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Mrs. Cake’s life isn’t always a piece of cake. The bakery needs running, Pound and Pumpkin are always up to something, and babysitters aren’t always easy to come by.

Original draft was an entry for Everfree Northwest 2018 Iron Author Contest. Received an Honorable Mention by Xepher.

Credit to Xepher for the short description.

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Wow. That was great! This sounds exactly like what I hear parents say it's like raising kids. Can I assume it's from personal experience?
May I also point out, I love that short description. :rainbowlaugh: Yes, I know what it's from.

Yeah, I didn’t have to dig too deeply to make the story true to life. Life with kids is crazy, but it can be really fun. Thanks for reading :pinkiehappy:

The bit about the chocolate still gets me! :pinkiehappy:


Intriguing format, and well executed!

I reviewed this story as part of Read It Now Reviews #114.

My review can be found here.

So I was thinking. How long should we wait before we try again?

Hahaha. I’m not sure Mrs. Cake wants to answer that. However, Mr. Cake did bring her dandelion wine…

A sensible chuckle was had.

Oh good god, this was too fantastic. For all of you people who don't have kids, THIS IS HAVING KIDS.

Seriously, this is like... every night for us right now. You know, save for the flying/teleporting thing (thank God). I immediately sent it to my wife and she enjoyed it thoroughly... you know, after she went through the flashbacks.

Though the dialogue written as standard narrative text threw me at the beginning, I really enjoyed it after I got used to it. I love the entire one-sided conversation she had with everyone, allowing the reader to insert the best response in there from Mrs. Cake's reactions.

...this is far less coherent than it should be, but it's early, so I hope you'll forgive me. Anyway, I loved it. Freaking loved it. Especially the end, for the simple fact that when you're married... you really need to take the dates you can and find the special moments even in the mundane.


So glad you liked it. And yes, this is very true to life. I didn’t have to reach far to pull out Mrs. Cake’s words.

You’re very right about making special moments out fo the mundane. It’s essential fuel for marriage. I’m pretty sure BlazzingInferno and I have had more dates in our living room than we have anywhere else, but it’s what keeps us going.

Thanks for reading :)


I’m pretty sure BlazzingInferno and I have had more dates in our living room than we have anywhere else, but it’s what keeps us going.

I need to take a few pages from your book for that. Now, just to find some daffodil wine (Painted, my wife, was curious what that tasted like and now I am too).

No idea what that tastes like, either. I just figure Mrs. Cake really needs some :raritywink:

After her day? She deserves a few bottles. ^^

Author Interviewer

Very nice story. :) Also serves as birth control.

Dear Celestia, please let that be chocolate.

:rainbowderp: ... :rainbowlaugh: 👍🏻

A delightful tale of first-person desperation and adoration. Love is weird.

That was hilarious and true-to-life and very sweet and delightful.

This was something very special :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for writing!

This was such a happy thing in a really wonderful way :pinkiehappy: And the narration style seems very simple, but I can't think of any other stories that do somethint like it, and I'm not certain it'd work as well elsewhere.

Lovely read, thanks for sharing it :twilightsmile:

This is amazing.

Sending this one along to friends, with my highest recommendation.

Ain't that the truth!

It's been a long time since my kids and even my granddaughters were small but you got the chaos and love down perfectly! This was a delightful read and will be in my favorites folder and recommended to so many of my friends. Thank you for making me laugh today.

Oh wow, voice of experience here, so much hit square on the head, just beautiful. This is a wonderful, funny, story, thank you. :pinkiehappy:

This was a very sweet story.:twilightsmile:

The best couple in the world struggling with the best job in the world. Such a relatable story! Well done.


Mrs. Cake was arrested the next day for homicide. She claimed, "No court will convict me!" She was right, by an amazing coincidence, everyone on the jury was a recent parent.

This is your first pony story?
A fine job.

Thank you for sharing it here.

Short, sweet, silly, and tons of fun. You've got style.

I am in awe of the way you are able to convey so much in the sentences here. I perfectly understood Mrs. Cake's new-parent desperation in her dealing with ALL this insanity around her.

And that ending was just wonderful. :pinkiesmile:

Kids. You spend the first year and a half trying to get them to walk and talk -and the next 17 trying to get them to sit down and shut up.

There is a reason that they are called "the terrible twos "

This was very sweet.

I know it’s not Pinkie Tales,

And nice nod to Pinkie Tales

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