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When the unthinkable happens, Big Macintosh and Rainbow Dash find themselves fighting for their very lives. Can love and devotion see them through this ordeal, or will they give into death and despair?

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Dark yet very romantic! Hope this has a happy ending.

I really, really hope and wish for this to have a happy ending.

On a smaller note are all fathers mother f*****s?

This is such a bad fic. I mean, this fic is really good and I love the great writing and MacDash, but I get that feeling where not everything is gonna end well. I enjoy this like a horror movie: enjoy the moment but terrified for the characters and what comes next. Keep on keep in' on.

Thank you all for your feedback and your interest in my story. I do hope you continue to read until the end. :twilightsmile:

Ask and you shall receive!

A good goal for a writer is to "toy with the readers emotions," or in other words, to make them nervous to turn the page. I personally am obsessed with conveying and bringing out the emotions of others, to feel what they are feeling. Emotions are a beautiful thing, both good and bad ones.


Although, the dance should have been its own chapter, if I'm being honest. Don't get me wrong, it was really good! But it was a bit jarring and out of place just stuck in the middle of this chapter. Also, as much as I loved it, being the huge MacDash shipper that I am, I hope we see more of the current problem, opposed to the old flashbacks, eh?

Thank you for your input! The flashback was purely for background and foundation, and I wasn't planning on putting anymore into this story (to keep putting them in and keep the pacing of the story would be a nightmare on my part).

Those feels, I hope their not stick out here, somebody would realize there gone ...

Well, apart from a rather unfortunate run in with a pack of feral dogs in Serbia back in '98, I can fortunately say that I've never had to deal this sort of situation before. Hope they make it to the morning. Keep up the good work, Sharpmo.

Daaaamn, a fight for survival is not made any easier by the sudden appearences of a hungry pack of wolves. Keep on writing, Shrapmo!

Everypony will call me Two Left Hooves Dash from now on!

Er... Rainbow... you DO have two left hooves... :facehoof:

He remembered the morning after their first night together. After an hour of trying multiple methods, he had ended up having to leave her alone in his bed, less he be late for work.
And here is where I had to down vote this otherwise good story...

I am disappointed that this piece of gem was never finished. Oh well.

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