it, though Spilight is my #1 pairing that even got me into MLP to start with, I don't mind seeing them as brother and sister from time to time, well done.

This story certainly has more to offer than it may first seem. It not only tells a great story of the night after Tirek's defeat but also gives some genuine insight on how Spike, who's certainly still a young child, would be rocked by having so many traumatic changes happen to him at once. What he needed was a mom and you had Twilight play the perfect mother-figure through her explanations to a struggling Spike who needed to genuinely know everything was alright.

Very nicely done. Certainly recommended to any parents who may like Pony or may have kids who like Pony that may need to aid their little ones in seeing how changes are scary but nothing that friendship and family can't overcome. :)

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