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After waking to a grim surprise, Luna spends the evening preparing a fitting gift for a friend.

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Talk about incredible prose. It got me curious about what Luna was doing with each of the tokens that she received from each of the ponies she visited, and it's great to see how her magic made that work to create something beautiful.

The dreams match up to each character, and I could tell that at least a couple of them matched to the situation (if they all did, I must have missed it), which by the way, I enjoy how you didn't outright say it, that the implications are enough for the audience to get it. I applaud your work, good sir! :pinkiehappy:

Also, thanks for satisfying my CheesePie cravings with Cheese's scene.

Each dream was meant to be in response to the situation, yes. Dash freaking out because there's a huge problem that she can't solve, and Rarity because she's suddenly missing something enormously precious. Fluttershy and Cheese, on the opposite side of the spectrum, go to their happy places, after a fashion, knowing that the last thing Pinkie would ever want is for somepony to be sad on her behalf.

I'm glad the implication wasn't too subtle. I'm also quite happy you liked Cheese's part. I wasn't sure about including him at first, but in the end I think it was the right call.

Thanks for stopping by!

You gave me a feel, dammit.

Thanks for writing this.

because scenes are like this are too precious

I always stumble to make symbolism clear enough in my writing, but you did an excellent job here. This was a nice read. :pinkiesmile:

Thanks :D And I fixed the extra word. Can't believe what weird things get passed me sometimes.

Author Interviewer

I must be in a mood today, because this is really making me cry. ;_;

Beautiful and wonderfully done.

Luna looked upon her work and [yadda, yadda] it was good.

I see what you did there. (in spite of the tears in my eyes.)

This was incredible. I'm three years late, but no matter. I still enjoyed the story nonetheless.

It's incredibly beautiful. My eyes watered throughout the entire thing. Well done.

Two things: Seattle's Angelw reviewed your story and your CheesePie ship is officially canon (and they have a child together).

Oh my god, so that's where the sudden influx of views came from. I am both honored and nervous to see what the Angels have to say.

I'm proud that I landed on one of the few canon ships years ahead of time. It wasn't exactly a hard thing to see coming, but still makes me happy.

No shame in being a little misty eyed. Based on the comments, you're not the only one, which makes me happy. <3

Much appreciated :)

I'm absolutely not above cribbing a couple lines here and there. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by.

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