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Spiders and Magic: Capcom Invasion (Honest Review) · 4:36am Oct 14th, 2015

Bet you didn’t see this one coming! Welcome one and all to this Fimfiction exclusive review of Spiders and Magic: Capcom Invasion by Masterob! Seeing how much he likes my reviews (so much so that he steals lines from them - DON’T YOU THINK FOR A SECOND THAT I DIDN’T NOTICE YOUR BLATANT PLAGIARISM!), I decided to provide him with some feedback. Since this wasn't formally requested, I decided to go for a simple written review instead.

[I wanted to post this earlier, but my perfectionism wouldn’t let me. This review may not be as polished as my videos, but I hope that you enjoy it regardless. Also, my video review is still being worked on. I did this one on a whim.]

Spiders and Magic: Capcom Invasion (MLP Fanfic Review) by Changeling Number 32

Shortly after his adventures from part three, Peter just wants everything to go back to normal. However, back on Earth, there’s a massive war going on between the heros and villains of the Marvel and Capcom universes. It’s here we meet our little group of misfits, consisting of Wesker, Vega, Bison, Balrog, and Virgil, who decide to travel all the way to Equestria to kill Peter Parker because…..they hate his stupid face I guess? Yeah, that sounds like a great idea guys. I know the war on Earth hasn’t been won yet, but sure, go ahead and find the one guy who’s trapped in another dimension. That doesn’t sound counter-intuitive at all!

So using an ever so convenient portal machine, they travel to the land of ponies and get all up in Peter’s grill. Unfortunately for them, they were followed by Wolverine and the Human Torch, who come to defend their homeboy. Gosh, if only Wesker and pals had waited until all of the superheroes were disposed of before they left, this plan would have gone a lot better.

Now, Spider-Mane and his posse have to face the fearsome Capcom villains. Who will win? Who will fall? Find out in Spiders and Magic: Capcom Invasion.

Or just read this review, because we’re going into spoiler territory, son!

So, let’s answer the big question right off the bat: What did I think of Spiders and Magic: Capcom Invasion?

It was…. ok. Not great, not terrible. Just ok. 5/10

However, I should preface this review with a disclaimer: This story was not written with my interests in mind. Aside from Phoenix Wright, my knowledge/love of the Capcom characters are very slim, so their presence did very little for me. Also, this story is filled with giant action sequences, which is something you should expect from a story like this. However, I am not a fan of giant action sequences. It’s not that I hate them, it's just hard for me to keep track of everything that’s going on. I have this problem with most published novels, so don’t take it as a mark against you.

With that in mind, let’s first go through some of big problems this story has followed by more specific and subjective issues.


Every Spiders and Magic story so far has been fairly linear in terms of their narratives. For the most part, they revolve around Peter Parker and his misadventures. We do jump around to other characters from time to time, but the spotlight is always on Peter.

However in this story, every character has their own story. Peter’s off dealing with his guilt from part three, Rainbow Dash forms a close friendship with the Human Torch (a name now irrelevant, considering he’s a pony now), Fluttershy and Wolverine deal with X-23 (just think rule 64 Wolverine), Trixie tries to reform Lightning Dust (she’s a villain here), Sweetie Belle does stuff, and Thunderlane is an asshat. I feel like I may have missed something here, but you get the point.

In theory, this is great. The Spiders and Magic universe is home to a lot of cool characters and it’s great for them to get a turn in the spotlight. However, when you have to juggle a lot of storylines like this, you really need to get the pacing down.

This is where I feel like this story could use some work. I felt like you jumped perspectives around too much, too quickly. It’s like : On one side of town, Trixie said this MEANWHILE Fluttershy is talking to Wolverine and says something WHILE AT THE SAME TIME Peter is crying on the toilet.

In order for a scene to have impact, you need to let them breathe. Really take your time and let the scene take center stage.

Also, I would limit the amount of scenes you have per chapter. After a reader finishes a chapter, they have to sit down and digest it. If you have like five scenes, it’s going to be hard for them to process it all, making it harder to be engaged.

It’s like reading a text book. You learn more if you read it in small chunks than if you try to read it all at once. (At least for me)


Another major issue I had with this story was it’s tone. Much like the characters, I feel like it jumped around too much.

Take the chapter “Threats in Many Cities”.

It starts off with a slow little scene with Peter and friends meeting the wonderbolts, then we cut to Doctor Doom fighting a bunch of Capcom heroes, than we cut to Rainbow Dash and Johnny Storm having a romantic moment, then Deadpool shows up and acts like Deadpool, then we cut to Wesker and friends terrorizing Ponyville, ending with the implied rape of Applebloom.

Umm, what?

Remember that scene in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith where it shows Anakin about to kill some kids (or younglings as they were called)? Did we really need to see him do that, considering we see him slaughter many other people as well? Bringing the slaughter of children into the mix felt unnecessarily dark.

This is my exact problem with this scene. Vega was already established as an incredibly evil individual, so having this happen felt really unnecessary. I don’t feel like it had a real purpose, especially when Applebloom was a very minor character in this story to begin with. Not to mention, it doesn’t really mesh well with the tones of MLP, Marvel, or the Capcom properties. It felt out of place.

Sorry, I got off track there. Let’s get back to the bigger picture.

In this chapter, the tone changes so quickly and in so many directions. It starts slow, goes to intense action, then it gets romantic, then it gets silly and self-aware, and then it ends with rape.

You may describe this as a rollercoaster of emotions, but I don’t think that’s the appropriate metaphor. If this chapter were a rollercoaster, it would be one that starts as a ferris wheel, then transitions into the vertical drop, goes into a tunnel of love, transitions into bumper cars, and ends with a house of horrors. It’s just tonally confusing.

As a whole, this story feels all over the place. Sometimes, it wants to be silly and self-aware, but sometimes it gets needlessly gritty. Remember, consistency is key.

Now, let’s ramble about some more subjective elements of the story.


After the events of Days of Friendship Past, Peter is dealing with the guilt of his adultery. This makes a lot of sense. Peter has a history of beating himself up, and this is certainly an issue that would not be solved with a simple apology. Therefore, this plot line makes complete sense.

That being said, I didn't really like it.

Recently, I told my family that they were rebooting the Spider-Man movies and they all groaned. When I asked why, they responded, “They’re all the same movie. Peter just ends up sulking the whole time. It’s so old.”

And you know what? They have a point.

The “Peter dealing with guilt” plotline is so overdone at this point. When Peter got over his guilt in Rise of Spider-Mane, I was freaking excited because the thought of hearing him moaning about his failures made me want to put a gun to my mouth. (Where do you think I got the motivation to do that crying rant?)

In this story, I feel like Peter and Twilight had the same conversation several times.

“Oh, I’m such a horrible person for what I did.”
“No, you’re not. Stop saying that.”
“I don’t deserve you.”

It felt really repetitive to me. All I want is for Peter to have an arc that doesn’t revolve around him dealing with a freaking guilt complex.

Then there was that stuff with future Sweetie Belle at the end. I didn't know what to think of that. Was it supposed to be “Yeah, this rounds out his character development so well” or “Hey look, Peter’s in a threesome! Isn’t it funny!”?

I didn’t know what you were going for.


I’m going to be honest, I found it hard to be sympathetic to Sweetie in this story.

First of all, her crush on Peter in the beginning of the story is downright creepy as hell. HE’S MARRIED AND HAS A KID! GET THE HELL OVER IT AND MOVE ON!

Then, after she gets rejected in one of the most uncomfortable scenes I’ve ever read, she runs into the arms of Vega, who is the most obviously evil person since Sauron.

However, the idea that Sweetie Belle sees some goodness in him and tries to redeem him is nice, but I thought the execution was off. From my perspective, she turns a blind eye to his evil deeds (like seriously harming her friends, hanging out with evil villains, forcing her into sex) too many times and she comes across as too naive. She was too idiotic to be sympathetic.


It seems that in every story, there’s always that ONE guy. You know, the guy who for whatever reason has a giant stick up their ass. That one guy whose ultimate goal is to be the most unsympathetic jerk-off in all the land.

This story has like five of those.

First of all, we got Thunderlane and boy is he a doozey. His beef against Peter is that his presence in Equestria has caused more harm than good. Alright, fair enough but I don’t feel like his character served a great purpose. He had some potential for character development, but I suppose you’re going to save that for the sequel.

Then there’s Vega. This guy could not be more evil even if he started wearing a swastika and called himself Hitler Jr. I don’t know much about the character he’s based on, but what I do know is that he’s a narcissistic little bastard who’s very talented at manipulating the ladies. He’s the one who lures Sweetie Belle onto the side of evil and is pretty much the guy I hated the most. I mean, this guy actually tries to spin his raping of Applebloom as a good thing.

His death had to be one of the most satisfying points of the story, until he comes back from the dead because of course he had to.

Then, there’s the Capcom Heroes, composed of Chris Redfield, Dante, and Ryu. I know there’s supposed to be a rivalry between Marvel and Capcom characters, but why do they have to act like 15 year olds? After a fight with Wesker and friends, Peter gets stabbed in the chest and is seriously wounded. These Capcom “Heroes” show up and run-off the villains. But what do they say afterwards?

Then Dante's interested peaked, "Wait…That's Spider-Man? So those stories are true? He did come to a world of ponies and married one? Wow…that's really, really…that's really gay", he started laughing more, Twilight was getting really agitated with his attitude.

"I'm getting pretty damn annoyed at your attitude pal! You do not come to my world and insult me or my family! And you damn sure won't insult Peter! Especially after the fight he had against Albert Wesker!"

"Whoa, princess…watch your language, you're a pretty pony after all", Dante mocked.

Twilight looked like she wanted to hurt Dante really badly. Dante then approached Peter, "How the mighty have fallen, you were considered a great hero, now look at you, you couldn't handle Wesker and on top of that, you're a fucking pony with a wife named after some stupid movie series, I feel bad for your kids, if you have any".

Screw you guys too!

So, why does all this stuff matter? Well...


One of the initial problems I had with the story was that I was getting angry a lot. Peter’s guilt complex pissed me off, Sweetie Belle’s stupidity pissed me off, Thunderlane pissed me off, Vega pissed me off, and those Capcom dudes pissed me off.

There was a lot of bitterness going around and I found it really exhausting after a while. I don’t like being angry. Anger just wears me down. It’s why I try to be positive in all my reviews.

Speaking of positivity….


During the story, Lightning Dust, out of hatred of the mane six for her expulsion from the Wonderbolts, joins Wesker and Friends to take over the world. Trixie, who sees a lot of herself in Lighting, tries to win her over. I liked this. It felt like a logical next step for the character and made for a decent little side-plot.

Fluttershy and Wolverine team up to take care of X-23, or Laura, as she’s called in the story. Laura is (I think) a genetic clone of Wolverine, except she’s a chick and has an even worse temper. After being released from Wesker’s mind control (which happens a lot in this story), Laura is put into the care of our dynamic duo. It’s not an easy recovery for her, but Fluttershy manages to win her over in the end. It's a cute little sub-plot as well.

There’s another subplot about Rainbow Dash and Johnny Storm hooking up. However, this storyline, along with the last two I mentioned, felt a bit rushed. Like I said before, the constant shifts in perspective make it hard to become emotionally invested.

The characters themselves were alright as well. I enjoyed some of the banter between Peter and Johnny Storm, Wolverine is pretty cool, and the other cameo characters were decently written as well.

Also, there is a lot of fanservice in this story. The final act is basically a mosh pit of Marvel and Capcom dudes duking it out. Like I said, I’m not a big fan of over-the-top action sequences, but even I found myself digging it, especially when I put on the Mortal Kombat and Power Rangers theme songs in the background.


The writing, for the most part, is ok. Aside from the frequent run-on sentences and occasional grammatical error, I didn’t mind the overall writing style. However, I think getting an editor and asking more experienced writers for advice is a step in the right direction.


Overall, I have a lot of mixed feelings about Capcom Invasion. This is a story with a lot of moving parts, and the constant switching between perspectives and tone made it kind of disorienting. I liked some of the storylines, but a lot of them didn’t gel with me.

I will give you credit though. For someone who has only been on this website since July, you have done a lot. Not only did you complete this 200K long story, but you also wrote FIVE other stories as well. I wish I had that work ethic.

I don’t know how long you’ve been writing in general, but I’m going to guess that Capcom Invasion is your first BIG story. That would explain the issues with pacing and what not, so I’m not too surprised. But, for a first story, I’ve seen a lot worse. A lot of people who start big projects like this rarely finish them, and I always respect an author who can finish what they started. With more practice and experience, you will be on your way for sure.

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Comments ( 29 )

Unfortunately, it sounds like this fic doesn't have Phoenix Wright or the Megaman X characters. I love me some Zero.

That was a pretty comprehensive review. Hey, you should stay away from my fics now. XD

So wait the review isn't on video? To be honest I gave the author as many tips as a could. Sadly I'm not a very good critic like you. Your a very deep thinker. I'm just ordinary and simple. However I will agree I found myself getting angry alot to. But I had it easy because I knew it played a bigger role in the future and was leading to something (plus I was there from the start and each chapter came slowly with updates) . Everything he put in had a reason for it. The reason I didn't complain more about the angry parts was because I expected some good karma to come out of it (and in some places it did) I even helped him when he asked me if certain scenes would be appropriate to put in. And let me tell you it could have been much worse compared to the version you got. I'd make a horrible editor. But I'm glad I got to help as much as I did. I found myself saying "screw you to" in every one of those scenes. But I didn't think that made the story bad because I knew I was SUPPOSED to feel angry. That was the authors intention. I'll admit Sweetie being so blind did piss me off alot. But I didn't know how to help make those scenes better because he needed them to keep the story going. There were scenes in it I could have done without. But I had already told him to edit out so much that I felt like I was pushing him and making it my story instead of his. So I let him do what he wanted half of the time and the other half I helped.

Nice written and honest review. :coolphoto:

Capcom Invasion was fairly decent and enjoyable, not best in comparison to Maximus and Azu's writing but I give Masterob credit for dedicated effort and providing a spin-off to spare the time during the wait for the final story. Hopefully this help Masterob improve when and if he does his sequel,:pinkiesmile:

Peter always seems to be surrounded by assholes. (I got my eye on you, Thunderlane!) :trixieshiftleft:

3469071 I thought it was a good story to. Still not as good as Jamals. But still good. But then again I'm a guy with simple tastes and probably a very malleable person with an open mind. I'm easily entertained by action and Peter being a complete badass was great to me. So I'd rate it a little higher then a 5. More like a 6.5 or 7. I kinda view myself as the guy that you can ask if a dish is good but then I'd say "I'm not picky enough to be a good food critic".

So why isn't this on youtube again? No offense but I find it much more entertaining when I'm listening to you talk about it (most people would say "you just love the sound of your own voice" but in this case I just find it more entertaining that way)

Never mind. I reread your reasons. Still a good review. Your videos are funnier though.

I gotta say though when the superman review comes I really really hope it gets it's own video and not just a written version (Sorry If I'm sounding repetitive for always bringing it up. I'm just really excited for that specific review) But take that as a compliment. That just means I really like your videos. BTW did you notice that my OC got a cameo in Masterobs story?


3468994 3469071

Looking back, I wish I would have heard about the story being formed before it began, as I would have been glad to, if not requested to, edit for him. However I only learned of it's existence recently, sometime after it's completion. :unsuresweetie:

I think it's great that something like this had come to life, I just wish I could had been there to help move it along. Particularly with the writing itself. I'm not a big super hero or comic person, so between that and the writing itself, I couldn't really bring myself to read the story. My inner editor wanted to attack the thing with a highlighter after the first page of dialogue. :pinkiecrazy:

This makes me feel really bad, however I have a fair amount of experince as an editor, and it's hard to shake those editing habits to just enjoy a story for what it is without over analyzing it with the approach as an editor. if I begin to spot mistakes or errors, it only get's progressively worse the more I see.

To be perfectly honest, it has almost ruined fanfiction for me from all but the better/more experinced writers where I don't see issues related to story telling, dialogue, flow, characters, etc. It kind of sucks really, as I lose out on a lot of enjoyment I would have had otherwise. :unsuresweetie:

I'm very picky with dialogue and general story flow, which I felt to be the biggest issues with the writing itself in Capcom Invasion. So I had a talk with Masterob in regards to a number of these, and I think he got what I was saying. I'd love to take a look at recent work since then, as well as helping out with any editing should he wish or need it. :moustache:

Regardless, as 32 said:

I don’t know how long you’ve been writing in general, but I’m going to guess that Capcom Invasion is your first BIG story. That would explain the issues with pacing and what not, so I’m not too surprised. But, for a first story, I’ve seen a lot worse. A lot of people who start big projects like this rarely finish them, and I always respect an author who can finish what they started.

So hats off and tipped for that. :raritywink:

Also, great review 32. It was fun to read, and done well. :twilightsmile:

Seeing how much he likes my reviews (so much so that he steals lines from them - DON’T YOU THINK FOR A SECOND THAT I DIDN’T NOTICE YOUR BLATANT PLAGIARISM!)

3469148 Ah the powers of being a skilled editor. It's both a blessing and a curse. Just like most super powers. If I had a sharp mind like yours I would have helped improve it better (but then I would have been more picky and enjoyed it less then I did) That said, I still Got a good kick out of it.

I honestly felt that this story was a little out of place, but it's definitely not as bad as that one fanfic that involved Miguel O'Hara (a.k.a: "Spiderman 2099")


A-are the other me's in my head, too?

Trust me, that one was bad, but this story is perfect compared to that fanfiction. Yes, this one had its problems, but it did fairly well, I would say. My fics would probably not get such a forgiving review, now that I think about it...

But back to the topic at hand, it really isn't that bad, besides many of the very confusing elements that I ran into along the course of this journey. I honestly thought that the feels nearly escalated to a "Spiders and Magic: Rise of Spidermane" level, so I nearly stopped reading right there. Thankfully, it balanced itself. -.-

I appreciate the constructive criticism, I'm not perfect so it helps to know what I can improve on.

My explaination was a bit weak but Wesker went to Equestria because he wanted Spider-Man either on his side or at least make sure he won't be a burden later on.

As for jumping all over the place, I wanted to make sure as many characters got screen time as possible so they wouldn't be forgotten, probably should have handled that better. I'll work on my pacing.

I also didn't realize I was being too repetative with Peter's guilt complex, especially his talks with Twilight about his affair with Sweetie Belle. I tried too hard to make sure he was portrayed they way he should be, but I guess I focused too much on the negatives.

No comment on Sweetie Belle, she wasn't too consistent at times, blame the hormones.

I wish I Could have done much more with other characters, like the Fluttershy/X-23 stuff plus her relationship with Wolverine, Johnny's romance with Rainbow Dash and Trixie's friendship with Lightning Dust, in addition to the latter's fear of Peter, Maybe given more screen time for Thunderlane's rebellion.

As for Vega, I admit I probably went too far with the Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom stuff. I did intend on giving that attack it's own chapter but I wasn't sure if it would be long enough, probably should have anyway. As for Vega returning to life, he's suffering in Tartarus so there's that. Plus you can even say he has an eternal scar for his crimes...literally.

As for the threesome...That is another regret I have, should have left all talk of that out. I had more planned but with Gwen Stacy confirmed for Part IV, I canned some ideas.

I also have some partial regret for the 'Adopting Rumble' side-plot, I don't feel like it served much purpose. I felt like I was shoe-horning him into the family, so for me I thought I was being biased by putting one of my favorite characters into the Parker-Sparkle family despite that being done to add more animosity between Peter and Thunderlane.

I'm aware of the massive fanservice and fight scenes but I wanted a big fight feel so I wanted to get a lot of cameos to please as many readers as possible. Though I should have learned from those Spider-Man movies that something like that is hard.

I'll admit, while I had a outline for this story, a lot of stuff I came up with on the spot, making it up as I go along, like the intimate scene with Vega and Sonata Dusk as well as the Applejack, Rarity & X-Men scenes.

I've been doing fanfics for years, and it's not til recently that I feel like I improved, maybe not by much but it's something. This was my longest story, most chapters I've written, as opposed to those other smaller stories that on average are 5 chapters. I want to do a sequel that takes place after Spiders & Magic IV, depending on how that story ends at least. I also considered a slice of life type sequel to this one which shows what the heroes did prior to leaving Equestria, give them a little extra character development, plus the other ponies that needed the screen time.

So it would have more Storm x Dash, Logan x Fluttershy, Rumble getting a proper role, Thunderlane's agenda, more X-23 stuff & Trixie helping Lightning deal with some grief.

All in all, I appreciate the review, would have asked you for a video one but I was hoping to have edited the story a bit using advice I got from Azu, plus I knew you were busy so I didn't want to bug you with a fic that probably wasn't good enough.

Truth be told if I could, I'd remake this fic and fix all the mistakes, especially if it would make it canon within Spiders & Magic (I still want Storm x Dash to be canon). Would be cool to collaborate with Azu and Maximus on that. But I'm still proud of what I made and I thank all the readers who enjoyed it at least (or tolerated it), even if it wasn't the best. Better luck next time I guess.

(I swear I know nothing of this 'plagiarism'! >>' <<' ><').

They appear towards the end for quick cameos.

Your Spider-Man knowledge did help quite a bit for realistic banter with others.

I'll do my best to fix my style so the sequel can exceed the original.

Hey I wish you were around then too, your tips would have made the fic more enjoyable most likely. Like others said, your editorial skills are a gift to us but occasionally a curse for you.

3469983 Thanks man. I still liked your story. Flaws and all.



Well I'd certainly love to lend a hand with the sequel when/if you decide to do it. As for the current story, as far as I am aware, Capcom invasion isn't directly canon to the spiders and magic universe; however you might notice a few things here or there in part 4 as the story progresses. :raritywink:

In regards to modifying the current story to be canon. You'd have to ask Jamal about that. When it comes to the story's canon, he makes the toys, I just play with them. :rainbowwild:

However I wouldn't mind working with you, should you decide to tackle the story a second time. Though be warned. There would be a lot of serious renovations made. :trixieshiftleft: The same offer extends to any stories you are working on or plan to write. I have more than enough room on my plate for another author or two to editor for still. As present time, I'm just working with Jamal. :raritywink:


Yeah. It can make simply enjoying stories difficult at times, but when I take into account how I can help authors make stories that are all the more enjoyable for others, it evens out. :moustache:

3469113 That one will be getting a video. School work has been slowing me down and I was desperate to get SOMETHING out. I prefer the video format, but it takes a lot more time and energy.

And yes, I did notice the cameo. Now I'm just waiting for mine. :trixieshiftleft:

I figured Capcom Invasion wouldn't be canon, but it was still fun to write. I would ask Maximus about making it canon, even if it means removing certain parts (so long as it's not Storm x Dash, I sound like a broken record but it's the one thing I would fight for), though he's likely still busy with Part IV, plus I don't wanna sound pushy. While I would like certain things here canon I also don't wanna push too much, so it's conflicting for me. If anything it can be to the main series as that Broly Movie is to DBZ, possibly canon but won't affect the main story.

But I do look forward to any references in Part IV, makes it extra exciting (though I spotted that 'It was Tuesday' joke from Peter, taking a shot at Bison).

But yeah I'll make a sequel after Part IV (and maybe the Slice of Life type story but that's still on the 'unsure list' for me). I have things in mind but they change as I read each chapter, but it's almost like a game in a way, extra fun. Would be helpful to have your editorial knowledge. As for remaking this story, if you're willing to help that'd be cool, I have other projects ATM though, several pre-written stories to post on here so I gotta figure out when I'll do what.

Considering the amount of stories I don't expect you to help me with all of them since I don't wanna take the chance of overworking you but we can keep in touch. Truth be told I never worked with an editor so I don't really know too much how that process works.

Still, appreciate the offer, I hope to soon finally deliver quality fics for others to enjoy.

Cool to know

Wait, you wanted a cameo? Wish I knew, I'd totally would have done that (unless you're being sarcastic then I feel foolish).

3470591 If I were you and I wanted to make it canon to jamals story then I would DEFINATELY start by removing the rape victims. Otherwise we can't look at applebloom or sweetie belle the same way again in jamals version. Just saying. I know the feeling. I don't want to get to pushy either since it's your story. But can I still help out as much as I can with you two?

3470591 I'm just playing with you man. I didn't ask for a cameo, so I didn't expect one. Not that I would be against the idea...

That would be no problem to remove and replace if need be.

Ah, I see, perhaps next time then...



I have a lot of free time, so don't worry about overworking me; as I'll let you know if something has me busy, or I am needed else were. I'm just looking to get back into the full swing of editing again. Which I am far from the number of people I used to work with steadily prior to my break from writing. :raritywink:

As for what it is like working with an editor? The process is simple really.

First I take your writing and cover the whole thing in yellow highlighting, crushing your hopes and dreams of how well you thought you were at writing. Then I rub salt into the wound by saying what is wrong with each and every little thing I highlighted, and why it is bad the way it is. Finally, after you have cried a river of tears and began to hate me, I work with you on how to fix issues and errors, as well as expanding upon areas of how to make them better.

See? Simple! :twilightsmile:

Anywhom, if you have Skype of something of the like, PM me some contact info or ways to get a hold of you and we'll go from there as far as to looking into what stories you currently have written; as well as plans you might have. :rainbowdetermined2:

Ouch, sounds evil...but fair.

Once I have what J need ready I'll send you a PM with info. Should be fun. :pinkiehappy:

3470935 LOL I love the way you worded that.


Now I'm getting excited for the sequel. :pinkiehappy:



Classic. :moustache:

Though I don't think I'm not particularly that special. I just happen to be working with a very skilled author and team. It just makes me look good if you ask me. :twilightsheepish:

3468984 Hell, X, Zero or Mega Man would be the only reason I'd even consider to read it

I chose not to read it for reasons, and now I have information to back that up

3469589 If you'd included Mega Man and Proto Man, especially Zero, I would've read your story

But, I rest my case, If I wanna story exactly as I want it, I need to write one myself, amirite?


I honestly felt that this story was a little out of place, but it's definitely not as bad as that one fanfic that involved Miguel O'Hara (a.k.a: "Spiderman 2099")

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