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My favourite is Applebloom! Spikebloom is my OTP!



Applebloom is the only one among the Cutie Mark Crusaders without a significant other. Sweetie Belle has Button Mash, Scootaloo has Rumble and Dinky has Pipsqueak. And she is sick of it.

She hated being the odd one out and wants to find someone for herself. So what better way to understand romance than a book from the local library? From the local dragon librarian?

One-Shot. Spikebloom shipping with hints of ButtonBelle, Rumbleloo and Dinsqueak (I have no idea what their shipping name is)

Cover art by togekisspika35

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I'm clapping in appreciation right now.

Hey! It looks nice! I will read it I'll have the time to :) I'm a bit tired right now... (Haven't sleep...)

I just wanted to ask if ya could read my first fanfiction >///< it would be very nice if ya'll like it! I haven't much readers and it seddens me xD so I'm searching some romance stories lovers.

6220376 I know its a bit late, but I added a spoiler bar across the shippings. I hope that seems better. :pinkiesmile:

6221489 *Bows* Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

6221816 I will try to take a look at some point and I hope you enjoy the story! :pinkiehappy:

You sir get five spikes out of five :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: a heart :heart: and one aplebloom for a perfect ship :applecry:

Very cute. It makes sense the two might share an interest in something like Star Trek.

Very cute. Almost makes me wish I could see them go to that convention. Would Spike dress as a Gorn or something?

6232924 I imagined them just dressing as generic red coats or something...Just so I could make all the 'expendable' jokes! :rainbowlaugh:

Man, this book has ALL THE SHIPS! I loved the part when Button was hiding in a box and he crashed into a lamp post! Hilarious!

Very cute. I really liked this. I give this two thumbs up. :twilightsmile:

6632271 Thank you very much! I'm glad I did well for my OTP! :pinkiehappy:

6463992 6308045 Thank you guys too, sorry I didn't realise I didn't reply to you guys! :twilightoops:

Wow. Is there a chance you will someday continue this storyline? This was Really good :pinkiehappy:

6650338 I was thinking about setting a sequel at the Space Trek convention. It'll be a while considering that I'd need to find out what people actually do at conventions. I assume Q&A pannels, market stools selling franchise material, screenings of series episodes/movies etc. So it may be a while. :twilightsheepish:

Ok take your time, Just let us know if you gonna start this.
And maybe a bit deeper in the romance (after the convention probably) would be nice, but you're the writer after all. :scootangel:

“...'A Dragon's Hoard'?” Spike asked, starting to feel nervous again. Applebloom blinked, before looking at the book in front of her depicting a large, green dragon with purple spines standing over a red mare with a blonde mane, protectively.

The first time I read this, my mind was blown. I was working on a Spikebloom shipfic with that. Exact. Title! :pinkiegasp:

Is it alright if I still work on it, giving some credit to you for inspiration on how to finish it? :twilightsmile:

7346023 Sure, go right on ahead! Especially if that means more SpikeBloom for me to read! :moustache::heart::applecry:

And don't feel the need to ask me permission or anything, Hell you don't need to credit me either, just write and let the creative juices flow...Did that sound weird? I think that sounded weird. :twilightsheepish:

Ah well, let me know when you post the story so I can read it! As you can probably tell, I'm a huge SpikeBloom nut! All hail the TellyTubbyShipping! :rainbowlaugh:

Keep on keepin' on! :pinkiehappy:

p.s. I appreciate you letting me know, so thank you. :twilightsmile:


The reason I wanted to credit you was because this story gave me the idea on how to finish it. I'm not stealing from your story, I just have an idea that'll work now.

And of course I'll let you know! :twilightsmile:

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