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My favourite is Applebloom! Spikebloom is my OTP!


Rainbow Dash, after getting her Cutie Mark, went to find Fluttershy after her shy friend fell from the sky. Her search, however, took her to the orchards over Sweet Apple Acres and the edge of the Everfree Forest...

This is the escapades of the Rainbow Dash and Big Macintosh standard and the stories involving how they met to their first date and everything inbetween. A MacDash story, obviously, with side pairings thrown in. Not sure on those ones yet though. (Character list may change through the story.)

First chapter proof-read by Captain Unstoppable so many thanks to him. :)

And the new, amazing cover art is by the very talented KarmaDash!

Ages (Alternate Universe, but I tried to keep their ages close to my head-cannon):
Lil' Mac- 14

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Awkward love triangles...:facehoof:
Someone's gonna get heartbroken in the future

First off, this is adorable, It's nice to see people writing a fic where them as children is the beginning of a relationship ^^ Second, I will be reading this religiously s you write it ^^

Also, is Cap it proof reading this it's be a blast, but he may eb out of commission while I beat him for not telling me I'd be reading more MacinDash stories :raritywink:

Instant Favorite right here people. I loved your writing style. I can't wait for the next chapters. Especially since it looks like both Rainbow and Fluttershy have crushes on Mac. Now lets see how AppleJack responds.

I never thought RD would be the Mac-Daddy.:trollestia:

This is really well done. I can't wait to see future chapters :twilightsmile:

It just said this updated, 'Meet Applejack" was the chapter title...
Was that accidental?

4740028 Yes it was, don't worry though! I'm just getting it proof read first, it'll be up soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience. :twilightoops:

This is so nice. A little cliche. But I enjoy it a lot!

Yeah. So now we have 4 crushes. Mac on Rainbow. Rainbow on Mac, Flutter on Mac, and Jack on Soarin. You should have Soarin Visit and Have Rainbow give Applejack a real hard time about it. That would be funny to read. Great job with this story.

Great story, can't wait to read more

Even if she wasn't his sister, jumping to conclusions and plotting against her wouldn't have been nice at all! What would mom say to that?!

"Follow-through is very important, sweetheart. I know it's hard enough to wait until you have the little skank alone so you can crush the life from her thieving whorse body, but you have to remember to have a disposal site ready for the corpse, as well as a carefully-plotted alibi. I love you, Fluttershy."

I love this so much!!!:pinkiehappy:

It just so cute. I too think Mac and Dash are a good couple. I think Mac could be the rock to keep Dash's head out of the clouds, figuratively not literally.

4848054 I find it easier to see if they have some medical issue and poison them so the death seems like an accident. That I make another accident happen like her getting stuck under the bleachers as they close down on her. Also no body will look for her body than and no need to look for suspects.

That requires a level of patience, deliberation, and medical knowledge that cannot be presumed of your average pegasus (never mind expertise handling poisons).
Granted, if Fluttershy's mom had more foresight, clearly she would have taught her daughter all those things.

4988964 True. Also when I meant poison I mean with an allergy or something that would case a deadly reaction with any medication their taking. Like if lets say someone had a heart issue and medicine they were taking for it reacted badly to anything fomented, so you trick them into drinking something like wine or vinegar. And boom heart attack.

Yeah, that's way too complex for your average filly.
Much easier Flutters to just throttle her opposition in a dark alley. :yay:

4993423 :derpyderp1: Sorry I always found have the fun off the kill the anglicizing the target and planning the kill. The other being the kill, seeing the fear in their eyes and the feeling the life leave the body becoming nothing but flesh. And if I feeling really sick feeding said flesh to people.

So you're the bureaucratic type. Nothing wrong with that. I mean, legally, anyway.

4994775 What type are you than. Also what makes me bureaucratic type, does that just mean am big planning.

It means you're big on planning, patient, AND have a fondness for watching the suffering of others.
I'd have to be the industrial type. Get in, get it done, get out. Repeat if necessary.

4997868 I can be industrial type when on a job but am mostly hired for the sneak kills of poisoning and that does need some planning. But you have to a mite what's the point of doing something if you get no enjoyment out of it.(By they way am not that sick that I get sexual enjoyment from it, winning a game type , finishing a puzzle, or some finishing some other time of project of enjoyment I feel theirs a need for clearly that.)

Awesome. I love the jealous fluttershy part. I can't wait to read the next chapter. Thanks for the update.

Everyfilly wants a piece of Little Mac.
Luckily Macintosh probably won't find himself in Canterlot any time soon, so at least Fluttershy's stallion is safe from Twilight.

Really though, I like how Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy interact. The eventual triumph of Rainbow Dash (judging by the title, obviously) is going to be awesomely devastating!

I'm kinda scared of what fluttershy will do when big mac chooses rainbow over her. I mean, like, holy shit, look how she reacted when a filly so much as talked to him!

as a guy i really feel sorry for mac, because if flutters gets mad at anyone making any interaction with mac, does that mean she will betray her friend rainbow or do anything drastic, well im just glad macs oblivious to this kinda thing like most guys are

Subtle Fluttershy, very subtle ¬¬

So, when it's comes to the part where they need to take sides, is Fluttershy going to hurt someone?

5014628 She isn't going to hurt someone....she's going to butcher someone.

:eeyup: and :rainbowkiss: are gonna see a new movie, first comes :heart: then comes marrige then comes a filly in a :raritywink: made carriage

5017163 Oh!
I need to check my messages more often :twilightblush:

An....An update!? SO MUCH YES!

That was great. Thanks for the update. I wonder how long it will be before Rainbow, Mac, Fluttershy share their feelings? This was great to read.

Yes yes yes yes yes yes! Love it! Love it all!!


Shy ... Mac will NEVER be yours *hisses like a mad woman because I am*

I'm getting kind of ticked off at Fluttershy. Like, shouldn't she wait for HIM to make a choice instead of making him out to be an apple to be claimed?

5317441 I suppose I am going a little overboard with this whole jealousy thing. I'll try to tone it down a bit.

Heh, this update was a nice surprise. Also, nice DBZ Abridged reference:raritywink:.

Great chapter. Wow. What to do what to do? I don't know how those two will get together without hurting fluttershy. It is just going to happen. Thanks for the update.

Great chapter. I love how your changing everything in the MLP universe lol.

5572184 Pfft, yeah! I decided it'd be interesting do try something like this out because screw established story lines! :rainbowlaugh:

5570153 Thank you for the kind words and yeah, hen feelings are shared someone's going to be heartbroken...and no, Lil' Mac ain't starting a herd lol. :rainbowlaugh:

5569193 Yeah, I love DBZ Abridged. My favourite is Gohan (Sorry if I mis-spelled that). I hope to continue to give nice suprises! :pinkiehappy:

Finally got chance to read this woo!

Shy, get your head outta your ass, just because you like him doesn't mean she won't >.>

Nice chapter. I wish it just wasn't as short as it was. Now that Fluttershy feels betrayed, she could try to be AppleJack's new best Friend as revenge, she could do a prank or two with Pinkie that are mean to Dash. They could just have a yelling match. Good luck with the next chapter. Hopefully one of these ideas help.

I think Fluttershy would try for a less... aggressive solution.

Well, not eveybody's gonna like you Shy!

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