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Fancy Pants and Fleur Dis Lee were made for each-other: the perpetual playcolt and the sultry supermodel. Now, they've been going out for over a month. Has she fallen for this stallion? Is he finally ready to settle down? Can true love blossom in the high-pressure world of Canterlot's social elite?

With thanks to special guest editors KingMoriarty and PresentPerfect!
For Estee's Swift Selections contest, category: Slice of Life
PS - Yes, I was forced by a contest to do another shipfic!

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I pretty much only write shipfics when forced. It's happened maybe three times now.

You signed up for Slice of Life. You brought this upon yourself. :ajsmug:

Personally speaking, I'm glad you did. A lovely, heartfelt look at genuine affection and strength of character in a social environment where both are rarer than hen's teeth. Frankly, I'm amazed Zesty Gourmand's reputation survived such a sound drubbing as this. Thank you for this, and good luck in the contest.


It literally was the last open category! Still, I'm glad you liked it!

The word "shipfic" does not do this love story justice.

The way you switched person along with the flow of the story was a nice touch.

Author Interviewer

Fuckin' amazing. For god's sake, go back and proofread this, it deserves to be perfect!


Thanks for the comment and the review. I did some editing on the story this morning and will try to do more today. As this was a contest entry I had a deadline for publication and admit that I just have been so busy with work in the past month that I didn't get back to doing a more serious edit until you reminded me of it. So thanks for the wake-up call as well!

Author Interviewer

If you need a hand, just ask.

I've done a run through of it, but editing is best done by someone other than the author. I would most appreciate a hand if you have the time. Of course I'd be pleased to return the favor later if you need help with anything.


Good stuff. Could use a pass from an editor.


I'll be back later.

Only one word had I ever found that to describe her

Awkward phrasing.

Fleur Des Lee did not scan the crowd

Dis Lee.

but raised up his gaze back up

don't need that first up.

Fleur sighed, then grinned .

space before the period, which shouldn't be there.

we share that most lamentable of character flaw

flaws. Plural.

the less I respect I have for the company I keep

don't need the first I.

Is that that such a terrible thing?”

Don't need the first that.

It was soundly dismissed by Zesty Gourmand as a total disaster of both decor and cuisine!

I have added a few words.


Many, many thanks! Please let me know how I can return the favor!


7438052 Honestly?

See if I've written anything that interests you, and leave a comment on anything you do happen to read.


Honestly! And check out the story description. I always acknowledge those who contribute to my stories (as long as they're okay with it!)


I reviewed this story in Read It Now Reviews #90.

My review can be found here.


Thanks for the review!

This was positively stunning.

Short sweet, and its around my second favorite fannon couple, I love it

That was worth reading. I'm not one for ship fics but that was a nice little number. Good job

PS - Yes, I was forced by a contest to do another shipfic!

You weren't forced; you did it because you wanted to. A contest doesn't force you to write. Come on, man!


You're right, it was my choice to participate and my choice alone, but the rules of the contest, the prompt and the category of story was not of my choosing. But then, that's why I do contests: they "force" me to "push the envelope" and attempt writing stories I would not have otherwise. In the process I extend the range of my writing skills, sometimes successfully and sometime not, but even the failures can teach a lot because of the great feedback that you usually get from the judges and from the other participants. This is why I heartily encourage any writer concerned with improving their craft to do contests.

7576076 I used to like writing, but then it got boring when I found my feeling less and less motivated to write anything at all. I tried to enter contests, but they were never advertised on this site so I never knew of any that were going on.

Also when I DID eventually get into a contest, I backed out immediately when I saw the winner only got their story read out on YouTube. Pointless prize. ANYONE could do that for me beforehand. Useless reward that is not worth the time and effort.

Pains me really, because I had these ideas for a story about my OC, but A) nobody wants an OC story, and B) I can't think of how to write it out.

So...yeah. I mean, well done to you for attempting contests and all, but I just think they're a waste of time because win or lose, what exactly changes for you? Enter them or don't enter them, nothing really changes.

The way I usually find out about writing contests is by following the other writers who frequently participate and then joining the groups putting on the contests. I recommend Seattle's Angels, The Writeoff Association, and following Obselescence and Cold in Gardez.
By the way, I don't do contests for the prizes. (When I win a prize I usually don't bother to cash it in.) I do it for the comments and critiques. One of the hardest things for a starting writer to do is get attention and feedback from more accomplished writers, those who know more the craft and who can provide genuinely useful critiques and suggestions for improvement.
Writing, like any skill, is a matter of practice. Just do it and you'll get better at it!

What an absolutely brilliant piece of romantic literature! I dare say, my good sir, that it is possibly one of the best I have ever read! Have a like and a favorite along with the knowledge that I wish I could do so much more to congratulate you!

Sweet and romantic.

While I don't get what the title means. I love this little romance fic. It has layers of emotional undertones by each party which give depth to both characters and also the problems of high class.

Instant like and fav

I’m glad you liked this story! The title is the name of a French dance (literal translation: steps for two) supposed to evoke the feelings of romance and performed by a dancing couple.

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