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My favourite is Applebloom! Spikebloom is my OTP!



The second installment to the How It Started series, explaining how Applejack and Soarin became an item.

Soarinjack, obviously, other back ground pairings such as RainbowMac and FlutterBurn.

UPDATE: Added AU because the show decided to give Mac a canon marefriend. *Shrugs* Fair enough, not gonna stop me shipping what I wanna ship though.

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Very interesting shippings. I may have to take a look. It's good to see some different straight shippings, even though I'm a SoarinDash shipper.

Yay, the next installment! Very sweet, as always. Can't wait to see the rest of the pairings.

The orange protagonist of the story

I... I can't decide whether I want to shake your hand or punch you in the face...

4323603 I hope it's to shake my hand, I bruise like a peach:fluttercry:

4323498 Thank you. I hope you enjoy the story, despite your preferences :pinkiehappy:

I'll have to read it later but first let me add it to the SoarinJack group


Meh, don't worry, I'm too nice a guy to hit you. :ajsmug:

Also, was that a SpikeBloom hint in there?

Nice story. I liked how Aj was in denile the whole time. Best of luck with the next one.

Great story! You kept all the characters true, and I loved the MacDash! Keep up the great work!

jejejejejeje!!!! It was fun to read, and I loved it!

Not a bad story, but it would benefit greatly from an editor. I spotted a good amount of errors in the text and some awkward sentences that just killed the flow of the story.
Also, as a southern man, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the fact that y'all is not a substitute for you. Y'all is a contraction of you and all. Used to address a group.
As I said, not bad at all, but it needs work. Keep at it!

4323730 Not really. Spike and Applebloom get together in A day in Ponyville, so I was just showing that they were friends first.

4323762 Yeah, AJ can be stubborn can't she? :ajbemused:

4324006 Thank you for the kind words, I'll do my best. :pinkiehappy:

4326118 Thank you for the constructive critism, Most people on FanFiction just tel me they like or don't like, I don't think many actually try to help. I'll see what I can do to rectify these mistakes.
Also, do people from the the South just say you then? (Sorry if that comes off offensive, I'm just curious)

Somf of my fav ships are here, I loved it

4326435 Love the story. i'm from the south too, and basically it depends on how formal i'm being with i talk with someone. if its a vip i say you, but if its family or friends i say ya. hope this helps :pinkiehappy:

I have a hunch that that ferris wheel is built that way for a 'purpose'.

*sees a SoarinJack fic*
"Really wanna read this, but I have studying stuff to do."
*sees note about MacDash and FlutterBurn*
"Screw studying. Reading this now!"

4326435 yes, folks from the south say 'you'.

I think this needs a sequel about AJ really having to deal with the downsides of dating a wonderbolt!

5670758 6320142 You know I have been stuck in a writers block, maybe I shoud do a sequel to break it!

“Forever!” They heard Pinkie yell from the distance.

I'm not too surprised that Pinkie Pie heard that lol

“Like Ah stand a chance, anyway...” She thought to herself. “Ah'm jus' a plain, farmin' Earth Pony an' he's co-captain of tha Wonderbolts! He could have any mare he wanted...” But, of course, it was in her nature to tell the truth, so that meant that she had trouble keeping her feelings to herself most of the time.

Come on Applejack you got to give yourself some credit here

The two ventured through the crowd of couples who were all going about the day spent in the company of the one they loved. There were even some ponies from different cities there as well and even some Griffins and Dragons that had come from their respected nations just for the fair. “Guess this fair mus' be some big deal, huh?” Applejack asked her companion, who nodded in agreement.

Hey nice to see other creatures coming to Ponyville

“...These games would be designed fer couples.” Applejack face hoofed herself, looking at the games such as the spaghetti slurp, where the couple had to meet each other in the middle of piece of spaghetti without it breaking to win.

They probably inspired by the movie Lady and the Tramp lol 😆

“Well, Ah asked this lovely mare here if'n she'd want ta spend the day wit' me an' Ah figured tha fair would be more interestin' then plain old AAAAAAPALOOSA !” Fluttershy 'eeped' a bit at his sudden loudness, but settled a bit after, smiling sheepishly to an astonished looking Applejack.

It's still pretty funny when he says it

He shook his head, clearing it of the thought that Applejack and Applebloom had swapped personalities today, and turning to the 'evil' coconut. He placed one of his hooves on top of it and pressed down, causing a large crack to form down middle

Once again Big Mac really shows how strong he is

“How does she do that?”

Guys it's Pinkie Pie you can't question it I even try to and all I have is just headaches lol :pinkiehappy:

I would say this was a pretty cute story about Applejack and Soarin and it looks like Big Macintosh and Rainbow Dash set them up for that because not only that it was hearts and whose day and it looks like both of them were having fun with each other even seeing Fluttershy and Braeburn there and when they were going to have dinner they even saw cheese sandwich and Pinkie Pie together as well so yeah that's pretty cool not only that they went to the ferris wheel and Applejack felt even scared but soarin we'll never let anything happen to her which that made her love him so much they even Seal The Kiss but he was worried that because of his position and they would take advantage to go after Applejack like that but she wants to reassure him that she can take care of herself and no matter what it's not going to stop her for loving him so that's pretty cool like I said this was a pretty good one and I am pretty interested to other stories that you made anyway keep up the good work

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