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Son of Princess Luna. A Bat Pony Alicorn who's small for his age.


It's just another normal day at Sugar Cube corner. That is until Pumpkin Cake finds something no pony even knew existed. What happens next, no pony expects?

Caution: Age regression, pregnancy, diapers, comedy and cuteness involved. Do not read if you can't stand the cuteness. You have been warned. Also warning: Mrs. Cake will be pregnant with Pinkie Pie for a short while, but there will be No Pinkie Pie point of view during this. If this strays from your comfort zone, please do not read.

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finders like just to get it started.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out. This will hopefully be very sweet and fluffy. :heart:

Well...that escalated quickly. I like it! :pinkiehappy:

Another great regression story and I hope you don't forget your other stories either okay. :twilightsmile:

3361352 I won't forget. I hope to see updates on your 2 regression stories soon. I know it's really fun for you when you keep us guessing.

Yes, Pinkie deserves to have a loving colorful family. :twilightsmile:

3362221 You'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Comment posted by Violet Runner deleted Oct 19th, 2013

"Well, after the storm is over, we better start getting stuff ready for out newest foal. I don't want to have Pinkie Pie being in places she shouldn't once she's born."

Good luck with that, even as a foal chances are that Pinkie Pie is capable of bending reality. :eeyup:

3377809 Well you never know. And I wonder how Pinkie Pie's birth family will feel about all of this if they learn about it.

3377817 Of course they're gonna find out about i... oh if, if is good. :pinkiecrazy:

I'm half expecting reformed Discord to become enraptured withe pinkie as a foal.

3377887 Then I'll put that idea in a file with 'Discord and Sheogorath meet for tea'.:pinkiesad2:

Seriously, I've been pitching that ide for a while now, but noone seems interested. I'd do it myself, but I'm having enough trouble with one fic, let alone two.

i am loving this story, I can already see pinkie snuggled up with her big brother and sister for a nap, or getting into trouble like the rugrats...damn I feel old for remembering that

3378103 You feel old, then I must be ancient, and I'm only in my 20's

I swear the makers of that cartoon were on drugs...really really strange drugs

3378195 Yeah, but I know for a fact it sold like a wildfire spreads.:twilightoops:

yup, I watched every ep, one network tried to remake it into an adult version, I saw an ep or so of that and it was really messed up

3378210 Huh, I didn't see that one, then again, I didn't have cable. I only saw these at a friends or relatives place in my childhood.

you were not missing anything it only lasted maybe half a seesions worth of eps.
Now back tot he story. I am really enjoying the way you are handling the flow of the story, and seeing how much pound and pumkin already love pinkie I can see the two of them going full on protective older sibling, which is just making me squee from the thought of it

3378229 Well I sure hope I don't disappoint in future chapters, I was actually scared about getting a lot of negative feed back with this story. :fluttershysad:

Hon, sorry bad habbit, the only one you should be here to please is yourself, if the reader likes your work that is just a bonus.
I have seen dozens of writers get so burned out with trying to please their readers, the readers who really care and want you to grow and improve will give true critiques and comments not just bash your writing.

I might not be a writer but I am more than happy to help how I can, my head is pretty random, but I will never give a hateful or ill willed critique or comment. If something is missing or might need work done to it I will say it, and try to explain what I mean.

3378280 That's what I like from people who give constructive criticism. I mean, if the person doesn't like the story, why comment? It's not like the world is saying you must read it.

Well you will always get an honest comment from me, even if it is just to say that you have nearly killed me with weaponized cuteness

ah Robin Williams the only man that could give discord a real good run for him money

3378332 Well, based off of the fact he was the genie, the rules he is tied to don't apply for Discord, of course Discord probably wouldn't go as dark as killing or bringing dead back to life anyways. The falling in love, that might be up his ally if it benefits him in the long run.

3378351 I actually wouldn't be too shocked if they got Robin Williams to play Discord in the coming season(s). It might give Discord a lot more screen time just for the comedy, if it ever happens.

Still when I figured out it was freaking Q from Startrek next generation I nearly fucking lost it

3378406 W-w-w-whaaaaat? :pinkiegasp: That's so awesome. :rainbowkiss: How did I not notice that?:rainbowderp:

It has to be him, its that same smug, high and mighty voice, it is freaking Q!

3378441 Now that you mention it, yes, it has to be.

they could not have picked a better voice for the living embodyment of chaos

3378474 Well, I would think Robin Williams could make a good Discord. As a last resort if it came to it, Jim Carry.

neither of them have that good villin quality too them though. can you honestly say that you can hear either of them speaking like a villin, even reformed discord still has the evil quality

3378502 Yeah, you got a point, but I swear I've seen a movie that made Robin William's character a villian, also remember, Jim Carry was The Riddler in, I think it was one of the 1990's Batman movies, you know the one with Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face.

yes he fit that because he was playing someone who went nuts, discord is the kind of nuts that always has been, able to grow and become who he is, the riddler became that because of what happened to him. Q's voice just has the tone and pitch of someone who is always confident never over thinking his actions, pretty much what an uncaring god or being might sound like in my mind

3378544 Yeah, that is a good point, I was going to say the voice of Hades from Disney's Hercules might give him a run for his money, but now that I think about it, his voice is....well it just wouldn't fit the image of Discord.

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