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Since trading a library tree for a much larger crystal castle, Twilight Sparkle and Spike don't see each other quite as much as they used. One quiet day in a string of quiet days, the young alicorn decides to visit her even younger companion.

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Very well done. Twilight and Spike stories are my favorite, and "Spike growing up" ones are the best. It's always good to remember that one can't stay a baby forever, and no matter how they define their relationship—mother and son, sister and brother, best friends—Twilight will have to deal with the fact that her little guy won't always be so little.


Hey thanks! I agree, Spike and Twilight stories are something special. I wonder if the show will ever address Spike's growth. Not counting that one time they did, because there were shenanigans afoot there.

Hillbe #3 · Dec 8th, 2016 · · 2 ·

:twilightsheepish: you really need to tell my why you're doing this...
:moustache: I sort of sneeze at the wrong times
:twilightblush: not a problem at all
:raritystarry: Not a problem? Do you know how many bits it costs for tickets from Canterlot!
:twilightoops: ticketS?
:moustache: this is her nineteenth trip back from Celestias
:duck: must be my perfume

Very nice.

I feel like this story would be The Descendant approved.

I picture Spike doing backflips and summersaults between releasing jets of fire for major style points! A nice story with the right touch of melancholy over the progression of time.

This was really cute. I appreciate the subtlety involved. Spike is becoming more mature and thoughtful of the world around him, but his problem-solving method is very much like what a child would do. There are a couple spelling/grammar errors, but otherwise this was nicely done.

Very nice. And a little bit of a gut punch there at the end that in no way diminished the story. Well done.

I'd like to comment something about how completely wonderful this is, but everyone else seems to have done that already.

So I'm just gonna say "great job" and fave this so I can read it again whenever I want.

Then she ate one. A blue one. For science.

Ouo. I love that line.

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