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An IT manager with an embarrassing secret personal pastime (fanfic author) gets an unexpected video conference call from Equestria, and a strange request that he cannot refuse because:
1 - Twilight is asking, and
2 - Pinkie Pie won’t let him.

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...What’s so embarrassing about writing fanfiction? I mean, this IS a fanfiction.

Insert self and then you get sucked into ponyland whether you like it or not.

Could this perhaps be a recursive curse!

This was a surprising gem with a hilarious premise and had me chuckling a lot, really great job <3

Couple of lines in here I might have to lift


Pinkie’s image appeared, her box right below Turner’s. She gazed upwards, as if this was Hollywood Squares, the Covid-19 edition. She smiled. “Hey Turnerooney! I see England, I see France -“

I see Kendrick's underpants🤫

Like the barber’s tattoo, that line will not go unfinished! :rainbowlaugh:

Glad you enjoyed it!

Steal with pride, I always say… (wait, who said that?)

Delightful, enviable madness. Seriously, I’m writing this while in a Teams call that I wish would get pony-bombed. Thank you for a wonderful bit of interaction between the two worlds.

I’m so happy you enjoyed it! :twilightblush:

“I’m honored you’d ask me.” A thought occurred to me. Thankfully I came to my senses before writing anypony a blank check. “But, please remember that I also don’t do…”

“shipping.” Pinkie Pie stuck out her tongue. “Yeah, booooorrrring.”

Wait, does Pinkie not like shipping, or does she think it's boring that you don't do shipfics?

The latter. She is all for shipping - especially when it can lead to laughter. :pinkiehappy:

This is hilarious. Not sure what was up with the weirdly lengthy description of Turner's bathroom habits...

Bathroom humour is a universal constant. And I’ve noticed this happen IRL in multiple conference calls. Hmmm… I wonder what it says about me that I noticed this… :twilightoops:

"That's the joke."
-- Rainier Wolfcastle

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