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Applejack has reached her mid-life crisis before anypony else probably has. After taken into careful consideration, she now knows just how alone she is, and what she's willing to do have love. Does that make her a bad pony? Maybe it does, but if she has to one that holds her heart, should she care so much? Answered questions may haunt her for the rest of her life. A tale based off of the hit TV show series "Once Upon A Time" Where a dragon soon realizes that a mare means more to him than his one 'true love' ever had. Follow their emotions as we set the spotlight upon our 'Snow White' and 'Prince Charming'.

Taken place in the same universe as No Romance For Twilight Sparkle.
This is an Alternate Universe. Anything that may not be accurate should be accepted as such.

RATED TEEN FOR: Foul Language, Adult humor, and Sexual Innuendos. (Reason I did not rate sex is because there are no explicit sex scenes)

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Wait, an AppleSpike story, it rare to see these. I hope you don't mind but I added this to the AppleSpike group :twilightsmile:

Thank you! I just came up with the idea of a Applespike story based off of Season 1 One Upon A Time Snow White and Prince Charming and I fell in love with it.

This is going to be more based on the fairy tail characters in the real world, and less of them in their homeland. I may have a Rumpelstiltskin but if I did, it would be a totally unexpected character. So basically, more of Mary Margaret and David, less of actual Snow White and Prince Charming (James). There won't be any other reality, but it will be dramatic!

HAHA lol I'm an idiot and forgot about half of the damn first season of Once Upon A Time heheheheheh
*Changes Slice of Life to Adventure really quickly* COUGH no harm done here COUGH

2 seconds

It would be better to write two, instead of 2.

By writing 2, you take us out of the immersion of your story.

I'll do that, thanks for the feedback!

Huh? Well it's an good start beside the whole Applejack dating somepony who one already has a marefriend, shown in heart's and hooves day and two is her couisn show in the first episode in the backgroumd.

Based on the personality of Caramel that I have given, it probably wasn't long before he was dumped. Also, in the case of accepting random dates from strangers, he could be dating somepony else, but didn't tell Applejack.

Nice! Can't wait for you to read more!

Liking this so far. Interested in seeing more!:moustache::ajsmug:

I've been working really hard on this chapter. I think it will be at least 5000 words. It will be out soon!

Oh yikes. I am so sorry! I mistook this story for No Romance For Twilight Sparkle. The next chapter will not be 5000 words. :twilightoops:

7354537 Still cool. Can always wait for Spikjack!:moustache::ajsmug:

Cool! Sorry for the misunderstanding!

Solid writing. Good work.

Damn! this is really good!

I want more!

More AppleSpike for Obsidian!

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