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Through her letters to Ember, Twilight finds out that the Dragonlord may be able to locate Spike's parents. A trip to the Dragon Lands and an emotional journey ensues!

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Originally I thought of Spike and Ember as a couple but now they are more of a brother/sister relationship now I would love to see Spike and Smolder as a couple after this.

Congrats! You get a like.

welcome to fimfiction! and congrates on your story you are much braver thean me.:twilightsheepish:

great first story
my one problem is the lack of other great stories by you to read

YEAH! This could actually happen, and this is very well written, so congrats man.

this was very good keep up the good work

“I know.” Spike breathed, a look of disgust filling his face as he recalled how Sludge had manipulated him by pretending to be his father. His face then filled with determination. “I don’t care though. We finally have a chance to find out where I came from, who my real parents are. If they turn out to be horrible, then it just means that I’m with my proper family right now.”

But what if they're not?

“Not now Spike, you’re going to break my… my cutie mark!”

Oh no, how could that happen? :trollestia:

“Uh… oh my.” Twilight looked rather aghast at the state of her wall, before then taking a deep breath and composing herself in a way that would make Princess Cadence proud. “Well, I already packed quite a lot of my things. I was getting ready for a trip to the Dragon Lands with Spike. I guess I’ll have to make a change of plan, I can’t leave a friendship mission languishing.”

How inconvenient. I really do think something that as important as this should be accompanied by Twilight, though.

Once the tears of the three dragons had run dry and their emotions had settled over their reunion, Spike focused his attention on his new father, his eyes gleaming with adoration.

My image of dragons doesn't have them suspectible to displays of emotions like this, but then again I haven't imagined in a scenario like this, either.

“Yeah, but I tend to avoid speaking to the other dragons too much.” His father gave a sigh. “You might have noticed that there are a lot of hotheads round here who like picking fights for any reason. If I stay here I know I’ll be safe. What about you? Ember said you grew up in Ponyville right?”

Hmm, a dragon pacifist.

“Bye.” The Dragonlord flew off.

And there went any emotional support for Spike (if he ends up needing it).

“Hrm? Oh! Heh heh, it’s sharing time! Eat your fill Spike!” Blade then sat down on the cave floor and began eagerly stuffing his face.

Not (overtly) selfish, too. Good so far.

“Alright, I’ll stop.” Blade relented. His fun was over. “Sorry Spike, it’s just I couldn’t resist when I saw your face. It was so funny!”

He's a dad alright. :pinkiesmile:

“Stay in a big fine castle and spend more quality time with Spike? Of course I want to!” Blade couldn’t be happier. Lazing around in a castle was much better than lying around in a cave.

I like this guy. :pinkiehappy:

This was a good, wholesome story which I could read relaxedly. No over the drama. Nice. :twilightsmile:

Edit: I didn't even realize that this was your first story. My congratulations on making it good. Just mind your you, your, and you're s and you should be much better. :pinkiehappy:

Oh, and by the way, congratulations for making the top of the feature box on your first story.

Ah. Another satisfying Spike story. Though my personal favorite had to be Sludge getting his just dessert, right in front of Spike's mother.

keep the good work up

They need to do something like this in the TV show; many were unsatisfied with the question of who Spike’s birth parents were.

Now all I need is as continuation on this story where Spike introduces his parents to all his pony freinds.

Comment posted by Isseus deleted Apr 21st, 2019

That was a very sweet story. Very well done. I like how Spike’s biological parents were invited to live in the castle with him at the end.

Honestly, to me Smolder seems like a big sister figure to Spike. I think he is better with Ember since not only has he been helping her with friendship and help establish friendship between ponies, dragons, and changelings with her, she can teach him about dragon customs too. Though I do admit, Smolder would probably be my second choice for Spike, and Rarity would maybe be third.

Who hath forsaken this tale with negative criticism? Reveal thy self to me and explain.

I guess it's okay. Kinda simple, not really to my tastes, but that's just me.


Part of my worries writing this was that an official episode would come out making this story moot. I'll be surprised if they don't answer this question this season given how they teased us with Sludge. It'll be interesting to compare this version to the show if we do get an official answer.

I also doubt they'll leave this for the comics though, given how huge this question is. We shall see though.

Regardless of how the show answers the question this a phenomenal story and this being your first one is all but impressive, honestly it makes me excited to see more from you. It doesn't have to be a continuation of this specific storyline, just anything because this was one of the best fics I've seen from this site in my year of being on the site, congrats.

A little bit awkward, but very cute!
Have a Mustachio.

I see it less as his dad being a pacifist and more as his dragon laziness outweighing his dragon pride. He's a dragon who'd rather laze about his cave eating and sleeping then be out fighting to prove his toughness.

Wow this was great! Wish this had a sequel!

Who do you think the voice actors of blade and point should be?

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