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Just a normal changeling who likes to read fan fiction and make videos about them. And yes, I take requests.

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Who is Changeling Number 32?

That would be me, your local fan fiction reviewing insect! I also have Joel, my co-host and editor.

What do you make?

Fan fiction reviews on YouTube. Our goal is to make at least one review per month at least one review every other month a review whenever we can.

Why does it take so long for videos to come out?

Joel is a full-time college student and has a bad habit of stretching himself thin. Even when he does have time to work on the reviews, he doesn't always want to. Couple that with his frustrating perfectionism and it can take weeks to finish even a short video.

Do you take suggestions?

We will gladly listen to what our viewers want to see, but we don't make any promises. Remember, the longer the fan fiction, the longer it will take to review it.

What won't you read?

Straight up porn. Anything else is fair-game.

What kind of videos won't you make?

Let's plays or blind reactions. Our improv comedy sucks.

Are you qualified to review fan fictions?


Are you going to use Patreon?

No. Unlike every other Pony YouTuber, we are doing well financially. This is our hobby, not our job.

What equipment do you use?

Yeti Microphone, Premiere Pro, and a Canon 70D.

Are you seriously a changeling?

Yeah, why do you ask?


Flying Sky High · 4:34am January 31st

Hey everyone, 32 here! Got a new video for y'all!

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Thanks my friend, hope someday we can do a collab on a story together:)

I talk to the author a lot. He says it will going up within a couple of weeks. If it doesn't, I'll be sure to have a few words with him.:trixieshiftleft:

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