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Lucky Dreams

I didn't choose the skux life, the skux life chose me

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I had to stop twice while reading this. Well done.

Saw the title, immediately thought of this:

That was moving. :fluttercry:

One of my grandmothers just passed away this last July. July 4th, in fact.

Congrats, I'm teary eyed and damn near crying.

Bask in the irony of that statement. In the meantime, I'm gonna check you other fics.


You made 6693605 cry.

You win.


6691573 Glad you enjoyed it!

6691669 The whole time I was writing this story, I knew that there was something that the title reminded me of, but I couldn't think what. I don't know why this song didn't occur to me sooner :derpyderp1:

6691922 Thank you!

6693605 I'm so sorry for your loss. Part of the reason I wrote this story was because of my grandfather's deteriating health... frankly it's nothing short of astonishing that he's still alive, but the last few years have been a real emotional rollercoaster. I don't think he'll be with us for much longer.

Thank you for favouriting this however, and I'm happy you enjoyed it! If you do happen to check out any of my other focus, make sure it's one of my more recent ones. I don't think my older stuff holds up all that well.

6695560 :pinkiehappy:

6697610 Swish :raritystarry:

You post this less than a week from the second anniversary of my grandfather's passing.

Oh shit…that was beautiful I'm crying right now:pinkiesad2:

Great job

Well, with the exception of the last two chapters of my own story "memories of midnight" I don't think I've ever come across a story that made me cry as much as this one.

Good job :pinkiesad2:

Beautiful story, but the tag might be a little misleading. Adventure and nothing else doesn't really fit here, I think.

Bye Grand Mum , Have that quilt ready by the time I get there.

This reminded me very much of Ghosts of Whitetail Wood in some ways, where Apple Bloom's special talent is laying the unquiet dead to rest.

6700041 I've never really liked using the sad tag, since whenever I do, I kind of feel like I'm outright telling people how they should be feeling (it's the main reason why so many of my stories are simply labelled either 'Slice of Life' or 'Adventure'). However, you're not the only person who's made this comment about this one, so I've gone ahead and changed it.

Also, I'm glad you enjoyed the story! Thanks for the comment :raritystarry:

6702303 I've never heard of that one before, but that premise sounds killer! I'm gonna go and check it out.

that was very moving in my heart, my great grand mother died a few years ago:raritycry: and it reminded me... of her... thanks so much i loved her with all my heart :heart: thanks again for a beautiful story :applecry:

That was wonderful. I'm glad to know that whenever I want a small, sweet piece like this, I can just hop on over to your stories and get swept away in this childlike imagination. Thank you for this story.

Your story has been reviewed in The Goodfic Bin and has been Accepted.

7042676 I’m so sorry, I totally forgot to reply to this :facehoof: . But thank you so much for such a lovely review, it honestly means a lot to me. Especially since this was a difficult one for me to write.

Also, more to the point, I’ve been working on a humanized version of it to stick on a university application, and your review was a massive help in clarifying certain things in my mind. So thank you again!

I'm a 25 year old guy, jaded, dissapointed and un-expectant of the world.
It's stories like this that remind me of times when my world was still so bright and that a hug and kind words can make everything all right.
Don't change, its stories like yours that we world weary adults seek and secretly long for. To remind us that throughout all the strife, its not all that bad.
Thank you.

This is really cute and sweet, and I like how it's so whimsical, yet emphasizes how real Apple Bloom's sensations are. But “li'l princess” seems off. Granny has called Bloom “half pint” and “little seed” and in some episodes, but never “princess.” It's still a good story, but found those bits distracting.

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