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When Spike and the CMC get in a bind, his true nature is revealed to Ponyville and all of Equestria.

Spoiler Alert: Spike is often overlooked. This isn't one of those times!
NOTE: This story is not going to be canon-compatible for very long. But Spike fans like me would most likely wish it would be.
Awesome artwork by bobthelurker (http://bobthelurker.deviantart.com/art/Spike-My-Card-Vector-345430619)

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I haven't read this yet, but I did read the short description and I laughed out loud.

Commencing read, though.

Spike is a real nigga.

It makes sense. Spike pretty much doesn't have anything to fear. He's fireproof and covered in what amounts to a suit of armor.

Pretty cool story.


Thing is, being raised by a non-dragon, he is sure to have issues related to his heritage that Ponies might not understand. I figured water was an obvious fear for a fire-breathing dragon!

Yay! Spike deserves some recognition! :ajsmug:

This would make a really good script for one of those far-between Spike episodes. :D

6773528 Except he happily Steals all the hot water for baths.

6772872 That doesn't mean he doesn't have fears. Look at him in Castle mania.

6774118 Most who fear water, far it because of drowning. Thus they fear large bodies of water where drowing is possible. A bathtub isn't one of those.

This is an enormously satisfying little story. If TheExhaustedBrony's "Murderous Intent" is the best Spike-suited horror oneshot I've ever happened upon, this thing right here is the best Spike-suited adventure oneshot.


Wow! Thanks for the accolade! :twilightblush: And I'll go check out "Murdeous Intent". :moustache:

This will have a sequel where the cmc are competeing for Spike's heart while he does cutie map quest right?


How did you know? I was planning to have Spike go on a date with each member of the CMC.

Of course...
- Rarity discovers that she harbours "ungenerous" thoughts whenever Sweetie Belle pines for Spike,
- Apple Bloom gets a slightly less than fully honest lecture on the birds and the bees from Applejack,
- Rainbow goes ballistic at Scootaloo's lack of loyalty,
- Twilight is appalled to discover her inner (and way over-protective) mother-in-law persona,
- Fluttershy keeps trying (and failing) to tell Spike about the birds and the bees using sock puppets, and
- Pinkie Pie makes privacy impossible by trying to turn each of Spike's dates into a public party-hearty spectacle with DJPON3, wubs galore, her party cannon and Equestria's brightest and sparkliest disco ball.

I love Spike X CMC stories so the whole element of courage thing could we see another heroic done by spike.

If I didn't know better, I would say this story could easily be a story that could show up in a seaon 6 storyline...seriously, well done!!! :twilightsmile: And I love that this concept is what's being renewed--personally it doesn't seem that it's addressed enough...

I really enjoyed this. :twilightsmile: Thanks for writing and sharing!


Thanks for commenting! This is the second story I've done using a format based on that of the typical MLPfim episode. I'm glad you liked it! BTW, the first one was Filial, oddly enough another Spike-centered story!


Guys, don't you get the feeling that Spike already knows about the birds and the bees, and probably in a more correct way than all of the others that are trying to be 'foal-friendly' but are really cowards that don't want kids to know that "other things" are really happening nor where foals really come from (the standard "when you're older" excuse--codeword for 'you ain't got a Tatarus of a chance of knowing the truth from me')??


Being Twilight's ward he's probably gotten the biological and genetic details delivered in a dry lecture with black and white charts and the admonition "Now it's perfectly natural that this is something a young stal – er, young drake — of your age might be confused about and feel nervous discussing with his guardian, but always feel free to ask me any questions you have - as long as you give me two or three weeks advance notice so I can research the subject and practice in front of the mirror until I can say those words without stuttering."
At which point Spike would reply: "I wanted the truth so I went to ask Applejack. After she stopped laughing, she made me sit in the barnyard and watch the critters for a while. I got the picture now, Twi, trust me."

All joking aside, Spike's certainly bright enough to know that species differences are going to be a major factor in his life, romantic and otherwise. Given his infatuation with Rarity, throw in age difference as well, and he has one complicated adolescence ahead of him!

:twilightsheepish: Where's Spike?
:unsuresweetie: Rarity's giving him a reward
:twilightoops: He's been gone a week!
:pinkiegasp: twitchy twitchy twitch
:rainbowlaugh: Go Spike buddy!
:moustache: WoW!
:duck: Woo Woo Wooo!
:facehoof: ???!!!!!!......

Am I the only one who remembers that the Elements of Harmony were returned to the tree? I think there needs to be a slight reworking. Other than that, great story!

Edit: I mean it. This is a great story, other than that one tiny inconsistency that could easily be fixed. Spike can still be an element (and he'd deserve it).

Pulling back, she ruffled his head spines with a hoof. “But we’ll worry about that tomorrow,” she said loudly enough for everypony to hear. “Tonight –” Twilight cocked her head as if expecting something.

“– tonight, we party!” shouted Pinkie Pie, one rose-colored hoof raised high.

The sound of party canons going-off shook the hall.

Sheesh Pinkie. Awesome story btw.


Glad you liked it!

I feel like the CMC like to stare more at Spike's tail not just the cutie mark.

Ah, the perils of adolescence!

Pretty soon Spike will wake up to find those three in bed with him.

You know if he wasn't the Element of Courage I would have expect him to start hyperventilating seeing his cutie mark and probably try to remove it wanting to keep some bit of his Dragon Heritage and of course eventually he'll learn that cutie mark can be a mark of his Pony Heritage and he wouldn't it be any less of a dragon having it mark or no he is still Spike The Dragon.
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