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(This fic contains spoilers of varying levels for Saints Row IV.)
With a full crew of Saints aboard the... Ship and the Simulation all but theirs, Kinzie Kensington and Matt Miller have had surprisingly little to do with their time. Still, with the Boss still putting the Simulation through the wringer, Kinzie has had the pleasure of poking through the Zin's systems at her leisure and looking at what she wanted to look at.

And after a particular urge to check out the Zin's prisoners, she finds a host of different alien species... Including a... unicorn. A unicorn with especially high cyber security. Anything that Zinyak wants to keep safe must be good for Saints. Wary of the ridicuousness of the prospect, the President of the United States mounts a rescue.
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(Featured 12/29/2014! And 01/09/2015! And 02/13/2015! And 02/27/2015! And 08/29/2015! Holy fuck!)

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Haven't read yet, but D'awww, does our gangster-turned-crime lord-turned- movie star-turned-President of the United States of A-fucking-merica-turned- Savior of the planet have a soul?

5436087 Savior of the planet? Have you played Saints Row IV? The Earth gets blown up 2 or 3 hours in.

I never got to play the game, but I enjoy the Saints Row series. :pinkiehappy: I'll stick by this like glue until it ends.

5436114 played it to the point t you save the hacker guy. I meant savior of everyone left from Earth

5436137 You saved Matt and gave up? ... Hmm.

Interesting. I want to read more.

this is now the 3rd saints row IV crossover ive seen here and the second that i will be following, the first was cancelled and the second is taking awhile to update (if it does) hopefully this one will hold more promise though the idea is different being they are rescuing twilight instead of the other two which had them land in equestria

5436189 nope, my co-op buddy went on to another game. He had already beat IV, you see.

So you decided to use a female Boss for this one, eh?

Are you just teasing us with this story, or just making a quick like? Your sending off mixed signals. XD

Also considering you can pretty much get with anyone on the ship, even CID, I guess Twi isn't going to be a virgin anymore.

Let's see where this takes us.

I agree with Hatty. As a bonus, Krieg seems interested.



For some reason I keep imagining your boss using the French accent, is that wrong? I could just imagine her saying, "how am I supposed to find this 'Twilight'? Everyone here is a freaking horse!

Looks fun, look forward to more.

5439017 There's a Russian accent you can give the Boss, but no French. Now that you've said that, though, I'm gonna keep imagining that.

5439026 Actually, the Russian accent was only in SR3, listen carefully, in SR4 its French, believe me I played through the entire game with it. And it was fun:rainbowlaugh:.

5439032 Really? .. Fuck, it sounded Russian to me. :applejackunsure:

5439051 Believe me, In the first 2 minutes of game-play she made quiche joke (if you choose to solve world hunger), I think that speaks for itself.

Holy shit, this actually seems like it could be a mission in Saints Row IV.

Keep doing this.

Please don't let this die. It's going to be so good.

"Twilight Jumped" needs the capitalization removed on the second word. I'll have to see where all this goes.

5439059 I am now replaying the game this way.
5437170 Yep. The male characters' animations always looked wonky to me in SR3, so I went female. And carried over that character to SRIV.
5437179 I smell a bonus chapter.
5439227 That is my goal.
5439757 Fixed.

Now you have my full attention *Fav'd*


Also considering you can pretty much get with anyone on the ship, even CID, I guess Twi isn't going to be a virgin anymore.

Twilight x CID OTP! :rainbowlaugh:

(BTW, I finally got around to finishing SRIV last week, and today I used some leftover money to get SR3 in the waning days of Steam's holiday sale.)

Will you make a "Loyalty Mission" chapter where the Boss and Twilight share knowledge... BY BLOWING THE S**T OUT OF EVERYONE WITH AN RPG THAT LAUNCHES BOOKS!!! (sorry, thinking like SR4)

Comment posted by MrAquino deleted Dec 30th, 2014

5440047 Mind officially blown. XD

Combining the gang banging, world dominating, Ladies/gentleman-seducing, Super president of the universe with the world of love & tolerance?
You, sir, earned a fav.

5436114 More like as soon as the Press gets to the Ship which is more like, half an hour into the game...:facehoof:

I have the feeling The Boss is going to be in Equestria for a looong time. Keep it up my good fellow:moustache:

Awsome!! :pinkiehappy:
Can't wait what happpens next...
And curious how will Twi handle all the killing. :trixieshiftright:

don't really know anything about the saints row series beyond high jumping presidents but this still looks interesting.

Tiny thing to note, it's spelled "cache", not "cashe".
Anyway, I'm most certainly intrigued. You've done a good job of capturing the Saints' personalities so far (although I'm a little sad about the Boss being a lady, if only because I really like the Troy Baker voice, but that's a nitpick), and I'm curious as to how Twilight will react.

Hmm... Good start. Keep going with this.

I'm sorry. After playing Saint's Row 4, I just can't wrap my head around a concept such as this. It just wont stick to the wall I'm throwing it at. It seems very rushed with no detail in between. Describing actions in a video game seems pretty tasteless when you have already played the game. This is getting a down vote from me, my first in the past couple of years in my absence.

5444189 Can't please everyone, I guess. Besides seeming rushed, is there anything I could improve on?

Also, maybe stick around for chapter 2? It's coming out tomorrow, provided my internet is stable.

Saint's Row wasn't known for an intricate story line, but when put into writing, a story line is all there is. You can't have a cinematic action when all you have is describing words. I can't think of much to improve the story other then slowing down and trying to go more in depth on "The Big Boss" as an actual character than the psychopathic leader of the saints. But to me, some worlds just don't mix. You don't have to take my word for it.

I've only ever completed SR1 and 2. They were amazing. They had that seriousness about them, while still being crazy-ass games.
SR3, so far, is just 'eh'.
I haven't played SR4 yet, but that won't stop me from reading it.

This is immediately going into favorites, it will certainly be epic! :pinkiehappy:
Also, on a side note, poor Twilight. On the other hand, redemption coming soon!

Lady!Boss, eh? This seems quite promising.

Of course while it's a good premise, what really matters if you have a story planned to carry it beyond that. But I guess we'll see. :twilightsmile:

5442144 imagine GTA less serious and constantly on drugs.
Then you add dubstep and 10x shit-talk and fun into that mix and you get Saints Row.

Sniper rifle? What, no dubstep gun?:applejackunsure:

Eh, each to there own.

But PLEASE tell me she has the tentacle bat, it would be hilarious if she just pulls it out in the fight with Celestia and slaps her halfway across town.:rainbowlaugh:

If there are no beatings with giant purple dildos, I will be sorely disappointed.


Boss versus Celestia? No contest.

YES! ALL OF MY YES! :rainbowlaugh:
errr... I mean

This has the Ordo Malleus' seal of approval, do continue.

5445446 I bet that your goal for today was to find the most extravagant way to describe it. Have a cookie.

Dildo bat, hell. I'd like to see her pull out the Rectifier and jab it where Celestia's sun don't shine. :trollestia: :rainbowlaugh:

5445833 The Ordo Hereticus sends its regards, as well as its Stamp of Approval. We are not so sure of the Ordo Xenos, however....

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