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This is a story about Diamond Tiara. In it she will turn over a new leaf, make new friends, keep her old one, face past issues, and fall for a certain red headed filly. If that's something you want to read, then look no further!

Canon Divergeance - Takes place right after the episode "One Bad Apple"

Chapters (3)
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I'm a sucker for Diamond Tiara redemption stories. Looks like you've caught me in your net with this one. WELL DONE. WELL DONE INDEED.

I just love this story ... it's amazing!! :raritystarry::pinkiehappy: I can't wait for the second part!! :rainbowkiss:

This story needs way more likes than it has :twilightsmile:

If this happened after 'One Bad Apple', this should really get the AU tag.

They reached the rich district of Canterlot, and said their goodbyes to each other before heading towards their Separate homes.

I think you meant Ponyville and separate doesn't get capitalized.

Also, if Diamond Tiara's family was rooted in Ponyville, (as stated in 'Familiy Appreciation Day') how did she go to elementary school in Canterlot?


Thank you for your suggestions and corrections. As for why Diamond had been living in Canterlot. She was living there with her Mom who had separated from Filthy Rich. I hope to delve deeper into the nature of Diamond's time in Canterlot, and her mother in upcoming chapters. :twilightsmile:

With this chapter being the most current, I'll deliver a few words of self defense. In my book, most Diamond Tiara redemption stories suck depending on the writer. Some of the ones I read had terrible execution, characters are badly portrayed, or its incoherent grammar. Yes, having a clean writing can help a story succeed.

To start my comment on this story, there isn't a lot to talk about, but I do have fears. Stating them, if this turns out to be a shipping story, tread lightly. Romance is a genre that is too easy to fuck up! And given the nature of fan fictions, it makes it all too easy. I'll try to keep an open mind, if only because I'm now tracking this story.

Good luck and keep wiring! :moustache:

Could you please continue this? Please?!

So is this story dead....or what?

Welp I'm hooked. I should really get to class, but there's still 2 more chapters, so...
I can be late.

It's been four years. I'd guess so. Still on my tracking list, because hope springs eternal.

Well the author is still on here every so often so that’s why I asked

Then again that was over a year ago

If it is, in fact, 100% dead, there's a group who takes dead fics and gives them to people who can finish them. I vote we give it to them.

You can’t do that without the authors consent. And seeing as the author was last on a month ago, we should wait for them to come back on

Well yeah, I mean we've waited this long

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