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Dragon Lord Ember refuses to let her dragons be the only creatures in the world to go unreformed. So she orders her three worst dragons: Go to Equestria and make nice with the ponies.

Now Spike is stuck trying to help three belligerent and hypercompetitive dragons, with no idea how to keep them under control. Fortunately, there’s one activity everypony he knows enjoys....

Set after Season Eight.

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Let's see who recognizes where the story's name comes from.

Honestly? This works better than "Sweet & Smoky" in terms of episode-tone Garble redemption. You know, aside from the Dude's beverage of choice. :derpytongue2:

All told, great work throughout, especially the incidental descriptions of dragon magic. Thank you for it.

I mean, beat poetry. Why? And how does it override his more jock-like interests in Smolder's assessment of him?

Spike grumbled and went back to his breakfast.

Hey, no, don't grumble--that was Garble admitting his claim that he's the better cook is an outright fabrication and he knows it. Plus, this also means you don't have to explain to Twilight later why her kitchen got burned down, because we all know that's the only way that could've ended. :rainbowlaugh:

“It’s bowling. There are rules,” the large one replied.

And rule number one is--don't ask why there are holes in the bowling balls. :trollestia:

Being covered in earth and grass had the advantage of keeping the bowling alley cool in summer and warm in winter, not to mention muffling the sound of clattering pins for those outside the building.

Yeah, that's one of the big downsides to thatched roofs--instant fuel for a fire. Why do you think the city of London flatly outlawed their use within city limits after the city nearly burned down in the 1600s? :trixieshiftright:

“Like the mayor said, ponies come together to help rebuild,” Spike said. “Today, it’s a fire, but tomorrow, it may be a monster attack or rogue storm.”

Because, you know...Ponyville.

All in all, a fun little story. :twilightsmile:

Well, in their defense, I do see what they were trying to shoot for, going with that approach. They were basically trying to say that even the tough and jerkish dragons, e.g. Garble, can have a soft side, and then use that as a starting board to help "redeem" him. It wasn't a bad idea, but admittedly the whole beat poetry aspect was ill-advised, if not needlessly over-complicating it--they probably could've gotten away with the same thing if they had just played into the Garble's just a softy for his little sis aspect more. Which was really what I personally would've expected them to have done, but I digress.

That all said, I do have to admit that, plot issues aside, beat poetry does weirdly seem like something Garble would secretly be into. I dunno, I guess he just seems like that sort of dragon. :rainbowlaugh:

Boy, I’ve played GTA 4 for years, how can I not recognize this meme?

I was coming in with admittedly low expectations. I was blown away. This is a great story.

That's the one I was thinking of.

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