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The man who likes ponies but also likes monsters... so what's wrong with him combining the two? ;P



This story is a sequel to Missed Stop, Monstrous Meeting

You are a unicorn stallion who has just arrived on the Haywaiian Isles by airship to gather some research for your next book. As you step off the ramp, a few pounds lighter after the wobbly ride, you meet your tour guide and begin your exploration across the islands.

While the diamond dog by the name of Holly might be your tour guide, there are other interesting characters that await you here in Haywaii. Some of which can be pretty intimidating. Enjoy your stay.

Note: It needs to be noted that I do consider the story: Somewhere, Beyond the Sea, by Lupine Infernis to be canon with this story/universe, so if you don't wish to spoil that story for yourself, please go ahead and read it and come back here. You will understand why. :raritywink:

Of course, if you don't want to, then you don't have to. It is merely a suggestion.

My good friend, Quillian Inkheart, was a big help when it came to working on the Haywaiian setting. In addition to his advice he also preread and edited the story for me.:pinkiehappy:

The story was proofread by: ShadowblazeCR.

The cover art was created by: Pigeonsmall, who did a really awesome job with the artwork.

Here is a link to an image of the main shark mare of the story: Jagged Nibble. Drawn by Grim_Grin and colored in GIMP by yours truly.

As you can see, FiMFiction needs more shark pony stories and I am more than happy to oblige.:raritywink:

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We really need more monster-mare stories.

9615025 Well, fear not. I am working on it. :raritywink:

We even have a contest going on in the group.

You know I get The feeling that the shark pone accidentally did something awful

9615442 You will have to wait and see. Chapters will be released on a weekly basis.

I loved this, found it wonderfully charming!:heart:

Shou be doo! Shou, shou be doo!"

Your awful for this. Good start, loved the last story so I’m excited for this one!

9618127 I know. Someone had suggested the song to me and I hope I wrote the scene in a way that it both worked and made sense. :rainbowlaugh:

I am glad you like the story. My plan is to release the remaining chapters gradually every Friday.

Hello. It looks like I got my wish, with the limits of second person narration explored in a longer story.
I like it more than the previous one too, with a promise of more developed plot. :coolphoto:

There are some typos of the switched word kind - autocorrect won't catch those. :twilightsheepish:

Also, you seem to have taken an interesting route with omnivorous ponies - most writers who do it go the opposite route, with pegasi being the meat eaters :rainbowdetermined2: (being the most bird-like) and the unicorns the most "delicate" dedicated herbivores. :raritywink:

9619113 Yeah, admittedly when it comes to the unicorns eating meat, I was inspired from an older fic I heard Obadscribbler do a reading of a while back.:twilightsmile:

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He's a fun drunk

What? a friendly poke. Why? To see your reply.

9633744 I just thought you might have been upset for some reason so I thought I would ask.

Do you like the story so far?

9627749 He is. :derpytongue2:

I liked this chapter it built up the world and fleshed out holly and her family

Yeahh another check on my list if i have one

I love sharks! I didn't know this (the Shark Pony) was a thing! :rainbowkiss:

9649336 It is, however it is more popular in art than it is in fiction. Thus I wrote this. :pinkiesmile:

As the two of you danced, you couldn't help but admire how cute she looked. Of course, that also could have been a side effect of the alcohol you had consumed.

If you look at the cover art, one would think you don't need alcohol to realize how cute she looks. If they were to go by your avatar, however, it would be a different story… sorry, comrade.

Caller: *calls into Channel 93.9* Hello, DJ Sharp… if you take requests, will you play a song by The Cramps? Maybe "Surfin' Dead", "Garbageman", or "Uranium Rock"?

Attention, Rob: You made some mistakes as of the posting of this comment:

While it was tempting to try to go to sleep in your bed, you were pretty sure that Jay wouldn't appreciate it.

TF is this "Jay" character? Is it the reader? Did you misspell "Jag"? Is it a new character? So. Many. Fucking. QUESTIONS!

Something about the way, Jag said those words made you feel uneasy.


I don't mean to sound rude, but these things trigger my inner Grammar Nazi!

9654676 Indeed.

9657139 Yeah, it's a misspelling. I wrote this story on my phone and apparently at some points in the story the phone's autocorrect would change Jag to Jay.

Fail. You had ONE job, Auto Correct! ONE JOB, and you failed miserably! :rainbowlaugh:

When does Diana Darvey show up?

This guy is destined to have a monster mare/hybrid as a partner isn't he

Can we get a sequel? Also:

"Both my back and I wish it were so," you answered, "Apparently the Cracked Coconut Hotels rooms come with the bear necessities. Even the TV doesn't work."

It's "bare necessities".

"Wouldn't that inhibited you ability swim?"

Try one of these:

"Wouldn't that inhibit you ability swim?"

"Wouldn't that have inhibited you ability swim?"

See? Didn't those sound much better?

You could recall, Jag talking about how she liked to fish with her teeth when she was alone.


You and the others circled around and watched as the turtles slowly crawled their way up the beach. The turtles' March went on for twenty minutes. After making their way up to a dry patch of sand, they began to dig themselves down, before using their rear flippers to part the sand behind them.

Unless you're talking about the month, don't capitalize "march".

Having seen the turtles nest, and the sun was starting to set, the group began to pack up to return to their hotels. With smiles on their faces; Holly, Fleur and Fancy Pants began to walk home. For your final day here in the islands, it had gone by pretty well.

That looked like a word was either missing or added unnecessarily. Try one of these:

Having seen the turtles nest, and as the sun was starting to set, the group began to pack up to return to their hotels. With smiles on their faces; Holly, Fleur and Fancy Pants began to walk home. For your final day here in the islands, it had gone by pretty well.

Having seen the turtles nest, and the sun starting to set, the group began to pack up to return to their hotels. With smiles on their faces; Holly, Fleur and Fancy Pants began to walk home. For your final day here in the islands, it had gone by pretty well.

Anyway, can we get a sequel?

9668446 There is a sequel of sorts in the works. A certain avatar image that I had a while back gave a hint as to its nature. :raritywink:

I don't know why, but I hoped Reader and Jag would end up together.

I did enjoy it and I can't wait for more story's. :pinkiehappy:

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You're welcome also your profile pic is adorable.

Yeah can see biting your friend could be s bad thing.

The tension at the moment was so thick, you felt that a chainsaw might be inadequate to cut through it.

I'm gonna need a bigger knife...

This was a very nice story and I can't wait for more.

9736171 Thank you. There is a sequel now available if you haven't seen it. :twilightsmile:

Due to the magical properties of their horns, unicorns had to absorb more protein than the other pony races, to insure that their horns worked properly. In fact, a few magic disorders could be traced back to a lack of vitamins or low protein levels. Before the unification of the three pony tribes, unicorns used to be more carnivorous. However, once they joined forces the unicorns had to conceal this, out of fear of offending the other tribes.

This is some nice informational world-building, totes to you.

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